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Please buy a new female lovebird for the male who isn't bonded.

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So, can i mix these eggs with those eggs or should i keep it like that only. Please let me know soon. One more thing i want to know i have a big size cage for them made out of iron and kept bird pots, do you think should i keep a nest box inside that? Do you mean my lovebird is eating her egg? They don't eat their own eggs. Ruchi Lovebirds can't withstand extremely high temperatures. Please put them in AC and cover their cage with a thin cloth or pillow cover. Don't place them in direct sunlight. Yes, that means your lovevird is dead. Rana abi nader Hi! Mating is totally upto the lovebirds, we can't do anything about it.

If not, bring another male lovebird and see what happens. Bonding takes time, give them time. Hello i have a problem. My love bird don't give me eggs. I have 1 male and 2 female and i don't get eggs. Well the cage size doesn't matter. And you let them out! That's more than enough space to mate. D I hope they mate soon and give birth to chicks. No, they haven't mated yet but they've been together for over 3 months now and do show closeness to each other. The male does feed the female and they preen each other's feathers.

I was just wondering if a small cage had any affect on it.

Well it's not that small but not too big. But the cage is open so they have my whole room too ahahha. I'll just have to wait for baby parakeets: That's so sweet of you to say. Lovebirds, parakeets and all kinds of birds are my favorite as well. Okay, I think your birds might need a little more time to reach the stage of mating.

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Have you seen the male feeding the female by any chance? That's a good sign of their bonding. There really isn't any speeding up process for mating. They are like humans; they take time to build trust and affection between them. But, if you see them getting too close, preening each other's feathers, regurgitation male feeding the female , and activities timed together, chances are they will mate soon. I genuinely enjoyed reading your article, because I love birds!

I currently have 2 parakeets, a male and a female, and they clearly love each other. I already attached a nesting cage, and have been waiting for months for baby birds; however, there's still no sign of them. My cage isn't that big, but I'm not sure if that matters. I usually open the top part of the cage and they are free to fly around as they like.

But do you know what I could do to speed up the process? I would really like baby parakeets xD thanks! If the three-week-old egg isn't broken, keep it close to the mother lovebird. If it's cracked and the female isn't sitting on it, then you can throw it. My bird had one egg and after three weeks it was gone so what I should do because she have a new egg.

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That's so cute to hear. They might be of the same sex. If they aren't, the perches might be loose, so the male can't have a better grip. Do give them paper. Check if one of them tears it and places it in her back. My article-"Lovebird Courtship And Mating: What We Learnt" will hopefully answer most of your questions. Hi Sakina, I've a loving pair of lovebirds older than a year and half and they started mating since few months.

Both are healthy but there's no egg. Are they of same-sex? One do exhibit the behavior of a male, feeds the other one etc. Once I kept a nesting box attached to the cage just in case.. Thank you for your helpful comments, but Lulu did give those 12 eggs herself. Mumu is a male lovebird. They did have a chick last year, but sadly, it didn't survive. I have written another article called "Caring for Newborn Lovebirds", where I have included pictures and a video of the newborn lovebird.

I just love to tell you why your birds are not fertilized. It is impossible for one female to bleach 12 eggs. Usually only bleaching from 3 to 6 eggs. In exceptional cases, bleaching 8 or 9 eggs. This is because your pair of birds are female. The female can be fertilized without mention but the eggs will of course be fertilized. If we can hold the eggs and examine them, yes, you can, they are examined in the dark by a lamp, and if you see bloody veins, they are fertilized.

If you see this transparent yellow color, it is not fertilized. The egg test will be 10 days after laying eggs. You'll get it to know if she has laid an egg after days of mating. I got a female lovebird who is 8 years old, and ive been told she hasnt laid an egg in 3 years. My male was recently caught breeding her, im wondering if you think shell lay? I dont have any more info than that because i never planned on breeding.

Im excited but dont want to get my hopes up. If the eggs are not hatched even after 25 days, then you can throw them away. My lovebirds costed differently. Lulu was an adult when we bought her, she was 11 KD, that's around 40 US dollars. My Lovebirds laid 7 eggs in total,From 19th March to 31st march So when can i expect them to hatch if they are fertile.

You must be so delighted. Is the female lovebird sitting on the egg? My lovebird laid an egg last night, first one since arriving here in California having lived well in Honolulu, Hawaii! I make a special effort to keep her warm each night by fireplace! She is on the bottom of her cage frequently! She was making a noise of what seemed like a heart beat.

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  5. Oh my, that's really sad. Since you had accidentally spilt water on the eggs, the mother lovebird is mad at you. She feels they are dirty and that's why she isn't sitting on them. If she doesn't sit on them in the next few days, you can throw the eggs away. Hi, I have 5 lovebirds, 3 male and 2 female, one of the female had matted before and produced 5 eggs, I did a mistake and while watering suddenly water was dropped in the place where the bird is setting on the eggs, I have just watched that one bird has come-out of the eggs and was dead, I cleaned the place and put the rest of the eggs back, now bird is not accepting the eggs anymore and drawn them away, I don't really no, she is not accepting them anymore.

