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Matilda Black Prince. Cost. 0. Battle earn rate. Silver earn rate %. XP Earn Rate %. Free XP Earn Rate5%. Crew XP Rate%. Matchmaking.
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Their feast opened up some time for discussion "so,,, what should we call your new tank? The tog gunner scratched his head "I know! And they all laughed and lived happily ever after. Wall of text warning. Well, last night was a bit of a wake up call, as there weren't any spectacular results in the BP - other than a ridiculous win rate of ten games in the BP and ten victories.

Pretty sure that's how it went. My WN8 advanced at a crawl though, just like the tank. Every single time I play the game late at night, I tend to get absolutely hammered, no matter what tank I'm driving.

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The skill level becomes insane. Last night was the first night I can recall, in over games, where I consistently did OK. This tank is badass. Properly handled, and in the right place, the Matilda Black Prince is a match for just about anything it will face, except for very heavily armoured tanks - but it is still capable of killing KV-1, O-I and Churchill mk1 tanks. This tank is hard to kill. Yes, a knowledgeable player can take one down, and light tanks spamming gold can hurt it, but isn't that true of every tank?

It certainly lasts longer than the tier 4 Matilda. This tank is British. WG seem to have a massive grudge against British tanks and British players. Improve terrain resistance - this tank bogs down unacceptably even on wooden bridges - logic?? God only knows what would have happened if I was the last survivor. NoPoet, on 18 July - I think it's a similar story to the Tog - a tank that is so comically dire that everyone underestimates it.

Don't get me wrong, it IS a fundamentally flawed tank that gets the stuffing kicked out of it the moment you encounter any opponents with half a brain cell. Whether most WoT players are so intellectually equipped is another story however; so for some bizarre reason stuff like the MBP and Tog actually work in randoms when played to their strengths. Gvozdika, on 18 July - But isn't that the same of many tanks?

They're usually too slow, they usually don't do enough damage, so it can be a struggle to get many kills.

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They are certainly not all-rounders. But that doesn't make them crap per se, and I have no interest in picking an auto-win tank. The MBP's mobility is certainly "comically dire", you said it perfectly, but the tank has strengths which very few people are picking up, because very few people choose to strive along the British line. It's quicker and more convenient to get a KV-1 or O-I. GekkoGordon, on 18 July - Matilda BP is not a bad tank, it used to be good when it came out. It has gotten a lot worse due to powercreep and ever-daily increasing numbers of statpadders in broken tanks.

Playing Matilda BP in used to be very fun, as i have one on my alt. Nowadays not so much. Both the US and RU tank development got a good headstart from taking our early experiences and building on them. Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. NoPoet 1 Posted 17 July - So, an assessment of the MBP in Pros Can survive extraordinary punishment some luck may be involved.

Rapid-firing gun lays waste to everything that isn't wearing Astartes terminator armour.

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Excellent credit and XP earner. When you are driving this tank, everyone notices you. Cons Sluggish as hell up hills, think 4kph. Sluggish as hell on poor terrain, think 11kph on flat ground I thought my tracks were broken. Low ammo count - "That ain't so good. Gun is absolute crap at penetrating Tier 6 Heavy tanks, probably as bad as the Excelsior. Verdict It's early days, but unless some disastrous reversal happens at some point, this is definitely a keeper, far funnier and more exciting than people made it sound. Edited by NoPoet, 17 July - SovietBias 2 Posted 18 July - Have fun with MBP.

Edited by SovietBias, 18 July - I haven't played this tank in forever, but I'll always have a soft spot for MBP and MIV because they were my first premium tanks and they were my standard "warm-up" tanks played at the start of each session for a very long time. My biggest issue with MBP isn't actually the lack of speed, but the lack of ammo.

This thing pew pews through its supply at an alarming rate.

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Pandabird 4 Posted 18 July - I love my MBP, it's very easy to farm wins in it. It's so good i wrote a full story about it once, was some big dinger contest ot something. I'm a simple man. I see Astartes terminator armour, I upvote. Suurpolskija 6 Posted 18 July - It's like a somewhat mobile deathsentry! My first ever premium and I still like it. Should play it more often, but I rarely play sub tier7 unless tooning with my friends who are grinding something and even then Tilly B isn't optimal with it's PMM Hedgehog 7 Posted 18 July - Sirebellus 8 Posted 18 July - ApocalypseSquad 9 Posted 18 July - Edited by ApocalypseSquad, 18 July - Pandabird 10 Posted 18 July - Spoiler The air was thick and full of tension as the distant sound of trees snapping in half, roots pulling up, bricks and stones cracking beneath heavy tracks echoed throughout the forest, only damped by the distant sound of rumbling engines slowly approaching.

NoPoet 11 Posted 18 July - Thank you for all the helpful and informative posts. The reasons I only did OK were threefold: If they did boost it, this would be nice: Reduce weight to I love the tank but im rubbish in it ,oh wait im rubbish anyway good read op. Hedgehog 13 Posted 18 July - Yakito 14 Posted 18 July - If you'd only ask Id give you a free tankfest code for Matilda. I might still have one somewhere. NoPoet 15 Posted 18 July - I would like that but I'm not sure what it is?

Gvozdika 16 Posted 18 July - GekkoGordon 17 Posted 18 July - NoPoet 18 Posted 18 July - GekkoGordon 19 Posted 18 July - This is what it comes down to. I am a Brit. I am a die-hard fan of the British tank lines, because why would I want a Chinese tank for example with no pedigree or history when I could have a quirky, odd, wonderful machine like a Matilda? How can I train British crews in a foreign tank?

It would be wonderful if Brit, Russian and American crews could train in each other's lend-lease vehicles, but I assume this would be game breaking or make some tech trees redundant. I'm not saying British tanks were the best of WW2 because they quite clearly weren't - they were the products of flawed, outdated thinking that simply didn't adapt to reality quick enough. But those quirks, that personality, seems almost absent from other tech trees.

I'm starting to explore the Russian and German trees to see what I'm missing, but my heart is forever England. Baldrickk 20 Posted 18 July - Sign In Email address: This topic Forums Help Files. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. ItzHawkzzy 2 Posted 24 January - They both have the same matchmaking I'm pretty sure, but Matilda BP is a really great tank! Turret armor isn't that great, but it's made up for with the gun.

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ThemasterTanker1 3 Posted 24 January - Matilda beats the pants off of the Matilda BP. I looked on tank-compare. They way Matilda is and Matilda BP is LJGambler 6 Posted 24 January - Go with the Matilda.

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Arm the 2 pdr mk x-b and spam away. Tier 4 matches you are near indestructible. Beta Commander of Resistance. They are both quite similar. If you're looking for an easy yet boring low tier tank to grind credits, grab the Matilda BP. It normally makes 50k credits a game and is easy to play.

WoTB beginner's guide, tactic s Check out: Androyce 8 Posted 25 January - The Matilda is pretty much a better tank in every way and a tier lower.

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The BP, as a premium, earns more credits. Chipthed0g 11 Posted 29 January - The matilda's gun may have better penetration but the 6 pounder has better damage per minute and they both have the same match making. The matilda BP will not see tier sevens. Catainium 13 Posted 09 February - I am gonna defend the Bp for two reasons Never mind Matilda is better for its tier.

I am a supporter of Artillery and everything else this forum hates. Czechtankcommander 14 Posted 11 February - Lephturn 15 Posted 11 February - The regular Matilda is the same hull at one tier lower. BP is good as well You have to remember the Matilda BP has pretty much no armor to most Tier 6 tanks.

ThunderNuts 18 Posted 19 March - Which gun you guys like on the Matilda?