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The truth is, loving and dating a married man will hurt you big time and it . You need to make some rules for yourself if you really want to stay.
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As a woman first and foremost I am against the deception. This is the group of women I am addressing with this article. If you have decided to date a married man then here are some tips to be smart about it and not hurt anyone including yourself. Before I get into how to date a married man successfully, first let me tell you the real truth about a married man who cheats on his wife. Regardless of the reasons he gave you for seeking companionship and pleasure outside of his marriage. Regardless of how much respect he commands among his peers, how smart and intelligent he is and how well he treats you know that he is a selfish man.

Him wanting to be with someone else outside of his marriage is to satisfy his selfish needs. If you are dating a married man or decides to, go ahead and have a good time with him but never forget who he really is. He is a man who wants to have his cake and eat it. He is self centered and unreliable, at least to his wife. Some men cheat not even because of anything they are lacking at home but because they know they can get away with it, so why not do it and enjoy both worlds.

His wife gives him what he needs to feel complete as a man. Well he probably just wants someone more fun than his wife and always available to him whenever he wants to have a good time. So the only one in the relationship really having everything he wants is him. More on this below. Be honest with yourself. He is a married man. He has a family already. So he is not looking for a wife or a new family. Regardless of what he tells you, his family will always come first. He will not divorce is wife and marry you. A married man with kids once told me that we should run away together, start a new life blah blah blah and I just laughed.

A man who is married and willing to leave his wife for you is an irresponsible man and will someday want to leave you for another woman.

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In which case he will quickly change you for someone else. Oh my wife is this and that but you are nothing like her. His business with his wife should not be any of your concern. But if you must talk about the wife or ask about his kids let it be positive. Someday you are going to get married and what goes around comes around; sometimes.

Affair Survival: Tips For Dating a Married Man

He will call you and or message you when he feels the coast is clear, so to speak or when he needs you. Do not go to his house that he shares with his wife for any reason! And definitely do not be having sex in his matrimonial bed, not even if his wife and kids are away on vacation. You chose that when you decided to go for someone who is already married to another. So be comfortable being in second place. The reason it sometimes gets messy dating a married man is because the lady gets carried away.

They fall in love and start to act like a girlfriend. Not Helpful 6 Helpful I hooked up with a guy who he said was single but once we caught feelings and things got serious he confessed to being married and begged me not to leave him. What do I do? Honey, he lied to you from the beginning. Break up with him. Not Helpful 11 Helpful It's probably just lust. But then again, who's to say what's in a person's heart?

Sometimes we marry the ones we don't love. Not Helpful 32 Helpful You can ruin your professional relationship. There may even be company rules forbidding relationships. You would also likely become the subject of office gossip. Not Helpful 10 Helpful What do I do if I was having an affair and the married man leaves me? Accept his decision and move on. This one of the unfortunate consequences to dating a married man. I'm in love with a married man and I really want to respect his marriage, but my feelings tell me to do otherwise.

Its a discussion you will have to have with your married man. Ask him what his intentions are in regards to the marriage and if he plans on leaving. If not, then you either must decide to continue or stop seeing him. But, certainly, do not be the reason that the marriage breaks up. Not Helpful 3 Helpful Yes, men and women can be friends without anything romantic or sexual going on.

Not Helpful 7 Helpful If my lover's wife knows about us and is okay with it, what should I do?

Dating a Married Man? Sounds Insane!

Carry on, I guess? You can try asking your love what's going on with him and his wife, why she's okay with it, etc. Not Helpful 15 Helpful How do I tell a married man I'm in love with them? Answer this question Flag as What should I do if I am in love with a married man? Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Tips Make sure he's not the only one getting your attention.

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Mingle, go out, have drinks and let him know for a fact that you don't need him. A married man is used to a woman being submissive and that's why he's with his wife. You have to be the opposite of his wife because whatever she is doing, or however her character is at this time, it's driving him to want to do things outside of his marriage.

Treat him like a king but do let him know he just one of your minions. You'll definitely be irresistible to him. You deserve to have a relationship that is totally and completely yours. Do not stop looking for a man who is capable of an honest relationship. If you're not up to the challenge of being able to deal with being a side chick or the other woman, dating a married man is not for you.

You must be able to accept it in order to deal with it and understand your position. Make sure you value and honor yourself so that you don't end up being the doormat and running to his beck and call when it is only convenient to him. You inevitably are lower on his list of priorities but he still has to make an effort for your love, and if he's not able then, don't hesitate to move it along to someone who will.

Seek professional help if you feel out of control and you can't seem to find your way. It is not healthy to remain in a relationship that causes you pain or is abusive in any way. Warnings You deserve a man who loves you. And everyone deserves to follow their own gut feeling - this includes the married man who wants you.

It is normal and healthy to listen to the gut. When he has to resolve issues with his wife, kids, work or health, he will put you on pause. This will hurt if you're used to communicating on a daily basis, but that's why he likes you. He can come back with no consequences. You will want to please him as you will feel you are in constant competition with his wife.

This is not a race. Be confident in your decisions and analyze the facts for yourself.

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Do not share your relationship with anyone. You must stand alone in your decisions and actions in this relationship. You will have no support system and will be deemed an outcast. This will only lead to more despair and cause you to have unnecessary "emotional baggage", and doubt about your relationship.

This article is not suggesting you pursue married men; this is strictly for those who are already dating a married man, and need a sounding board. Do yourselves a favor, before you listen to all the "why I should not do this or that", give him the benefit of the doubt treat him with respect; let go of your inhibitions, double standards, have no regrets. Not doing so will only serve as a disservice to you.

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This is not the type of relationship for the faint at heart. Do not create, assume, and prejudge, a negative image of him, based solely on the fact that he is married. Follow your gut instinct, never second guess yourself. If the relationship is not healthy and he is a womanizer, abuser, or just an overall "cheat", get out as quickly as you can.

Do not enter into a sexual relationship or any unmoral act that defames you, his wife, or family members. This will be difficult because women have a natural desire to comfort our men, and make all the wrongs in his world, right.

Do You Think This Man Might Be the One?

Keep in mind we all are vibrational beings and everyone who is involved in your life if actually knowing what is going on. The wife knows it too and gives consent to what is happening otherwise it could not be happening - so no guilt is needed here. Article Info wikiHow is a wiki similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are written collaboratively. Relationships In other languages: Cookies make wikiHow better.

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