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Does this personality test reveal secrets about your love life? Plan A Date In 7 Steps And We'll Tell You Which Disney Couple You Are Your.
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This can be more harmonious then other combinations: As a strong "J" who was married to a strong "P", this list was spot on. Please note the word "was".


Every marriage has challenges, but this one aspect of our personalities made living together impossible. In the beginning, he loved the fact that I was always on top of everything and responsible. I loved his spontaneity and fun loving spirit. Like cards, what started out as two hearts and a diamond quickly turned to a wish for a club and a spade.

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This is exactly who I am. Before until about 2 years ago I was classified as J, knowing that I wanted to do shopping - eg.

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And now I spend about 7 hours doing my weekly groceries. My INTJ friend sometimes goes shopping with me just to keep me on track. We both agreed that it was very true, especially the 'maybe' part. Hi Jayne, Loved reading this!

I especially enjoyed the bit about picking a restaurant and INFP making awful shopping partners I can never decide. Apart from groceries, pharmacy or stationery runs, buying anything else can be torture - for me and the unfortunate sales person who unwisely decided to attend to me. Sometimes I end up with a purchase simply because I feel bad for the sales staff waiting for me to decide. If I want to shop, I always go alone because I'd feel bad about dragging someone with me as I agonize, rationalize, think through, second guess, etc etc etc over a simple purchase. Also, the bit about stretching a few minutes into a few hours.

I decide to do a simple task and end up with a project.

And our heartfelt thanks to you for putting up with our quirks. But we promise to reward you with compassion, support, and loyalty. And if you every need a favour or a helping hand, you know we'll drop everything to be there for you. Am I late to this party or what? I was actually searching for articles about perceiver dating perceivers and how well they bring procrastination to a whole new level but I was stuck reading and chuckling at "Your Perceiver isn't being inconsiderate though; it's just that they get sucked so deeply into the creativity vortex, there's no room left for the everyday details.

I always have to remind him that I am deep in my thoughts and there is no room for his basic bitch fest. I'm NP by the way. We have fun but nothing ever gets done. Of course, life experience and upbringing can always be a factor All comments are moderated. Spammers will be fried and served on toast.

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Skip to main content. A nice big salad with beets, figs, goat cheese, olives, quinoa and avocado. Oh, and some hummus on the side! Some veggies, eggs, bacon, milk, cheese, fruits, lasagna, yogurt, guac, basically everything needed. Survey Maker Flashcards See All. Please take the quiz to rate it. Title of New Duplicated Quiz:. A copy of this quiz is in your dashboard.

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