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The Oxygen isotope has an extra two neutrons, for a total of 10 neutrons and . they combine an oxygen-isotope record with precise dating.
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The isotopes of particular interest for climate studies are 16 O with 8 protons and 8 neutrons that makes up All of these isotopes are termed 'stable' because they do not undergo radioactive decay. Using sensitive mass spectrometers, researchers are able to measure the ratio of the isotopes of both oxygen and hydrogen in samples taken from ice cores, and compare the result with the isotopic ratio of an average ocean water standard known as SMOW Standard Mean Ocean Water.

The water molecules in ice cores are always depleted in the heavier isotopes that is, the isotopes with the larger number of neutrons and the difference compared to the standard is expressed as either 18 O or D. Both of these values tell essentially the same story--namely, that there is less 18 O and D during cold periods than there is in warm.

Applications of δ18O Stable Isotope Analysis

Simply put, it takes more energy to evaporate the water molecules containing a heavy isotope from the surface of the ocean, and, as the moist air is transported polewards and cools, the water molecules containing heavier isotopes are preferentially lost in precipitation. Both of these processes, known as fractionation, are temperature dependent.

26. Isotope Evidence for Climate Change

At a range of sites in the polar regions scientists have measured a near linear relationship between 18 O and D in samples of modern snowfall taken over several years and the mean annual temperature. This relationship can be used to calibrate the isotope ratio thermometer, although the calibration changes a little during ice age climates.

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Stable Isotope Analysis – Measuring δ18O for Carbonates

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Stable Isotope Analysis – Measuring δ18O for Carbonates

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