    I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope it won't happen again. Do the male and female lovebirds sit outside the cage the whole day? Doesn't the female check on the chicks? If this is the case, then you can feed them a little formula, if you think the mother isn't feeding them. My two lovebirds have clutch 5 chick bug died one yesterday, i think he is the last chick that clutched, since his brothers are bigger than him he is under always, maybe that's the reason it suffocated him.

    Now I removed tha dead one, I hope it won't happen again. Now my problem is the mother sits with the male outside the cage, preening, feeding the female and sometimes sleeping, what would it be, does she abbandon her chicks? My female lovebird, Lulu, is a white-faced violet roseicollis a type of mutation in peach-faced lovebirds. I'm wondering what kind of lovebird is your female? Because she looks just like my male and I've been wondering what kind he is because his make is a Fischer.. Lovebirds tend to lay a lot of eggs, but it isn't necessary that all of them hatch into chicks.

    Please throw the unhatched eggs if 25 days have passed. There can be many reasons for unhatched eggs: You can contact me by my email. At almost the top of this page, you'll find a button called 'contact author' below my bio. My email is sakinanasir30 gmail. Thank you sakina for your reply.. I'll surely get a good male for her asap. Sakina do u have any page or any contact in case if I need any help further regarding my love birds so I can contact you as I m a bigner. I'm so sorry to hear this. The female lovebird will sit on the eggs around days. Let her sit on them if she wants to. Please get her a healthy, male lovebird so that she doesn't feel lonely.

    Stella El Khenizy Hi! That's nice, I hope the chicks come out healthy. Please let me know the progress. Thank you Sakina - I have tried to give them a healthier more mixed diet too - and yes the eggs shells have been given 2 or 3 times a week. I will let you know how they get on. The eggs, if successful, should be due to hatch around about 2 February.

    Please do give crushed egg shells to them at least twice a week. Thanks for the info Sakina. My lovebirds first batch of 3 eggs, 1 egg broke and was eaten, 1 chick was born but was extra small and died quickly. The 3rd chick seemed fine, but after a few weeks the mother was pecking it's growing feathers and then one day we found it dead: The next batch of eggs all ended up cracking and then eaten.

    She is currently sitting on her 3rd batch of eggs I have a pair of LoveBird blumask first time they gave 2 chiks , then second time 1 chiks, now i face a problem, female only laying egg, and about 7 to 9 egg placed in her nest, 4 egg is fertile.. Okay, so since 5 weeks have passed, you can dispose the egg because it will start to decay by now.

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    This may affect the health of your lovebirds. If the egg were to hatch, it would hatch between days my lovebirds' egg hatched after 25 days. It happened only once. What should I do now I did not know they were a pair, so I had bought a little tent for them to sleep and she made it a nest. That's a really sad news. There can be many reasons why chicks die, but the major one is that their lifespan is short, especially the chicks's.

    Even my lovebirds had a chick, but it lived only for a mere five days. My lovebird layed 6 eggs and Three chicks hatched almost 10 days back. Yesterday I saw that two chicks were dead. I am really said for me to see this. I have removed the dead chicks and now one is alive. Two months is a good time to shift the lovebird in a new cage, especially since you feel the parents beat it. When should we shift chicks to another cage? I have one chick that is 2 months old and I feel that their parents beat the chick.

    I'm glad this information helped you. Lovebirds need a lot of attention and proper care. It's possible, yes, but not certain all the time. My lovebird, Lulu had laid around 10 eggs once, which formed a single clutch. Oh, then you should wait until your lovebird doesn't sit on the egg anymore. If you remove the egg now, she may feel depressed. So, it's better to wait until she doesn't sit on it anymore, then you may remove the egg. See 56 more comments. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners.

    HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others. To provide a better website experience, pethelpful. Please choose which areas of our service you consent to our doing so. For more information on managing or withdrawing consents and how we handle data, visit our Privacy Policy at: A Personal Experience Updated on April 7, Introduction In this article, the following common questions and topics about egg-laying in lovebirds will be addressed in detail.

    Finding a Suitable Nest Box A nest box is an essential component in lovebird breeding. Placing the Nest Box The nest box can be placed outside the cage, attaching it to the cage wall. Attach the nest box inside with S-Shaped hooks In my opinion, placing the nest box inside is better. Lovebird Nest Box Click thumbnail to view full-size. Lovebird Eggs Click thumbnail to view full-size. Nesting Materials for Lovebirds Lovebirds require nesting materials to make their nests.

    You could buy nesting materials from a local pet shop or provide the following: Palm leaves Lulu simply adores these Paper towels Dried grass Lovebird's own feathers lost ones Leaves of non-poisonous plants lovebird safe. Lulu Shredding Palm Leaves Click thumbnail to view full-size. Egg-Binding in Lovebirds The most common egg-laying problem in lovebirds is egg-binding.

