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The First Kiss: When Should You Kiss A Woman For The First Time? you try and kiss a woman before she is ready (say during the first date).
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I know first kisses can be pretty nerve racking. I'm just impatient but if I like the person enough they can get another shot. Been with my SO for almost two years, living together now There's too much pressure as the guy to 'lead' it and make it perfect on the first try!

The rules with dates, first kiss, et al

Strange, I've had a ton of second dates with women that I didn't kiss on the first date. Way more than the opposite. I agree with you. I just disagree on the likelihood of a 2nd date happening without a kiss at the end of date 1. Well, I can imagine a good moment just not arriving at the first date, so I'll allow 1, but for the second date, I'm planning to something a bit more conducive to kissing.

I kissed her before we even went out. If you like the person and they like you kiss them. First or second, but just depends on the moment. A forced first is worse than just waiting for the second. But if you don't feel it on the second, you probably aren't going to feel it YMMV. All dependent on the situation, that is. I always considered the first couple dates as get-to-know-you dates to determine whether you want to continue to the kissing stage or not.

I would never go on a date with someone that I wouldn't want to kiss, so why not the first one? I guess this question would be more useful in ask women. I asked AW and I'm actually getting similar answers in both first date , which is good in general, not so good for my specific situation though. Fortune favors the bold, my friend. There is no answer except that it should be done when the physical escalation calls for it. Some dates take dates before the timing is right for this where others it happens within the first couple hours of the first date.

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How Many Dates Before The First Kiss?

I waited 3 times once and was told that was too long. I think 2 is the magic number, since the first date can be seen as pushy or aggressive. Generally at the end of the first date, I think. I've had a couple at the end of the second or third, but that's the hard max I'd say. If a kiss doesn't happen on the first date, I assume it didn't go well and I don't bother trying to contact them again.

Well, a woman who'll kiss on the very first date Is usually a hussy And a woman who'll kiss on the second time out Is anything but fussy. But a woman who'll wait till the third time around Head in the clouds, feet on the ground She's the girl you're glad you found She's your shipoopi.

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If I don't get anything by the second date I'll take that as a sign that she's not interested. I've been on 3 actual first dates and made out hard on each one. The third lady is now my wife and we have been together for over 8 years and married for nearly 2 of those. I've always gone into dates thinking either I wouldn't kiss or anything until the second date my ex ended up kissing me at the end of our first date.

And with my current girlfriend we kissed on the first date as well, although I was nervous she basically told me to kiss her haha. If I didn't feel like a kiss should happen on date 1, I would be hesitant to ask someone out for a 2nd.

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Depends on the girl. If she's real touchy on the first date I'll give it a go. If not then the second is a good bet. I average 15 minutes into the first date if I just met them.

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If I know them I usually kiss before I date. I've been on two dates, two different people. First one ended with a make out session after we'd each had a few drinks and had been getting intimate throughout the date. Would have definitely resulted in more if I had the next day off work. We were walking to the train station to part ways, holding hands, and then it happened.

For a few minutes too. The second date did not end with a kiss, there was no drinking involved and she left early. We parted with a hug, which she initiated. I could have gone for a kiss, but it didn't feel right. We were both completely sober, had not really made a physical connection and the fact that she left early suggested that she probably would've resisted it. But I've had a relationship and casual flings start where we didn't kiss for several "dates. But if we go on three dates and don't kiss it's probably not going to happen.

I want to have a go at Woody Allen's technique on Diane Keaton. Get it out of the way on at the start of the date. If I have no attempted by then, then it's probably not working out towards a 3rd date. There is no set number.

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  • It can be the very first date or it can be later on. At some point on the first date, I always find a place to sit side by side such as the park bench. Then I would try to hold hands with her, and go for the kiss after she's receptive to hand holding. I always kiss on the first date. Beast , Aug 24, Aug 24, 5. Aug 24, 6. Aug 24, 7. Aug 24, 8. Im the type of guy who takes it slow I don't rush things and I like it to be memorable I'm sorry if I don't kiss any girl I meet up with Kissing is somthing special I want to say that years from now, that woman will say "I remember kissing Josh on the first date I forgot about our first kiss..

    Accually I had compliments about my kissing Aug 24, 9. Aug 18, Messages: Aug 24, And we established months ago you were a terrible lover, remember? Every single woman on the board said they wouldn't be satisfied with your sexual performance. I'm extrmemely picky on whom I should date and how it's approached Hell, I remember when I first met this female at the club, she was very hot, btu she pushed the issue of kissing me and tried to make out with me I told her I wasn't interested and walked off I like walking on long beaches I like reading love poems to my love I like slow dancing, when your holding each other in your arms and then whisper sweet nothingness to each other I'm not talking about your personality although frankly you are a completely uptight little bitch , I'm talking about the fact that you are a totally awful lover.

    From the way you have described what you will and won't do in bed, every woman here agreed that sleeping with you would be a chore and she wouldn't reach orgasm. Meh, I've always attempted a kiss on the first date. Lets her know you're interested. Oct 5, Messages: Kurupt4life , Aug 24, May 12, Messages: You go for a peck on the cheek on the first date, and see how she responds. Yep, your dates have all the hidden signs and signals that you need to know for sure exactly how long you should wait before you kiss or if you should wait at all.

    How well or date is going, or whether it is a complete snooze fest, is something you learn only from the date itself. If you both lose track of time and hang out until the bar needs to be shut, that kiss is on the cards sooner.

    Make Your First Kiss Unforgettable By Following This Simple Advice

    A post shared by sullysaenz sullysaenz on Sep 24, at And the consent is given away by the body language. Like they say, the tongue might not always choose to be truthful but the body language often fails at covering the same. Here are a few common body languages: In which case, a kiss is likely. It could likely be because they already care enough to not make you feel bad about making a dumb joke!

    The kiss is very likely to happen. A post shared by Marquette Avenue Events marquetteavenueevents on Oct 7, at 5: Sometimes, a kiss will happen out of the blue, but only sometimes. You went out, ate, drank, dropped them home and hoped that the kiss would just magically happen. You need to make it happen. But for it to finally happen without fail, you need to turn the sexy on a bit. But alongside being prepared for it all, also learn to live in the moment. A post shared by Goals goalsbilder. You neither have to win nor do you have to prove a point. But put it down to experience, because dating is an experience to cherish, not a battleground to fight.

    How soon or later you want to kiss is something only you and your date get to have a say in. Figure it out together. And then when you find an answer that suits your needs best, maybe start writing a new rule book! The rules with dates, first kiss, et al. Kiss on dates — the only rule to know. How many dates do YOU need to kiss?

    How does your date feel about the kiss? How long have you known your date? How many dates to warm up to your partner? Your dates have hidden signals. The body language is a key to the kiss.

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    • Have you prepped for the kiss? Live and act in the moment. Dates are not a battleground.