South african dating scams

“I was new to the dating scene and didn't know of these scams, but and he sent me a picture of himself in the plane to South Africa,” she said.
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Nigerian 419 Scam

He described a man there who identified himself as Henry Bishop, but it was established his real name was Donald Dibei. Mopedi said it became evident Dibei was requesting bank account details from these women and was working with other individuals to commit online dating fraud. Mopedi called the numbers on the phones and through a laptop uncovered a web of women who had allegedly been scammed by Dibei and his accomplices. All the women had the same tale to tell; how they fell in love with the men they had chatted with online, and when asked, paid money over to them. A had a similar tale to tell.

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He eventually withdrew all her cash. A woman identified as H surfed an online dating site and came across a man calling himself Johnson Gilmore who said he came from the UK but was staying in Kempton Park.

They exchanged email addresses and contact details and they communicated for a while via the internet and WhatsApp, as he refused to use Skype or video chat. Meghan and Harry's baby may be denied HRH. Scammers often create profiles, post them on legitimate dating sites and wait for a potential victim to contact them.

They may even go as far as targeting a specific type of person by creating a profile that meets the requirements of a match for that person they are targeting.

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These scammers are con artists and are skilled at building trust and making victims fall in love with them as they pose as the ideal partner. Once your defences are lowered and you become emotionally vulnerable, they trick you into giving them money. Online dating scams are one of the worst forms of scams, as they result not only in financial losses, but also often in serious emotional hurt for the victims.

These victims often don't report these scams as they feel ashamed and traumatised. The scammer will make contact with you and will offer to share a lot of personal information with you in the hope of building trust between you two. The information and profile pictures provided are all false and are often used over and over again with various other victims. Once they feel that you trust them and they have a bond with you, they will often suddenly be called away on business or experience a serious personal crisis. What then follows is a request for you to send them money to help them out of a crisis or for you to pay their travel expenses so that they can visit you.

They might even promise to refund the money when they meet you. Should you provide them with the requested money, they may either disappear or request that you send them more money. If you don't give them money, their messages will often become more desperate and persistent in an effort to convince you to give them money.

In recent scams we have seen scam artists go as far as proposing to victims over the internet and then asking them to send money to assist with setting up a home that they will live in once they are married. A lot of fraud stems indirectly from identity theft. And many victims only realise their identities have been misused when they apply for credit.

Protect yourself with these tips.

Online ‘love’ scam leaves many SA women brokenhearted - and broke

Phishing, smishing and vishing are all attempts to defraud you through email, mobile, and telephoning scams respectively. Letting your guard down just once can lead to a cascade of serious losses.

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    Duped women tell all about Durban love scam pain

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    Another WhatsApp scam hits South Africa