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The only time that Sakura showed signs of love to Naruto was when she told Naruto that she loved him. It is important to note that Sakura did.
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Later in series, she realized her "true" feelings towards Sasuke as he helped Naruto defeating Kaguya and got what she deserved abandoned and knocked by her dear loverboy, whose thorns she desperately needed for 6 years. Sometimes we forget that an anime is an imagination of a manga artist.

In case of Naruto, Kishimoto got entangled in his own plot. At times he decided to make Hinata Naruto's gf and other times he switched the position to Sakura. Sakura was definitely attracted to Naruto and was his sort of gf from start of Shippuden to end of pain arc. I personally liked Naruto-Sakura pairing more.

Many new animes have their main leads inspired from the narusaku pairing like Asta-Noell, Natsu-Lucy etc. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Has Sakura expressed signs of love towards Naruto? Akaisteph7 Akaisteph7 78 1 4. I don't think she has.

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At one point, Sakura does tell Naruto that she loves him, but she says this in attempts to trick Naruto into letting go of his promise of bring back Sasuke. Hostile Amigo Hostile Amigo 8. Aki Tanaka 8, 6 34 Evan Phoenix Evan Phoenix 1. Cite chapters or interviews that can support this because as it stands, this is just a claim with no evidence. Her focus was always saving Sasuke in the 2nd part. Are Dec 26 '18 at 0: Claims or theories are not prohibited here as long as you can support them with evidences or facts. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

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Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Later on, Naruto meets Haku while sleeping alone in the forest, and tells Haku that he is training to impress someone, referring to Sakura. Haku asked if this person was special to him, causing Naruto to react in confusion. Haku then states that people become really strong for those they want to protect, referring to his own bond with Zabuza.

After Haku reveals his true gender to Naruto, a stupefied Naruto says to himself that Haku is otherwise prettier than Sakura in disbelief. During another encounter with Zabuza and finally Haku , Sakura is shown to worry over the safety of Naruto and the rest of her team. She later is relieved when Naruto is shown to be alive following Haku's death. As she asks about Sasuke, Naruto is unable to tell her what happened to him and simply glances down as Sakura runs over to him, while Naruto chastises Zabuza.

As the team begins to head home, Sakura comments on how Naruto and Inari are such crybabies. After the completion of their mission, the team meets up in the morning, preparing for a new mission. Kakashi is however three hours late and is later scolded by Sakura. After the return of the mission, Sakura is shown carrying an exhausted and injured Naruto, scolding him for pushing himself too hard. The group is approached by Konohamaru Sarutobi and his team and Konohamaru asks Naruto if Sakura was his girlfriend.

As Naruto blushes at the thought, Sakura punches him in annoyance before walking away. However, Konohamaru begins to mock her and this causes her to chase the two around in a comedic fashion. When Team 7 enters the room with the rest of the genin , Sakura notices how unusually quiet Naruto is and is about to cheer him up, thinking he was nervous and scared, and is irritated when he immediately banters with the other genin. During the writing test, Sakura notices Naruto's struggle and begins to forfeit with the intention of wanting to save his dream of becoming Hokage, but stops when she sees him lifting his hand up and slamming it down in resolve to keep going on, inspiring her.

Sakura and her teammate then watch in horror as Naruto attacks the enemy ninja. When Naruto is knocked out, Sakura pins him to a tree with her kunai to keep him from falling. Sakura is shown to be touched when Naruto accuses Sasuke for being someone else since the "real" Sasuke is no coward. When Sasuke is down, Sakura pleads for the unconscious Naruto's help. During Sakura's encounter with the sound ninjas , Sakura's desire to protect Rock Lee , Naruto and Sasuke, the people who've protected her, gave her the inspiration to fight back.

After the Sound Ninja's leave, the still unconscious Naruto dreams about saving Sakura from Orochimaru. He then wakes up startled and notices her chopped hair, but Sakura tells him she just wanted an image change. Before the preliminary rounds, the group open the scrolls that summons Iruka Umino , congratulating them on their advance. Before they go off, they ask about the purpose of these scrolls and Iruka explains the Heaven and Earth process of how one needs the other to be complete.

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He then gives an example stating that Naruto was Earth while Sakura was Heaven and needed to learn from each other as they needed both to be considered as a full shinobi. During the final exam, Sakura is shown to cheer on Naruto in his match with Neji. When Sakura is immobilized by Gaara 's sand, Naruto fights Gaara with promising himself and Sasuke entrusting him that he would save her [Sakura] no matter what. Naruto eventually manages to summon Gamabunta and avoids hurting her. Much to her surprise, he confesses that it was Naruto. Thankful, Sakura turns to watch Naruto and gives him a smile.

