New trends in online dating

And many of these clever new terms have been created to describe the latest awful dating trends — we've gone from ghosting and gaslighting.
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The latest phrase sliding into DMs direct messages, for non-millennials playing along around the globe is "orbiting", coined by a writer at New York lifestyle website Man Repeller. Orbiting has been defined as an ex who is no longer conversing with you in person, but is engaging with all your content on social media. Flinders University sociologist and senior lecturer in social work Dr Priscilla Dunk-West has heard of the phrase but believes it is not much cause for concern.

It follows other buzzwords like "ghosting" suddenly and unexpectedly cutting off contact from someone you dated and the "slow fade" a slower, less overt retreat than ghosting.

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Dr Dunk-West said trying to make sense of online dating terms was new, but the acts they described were just like face-to-face situations occurring in the dating world for years. It's a way of describing that experience. As any millennial knows, for better or worse, social media connects us. But in this case, would it be healthier for people to channel Disney classic Frozen and just "let it go?

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Adelaide relationship and dating expert Jane Donovan said yes, believing that orbiting could be detrimental to someone's mental health. Ms Donovan said when a woman is in a relationship, she releases the hormone oxytocin, which plays a role in bonding with a partner. More stories from South Australia.

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Read about our editorial guiding principles and the enforceable standard our journalists follow. By business reporter Rachel Pupazzoni. Scanning a menu at a restaurant with a smart phone, a diner could find out when and where a fish was caught, the duration of its journey to the plate and even the name of the captain of the ship it was caught on.

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One of the best love stories I heard last year was of a newlywed couple who met via Twitter comment thread. And I personally know a few couples who re-connected via Facebook after decades of being out of touch.

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The possibilities are endless. You can search for shared interests, or to find other singles - even LinkedIn has an option to include your relationship status. So go ahead and respond to that witty comment, send that friend request or message. The risk is low and the possibility of reward is high!

I believe is the year this combo goes mainstream.


This combination makes sense — as aging becomes less relevant for women in terms of their appearance, lifestyle, and fertility options, the only hurdle left for these pairings is a psychological one. And that last hurdle is falling away more and more. Imagine a video profile along with an abbreviated data file that can be placed into Kazaa and searched through a peer-to-peer file-sharing network.

After selecting profiles of interest, users register with the particular dating Web site to gain access to the complete file — including contact information.

Online dating trends could 'harm resilience and self-worth'

This enables a dating Web site to circulate its dating inventory externally on computers around the world. But as more and more people look for love on the Internet, the evolution of online dating will continue to make it just a little bit easier than before. Michael Jones is president and co-founder of Userplane in Los Angeles. You do have full permission to link to this article.

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