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- B&D banjos stamped "Bacon B&D Banjo - A Gretsch Product". - Gretsch institutes date coded serial number system [Month.
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Fairbanks restarted the numbering at about 1, as did W.

From to Fairbanks later Vega made Fred Bacon banjos. Between and Vega made some S.

Bacon Banjo Restoration - Ed Hume

The years matched to the serial numbers are an educated approximation; they are accurate within a year or two, and even the dates of introduction of major improvements are based on ads, catalogs, and contemporary news releases. In the s, urban renewal in Boston forced Vega to move from the Columbus Avenue location where they had been from to c, to Leon Street in Boston, where they stayed until They moved to Needham Heights, where the owners were closer to home.

They weren't there for long before selling to Martin.

Bacon Banjo

Vega continued in business in the Nelson Family until March 15, when the name, equipment, and all the rights were sold to C. Martin, a respected guitar manufacturer, in Nazareth, PA.

Martin made some banjos, and marketed import instruments, under the Vega brand name until March, when they sold the Vega rights to the Galaxy Trading Company, an Asian conglomerate. All original text, images, video and sound files collectively, " Materials " are the property of the Site Owner unless otherwise noted.

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This series started with the 6 and went up to the 9. However, more 6's were produced than all the other top numbers put together. Pictured here is one of those. The neck is made of ebony. The outer rim of the shell has the classic "snowflake" design of mother of pearl inlaid into the ebony veneer.