    Placing bird in a bowl of warm water. Your bird is likely to pass the egg in water. Giving calcium supply crushed egg shells and small pieces of egg-white. If your female bird is not eating, feed the male with the calcium supply mentioned above. Give plenty of rest without any disturbance. Keep the cage covered in blanket for warmth. Keep the cage clean. Your bird is likely to pass large droppings which may wet the cage floor, making it colder. Calcium Supply for Your Lovebirds Vegetables. The following table shows the different sources of calcium , which can be provided to your pets.

    Calcium is essential for healthy bones, proper feather growth and overall health of birds. A Clutch of Infertile Eggs Click thumbnail to view full-size. What are the Causes of Infertility? Nutritional Factor If the hen is lacking minerals and calcium, her eggs will remain infertile.

    Loose Perches Ensure that the perches are fixed firmly. Mutation If your bird is a mutation she may or may not be infertile. Age If your bird is too young or too old, the eggs may remain infertile. Environmental Factors There should be enough humidity for successful mating. Have you Ever Seen a Chick Hatching? No, but I am waiting Never had the chance. Conclusion Lovebirds are a beautiful species and their reproduction and egg-laying process a wonder of nature. Questions must be on-topic, written with proper grammar usage, and understandable to a wide audience.

    I bought two couples of lovebirds a week back and kept them in a cage. When will they lay eggs? Is it good to put a rooftop over the Lovebirds' nest? That is okay if the birds are fine with it. Yes, it's okay, give her time. She may lay more eggs. If not, it's okay. Should we separate the male and female Lovebirds after laying eggs?

    My lovebird has lost a few Survival is difficult in What if my bird doesn't like water? How can I put her in warm water? The hatched eggs will have When can we separate the lovebirds after hatching? No, the paired lovebirds won't have any problem while mating. It's common in lovebirds to lay infertile eggs.

    Is it bad to take my lovebird's eggs if I'm not able to take care of more babies? After how many days do the baby lovebirds come out of the box after hatching? If both the lovebirds are green peachfaced, can their babies be of different colours? Yes, it's possible if one of the lovebirds has a rare gene in them. Use corporate sales legend our website download. Get a minimum through the impact of peshawar tions of all ages who never been for news and lynx.

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    Om u persoonlijker te kunnen helpen, gebruiken wij cookies en vergelijkbare technieken. Provided you have a true and mature pair at least 10months or older , they will go down to the business of breeding pretty quickly. The other side of the coin is that bird breeding can also become addictive, expensive, tiring, and heartbreaking. I loved taking care of my breeder lovebirds and especially handfeeding and socializing the babies. Lovebird chicks are so adorable; they love snuggling into your lap or your hand. They are trusting and ever so affectionate. I fell in love with every one of my babies.

    The toughest part for me was to find good homes for them. You get rather attached to them, but you cannot keep them all. So the next step is to find good homes for them. I was very dismayed about not finding many homes I felt comfortable with. Many times I wondered if my baby was going to be okay, as I had to "compromise" when it came to what I understood to be a good home.

    In the end I stopped my birds from breeding by replacing their fertilized eggs with dummy eggs. This was the end of my breeding activity. Last, but not least, forget about making money. Lovebirds are so plentiful that people pay very little for one -- notwithstanding the many hours a day you spend handfeeding, cleaning up after the breeder birds and chicks, and socializing the baby.

    In addition to which, good quality food and supplies are expensive. This is a labor of love, not one of making money. Then, of course, come the vet bills I don't know of any breeder who makes money with birds. You do it because you love it and you understand the work and cost associated with your hobby. To be able to potentially influence the genetic characteristics of the young i. Lovebirds are not sexually dimorphic, which means that you cannot visually tell if a lovebird is a male or a female. However, there are some subtle differences between males and females, but they are only SLIGHT differences and do not constitute a definite method of sexing lovebirds.

    My recommendation is to start small when it comes to your breeding stock. Start with one pair and expand if you like at a later stage. Lovebirds will generally breed well when kept as single pairs. Some lovebird species can be bred in a colony setting. The white eye-ring group of lovebirds are particularly well suited to colony breeding. The major drawback of communal breeding is the fact that one has less control over the pairings.

    But if the caretaker isn't too involved in the genetics , that probably won't matter to many. They spend their lives or most of their days in their cages -- make it a fun environment. The lovebirds at the very least should be able to "beat their wings" without hitting something every time. They need to be able to climb and play for exercise.

    I have heard the theory that supplying toys and the like will distract birds from mating or parenting. This is not so. The happier a bird, the better a parent it will be. Besides, we are not talking about automatic "breeding machines" -- birds are living beings. They deserve better than being exploited without consideration of their happiness and welfare. Alternatively, if your preference is a larger aviary, please visit this website for samples of very attractive and functional outside and inside aviaries, including instructions for you to build them yourself -- if you are handy enough.

    Lovebirds are usually pretty social birds and many breeders keep a colony of lovebirds in one aviary. Because of their gorgeous colors, they make very attractive aviary occupants. However, they can be pretty noisy -- this is something to be considered if your neighbors are close and "noise-sensitive. Lovebirds reach sexual maturity around one years of age.