During the fight between Naruto and Sasuke at the hospital's rooftop, Sakura pleads her teammates to stop, but with no avail. Not wanting to watch the fight any longer, she pleads again for the two to stop and rushes in between both of their attacks, only to be saved by Kakashi. A distracted and worried Sakura is then approached by Naruto, who tries to cheer her up, but also tells her to never throw herself into a fight like that. Sakura then decides to go on a date with Naruto, much to his surprise. This was later revealed to be in order to confess to Naruto about Sasuke's unusual behavior and the possible path he[Sasuke] might take.

That night, Sakura although hesitant, begins to confess to Naruto about Sasuke and his Cursed Seal's aggressive side-effects. Naruto then admits that he met Orochimaru while looking for Tsunade, much to her surprise, and that he[Orochimaru] desires Sasuke. Noticing Sakura's reaction to this, Naruto quickly reassures Sakura that Sasuke wouldn't do anything with Orochimaru, because he's strong. Reacting to this, Sakura smiles at the Uzumaki.

After Sakura tries to go after Sasuke from leaving the village and fails, Naruto and his team are shown waiting outside the gate. They are approached by Sakura, and with Shikarmaru questioning about how he knew what happened, Naruto begins to question her. Instead of giving an answer, Sakura in tears, desperately begs Naruto to bring Sasuke back to her, believing him to be the only person who can.

Looking at the crying Sakura, Naruto gives her a pained smile and confesses that he knows how it pains her, telling her he can also understand. He then gives Sakura a thumbs-up, making a lifetime promise to redeem Sasuke and bring him back, and that he will never back down on that in union with his ninja way. Kiba happily goes along with the promise, and after they leave, Lee tells Sakura that Naruto would definitely keep his promise, having done it with the "nice guy" pose.

When the team comes back and Sakura finds out that Naruto failed the mission, instead of getting angry or disappointed, Sakura tries to cheer him up. When the Uzumaki notes to Sakura that he hasn't given up, she promises him that she'll also get stronger so next time they could get Sasuke back together. In reality, however, Naruto secretly felt that he had failed in his promise, and becomes depressed. The two part ways as Naruto leaves the village to be trained by Jiraiya while Sakura decides to take a similar route and requests that Tsunade take her as her apprentice.

When Naruto finally returns to the village , Sakura is one of the first first in the anime to greet him. She is shown surprised by how much he's changed. When she asks Naruto if she looks more womanly, he plainly answers that she looks the same, much to her chagrin, to which Jiraiya replies to himself that Naruto still can't understand women. Sakura then notes how Naruto had clearly matured more, but quickly dispatches this thought when Naruto reveals his even more perverted than his Sexy Technique, punching him for ruining all the admiration she held for him.

They start trying to work together and even create a humorous plan to get the bells. The plan succeeds, and Naruto and Sakura hold up the bells to Kakashi while smiling playfully together. After training, Naruto and Sakura start up a conversation, completely ignoring Kakashi's words as they plan a Team 7 get-together. Naruto then nervously points out that the two are alone. He asks Sakura out for a date based on the get-together's premise to which she agrees, but only if he pays. The two then walk around town together.

Sakura then giggles when Naruto outbursts over how he is the only remaining genin among the group that competed in the Chunin Exams. After the news of Gaara's capture, Naruto starts continually going further ahead of the group in haste despite Sakura and Kakashi's protests. Eventually, Naruto reveals that he is the jinchuriki of the Nine-Tails to Sakura and Temari for the first time. Sakura then has a flashback of Naruto standing and crying in a circle of people. After taking the news in, Sakura tells Naruto that she sympathizes with him being targeted by Itachi, but that is also bringing them closer to Sasuke, cheering Naruto up.

Sakura then vows to save Naruto and Sasuke. Sakura later questions him on how long he has been targeted by Akatsuki in fear, and continually looks at him while he is holding his stomach where the Nine-Tails is located in sadness. Eventually, this causes Sakura to ponder upon what would happen to the Jinchuriki if the beast was extracted from them. When Chiyo explains that they would most likely die, Sakura looks on at Naruto then bursts into tears.

After saying Sakura cries a lot, Naruto tries to cheer her up by saying that he would rescue Gaara, which causes the frustrated Sakura to exclaim she is worried about him , but quickly, she is cut off by him walking away, leaving her further worried. While removing the poison from his body, Naruto comes into the scene and is shown to be impressed. While the medical nin is shown explaining to a group about the complicated medical procedures, Naruto is again shown impressed, commenting to himself how great she was.

The group later runs into Itachi Uchiha. Discovering who he was, Sakura quickly becomes angry at knowing that he [Itachi] was one the who was causing both Naruto and Sasuke so much suffering. During the fight with him, one of the genjutsu 's used against Naruto was his failed promised towards Sakura. As Naruto struggles to break Itachi's genjutsu, Sakura and Chiyo transfer chakra to his body, causing him to break free.

However, Naruto is shown to still remain dazed. Noticing this, Sakura slaps her hand on his face, causing Naruto to snap out of his trance but clearly confused by what she was doing. Later during Sakura's fight with Sasori , she is shown using Naruto's life time promise as one of her motivations. When Naruto chastises everyone for not understanding the jinchuriki, Sakura worriedly looks at him and says his name.

The two also team up to give Chiyo their chakra. After Gaara's retrieval and revival, Naruto and Sakura mourn over the death of Chiyo together. When Sai is introduced to the group, Naruto, who had met him earlier, greets him in disgust, whereas Sakura is shown surprised by his similar looks towards their former teammate. When Sakura is later torn up by how Naruto was over Sasuke, she tells Sai that the two were like brothers.

Sai then questions her actions to why she was being so sensitive, but is quickly interrupted by Naruto. Watching Naruto, she has a flashback of various times Naruto has smiled for her and questions if the beast in front of her was really Naruto. As Naruto continues to express pain, Sakura becomes deeply concerned and starts clutching her chest. Kabuto then goes on and says that Naruto is a monster and is only doing this because of Sasuke, concluding with "What a sad child".

With this revelation, Sakura remembers Naruto's promises to bring Sasuke back for her, then starts crying heavily. Unable to further contain herself, she quickly runs to his side in tears while pleading with him that she'd save Sasuke herself, despite Yamato's protests and Kabuto's nonchalance. However, she is knocked away by and receives a major gash on her arm from one of the tails, due to Naruto having lost control of his mind and body; Kabuto remarks that this is a shame.

After Kabuto mostly heals her and Naruto is calmed, Sakura runs back over to Naruto in tears, showing concern. When healing Naruto afterwards, Sakura expresses her desire to be more useful. Despite her wound, she continues to heal the Uzumaki and soon asks Yamato to teach her the technique to stop Naruto's Kyubi form. She is quickly saddened when he tells her that he was the only who had this ability, saying that, as usual, the things she can do for Naruto are small and meaningless.

Noticing this and her wound, Yamato claims that the important things are Sakura's feelings, causing her to look up in confusion.

Smiling, Yamato tries to say something, but is quickly cut off as Naruto begins to awaken. Upon waking up, Sakura is shown to shed tears of joy upon his revival. Seeing this, Naruto thinks Sai insulted her, and immediately tries to "aid" her, getting punched in the gut for his dense nature in the process. Later on, the trio is shown discussing about Sai's betrayal.

Sakura then quickly rushes to his aid, and holds him in her arms. Standing to his feet he claims that he would be following the group, but is shown struggling not to fall causing Sakura to be more concerned. The three then begin their pursuit on Orochimaru. While traveling through the forest to reach their destination, Naruto and Sakura are both shown struggling with their injuries.

Naruto is quickly shown to lose consciousness from time to time to the point of almost being hit by a branch, which Sakura notices. Sakura who is swinging behind the group slips from the pain in her arm and begins to fall. Naruto then desperately tries to grab her, but misses. Instead, Yamato managed to catch her instead. Naruto soon expresses his concern over her condition, staring intently at her as she sits under a tree. Looking at the injury on her arm, he questions her where she got it. She lies that it was from Orochimaru to prevent Naruto from knowing. Yamato then says that Sakura must heal herself, since the mission depends on her healing.

Although Sakura says she'll be fine, Naruto sides with Yamato and advises her to not to push herself too hard; he even compliments her every juncture which causes the medical nin to blush and look down until he mentions about her "brute strength", at which she flails her legs at him in frustration despite his apologies. While Sakura is sitting alone healing herself, Yamato confirms to Naruto that it was him while in his beast form who wounded her which leaves the Uzumaki shocked and devastated. Yamato then advises that if he wants to save Sasuke and protect Sakura, he has to do it with his own strength; