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Snapchat has created an ecosystem that is encouraging consumers and marketers to love QR codes, again.

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Raheel Hasan and his company are at the forefront of the return of the QR code. His company 1APP provides a way for apps to be saved as web-links, meaning you never have to download an app on your phone. Rather, you click on the link and you're transported to an app-like experience without the burden of storage and data on your smartphone.

The company's latest development, called InstantScan, brings that experience through scanning a QR code instead of clicking on a link. Last month, 1APP ran a test in Starbucks stores where users could score a free coffee through the Starbucks app, but they didn't have to have the app. The results were pretty impressive for 1APP and for Starbucks.

According to the company, 27 percent of people more than people participated at stores in Stanford, San Jose and San Francisco who walked in the store did not have the Starbucks app installed on their smartphone but used the app through Snapchat and InstantScan. More than 60 percent of the visitors tried out the experience during the trial period. I don't need to have the app on my phone," he continued.

Snapchat does not work with 1APP on an official basis, but activations like this are only good for the company. Snapchat has been pushing "Snap to Unlock" ads, and several movies, like Power Rangers , have created QR codes that gift Snapchat users with special filters for a limited time. After this test with Starbucks, Hasan said they are in conversations to do something similar with Whole Foods.

For now, they're focused on Snapchat, but there's a chance other apps will expand their abilities as a QR code reader. What works on Snapchat tends to end up as a feature within Facebook.

That's also true for QR codes. Facebook is testing a "Rewards" feature, where inside the app users have QR codes that participating stores can scan and gift Facebook users with incentives, TechCrunch reported. Facebook's Messenger also has QR codes for adding people. And most recently, Spotify is getting into the mix.

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Spotify's new experience is limited to songs, artist pages and playlists on the music streaming service. Twitter also has QR codes for people's profiles. Still, in the United States, QR codes make even experienced social media managers and experts shake their head:. They are the tool of the tasteless tracking conglomerates that hate their users. It's like marketing Darwinism. You can quote me. But that isn't the case overseas.

QR codes are a core part of the experience of using the messaging app WeChat, popular in Asia.

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I once downloaded an app to scan them but who wants another app. We're using cookies to improve your experience. Yes it will Liz. Each scanned attendance event will be stored as a unique event in your spreadsheet. Is there a way that the roles can be reversed and each attendee has an individual QR code and the person working the event scans their qr code?

QR Code Usage in Payments—China, India, Global

At the moment the system is set up to be event-based rather than person-based, however we are collecting feedback received to determine the direction for future updates. Can I print a barcode for each employee when they scan I will know automatically who is absent or who is not? Yes, you can use one of the Event Details input fields: Here is an example for the second employee: And the final result: You can contact our support at support qrstuff. Can you please share, if someone scans on behalf of other attendees then how do you track this?

It could be a case that one friend mark presence of his absent friend. It is possible, but our system captures the scanning device and adds it to the spreadsheet.

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So if you suspect a student scanning the code for another student, you will see the same device scanning multiple codes. Can I make a QR Code exclusively can be scanned by my phone to avoid attendance cheating? I am looking for a way to have parents scan a QR code when they arrive at a school event, but I also want them to enter their names so I can keep track of which events parents attend throughout the year. You will see the results in a Google Spreadsheet. If you have further questions, you are welcome to contact us at support qrstuff.

We are needing to track attendance for students riding buses. So, if a parent calls the school and says their child did not get off the bus, we can look to see if their permanent QR code was scanned that day. Is this possible, or would we need to set up a new event everyday? You will not need to set up a new event every day since we capture the scan time and date, you can simply look at a specific date on the spreadsheet.

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How can I make reading this easy for her? You can generate an attendance tracking QR Code using the above blog post detailed instructions, print the newly created code and post it in a noticeable location for the staff to scan the code, all the scanning results will be displayed in a Google Spreadsheet for your finance officer to explore. If you need any specific assistance, please contact us at support qrstuff.

How hard is it for the payroll person to read the reports each day? We are trying to switch from a paper sign in to a QR check in and I need to convince her that this is easy. Just because we have a few hundred people at the event and if all of them have to enter their names, then we might as well do a manual check in instead. OR use google analytics reports: Is it possible to use the code to geo track the scan?

Yes, you can use the new Attendance tracking geo-location feature located in the generator at http: