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I am no longer seen as a marathoner in a stroke at the hospital. Com offers diet, survivor is I started dating a collection of breast cancer survivors for his kitchen floor? Tabtight professional and treat them stroke. Dating site to the hospital.
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The ad brought back several responses from women, even when it clearly stated that he'd had a stroke.

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It was a very happy ending and a good group activity," says Marshall. Stroke survivors can find a local aphasia group through the National Aphasia Association. Joe Palumbo, 43, of Staten Island, N. Though his stroke in didn't affect his speech or his mind, it left him with right side paralysis and no use of his right arm. He walks with a cane. But one day I said to myself, 'I have to do what I have to do. Palumbo found success meeting women through online dating services such as whispers4u. This way, I did meet a couple of women and have had some relationships recently.

The experience has given him the confidence to talk to women in everyday situations. When someone notices his limp and asks what's wrong, Palumbo takes the opening by talking about his stroke. And if it clicks, it clicks; if it doesn't, it doesn't. While Joe Garrity doesn't meet women online, he does find email another good communication tool. But while it's great for getting information, it isn't good at all for communicating emotion between people. The best thing for that is face-to-face or by telephone.

No matter what tools are used to get there, Palumbo's advice to stroke survivors who want to begin dating is simple: Be confident and go for it.

Stroke survivors

You can't hold back, as difficult as it is. Donate now to keep StrokeSmart free to anyone that needs it. Im just trying to think of stuff to help with the whole dating process Reguardless of all that I just said I know there is a guy out there for you and you will meet him in time. Mr Right always comes along at the right time Bill and I are an internet couple. We met in I don't think there was anything he didn't know about me before we met!! Granted, he had a couple "secrets" but I fell in love with him and have dealt with the secrets since.

That being said, there isn't much wrong with starting out as friends. He didn't say he never wanted to see you - he said he wants to be friends. Please remember people often make superficial judgments for all sorts of reasons. One of the criteria you probably had before you met was how he looks.. So, from my perspective, look at your internet search as a way to make new friends, not a way to find a "relationship".

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You won't get hurt as quickly, and a friendship would at least have a chance to blossom into the relationship you are seeking. One other thing - the biggest negative thing I've heard about online dating is "surprises" about someone's looks. Don't even think about starting an online relationship without revealing your stroke to a potential boyfriend. This might sound mean of me to say, but you were setting yourself up by keeping that from this guy.

He may not have asked you out if he'd known about it, but at least you wouldn't receive a "letter of rejection" the day after your date. Good luck to you - and don't forget, the guy who wants to be friends probably has friends! Tell him he might be surprised about what you CAN do! I met my husband through online dating and it was just a couple of months after my stroke.

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I was using a cane then and fell alot. I told him up front about the stroke and my other medical problems. Its been chalenging especially in the beginning the short term memory thing did and still can cause arguments but overall we've adapted nicely. Good luck there are still folks out there that don't care about the body as much as the mind Yeah I have tried on-line dating as well.

Dating for stroke survivors !

It has been moderately successful. I have meet people, gone out and that seemed ok. I ran into the normal problems, they just want free entertainment, they are crazy, they are boring etc..

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Maybe they were put off by the stroke, can't say for sure. Just normal I think, we all have our ideal mates. You guys were right! Check out my new blog. I put a blurb about my new boyfriend I met from online dating. We already met in person. Dont worry I had a friend with me and I am still alive. I always found online dating fascinating because it allowed you to get to know the other person the real them before physical impressions were ever seen.

I had a massive stroke when I was 18 and I felt like when I met people in person all they could see was my stroked body and not my true personality. I started dating online shortly after my stroke. I've had some good experiences and some bad, but none of them were horrible. I tried eharmony for awhile. A great site but I actually found my fiance on a different site 2 years ago.

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  • We have been together 2 years now and are expecting our first baby in december. I say go for it! I met my hubby online well before I had a stroke. I talked to a guy from match. So i waited a full 2 weeks and told him the day before our planned date and unlike your experience he took it well and our date was Amazing!! So just know that guy was a DB and there are good guys out there!

    • Stroke survivor dating site?
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    • Stroke survivor patients dating website for disabled people;
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    • He was from match. He wanted someone who could handle him being in the Army. I poured out my heart to him and told him how faithful, honest, and caring I am, assured him I would always be there if he was ever deployed. Since we were being honest, I mentioned that I wanted someone who could handle me having a disability.

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      I assured him I can walk and am taking physical therapy so Im not lazy but he told me Im a great person but he doesnt want to talk to me anymore. It hurt but Im glad he was honest and didnt waste any more of my time. Now that you are finished with school you can spend more time on your computer and maybe get mom or dad to drop you off in the mall since you aren't driving yet. I go almost daily and see so many people and ladies too who want to talk to me about my condition and my life. They don't see any rings on my finger and I tell them my lefty side is paralysed, they can't believe that.

      In my case I figure they see an older man with money but that;s not the case all the time. Some of them, their husbands were killed in the war in Iraq and they just want friendship and a man around as they get pass being alone in life. That is why I think the mall will be an outlet for you on some days for meeting people! The other place I go often is the hospital on the military base to get my prescriptions filled and again many people always want to talk with me. I been invited to so many homes I lost count but then in this town we do that with so many wounded and not coming back alive from the war!

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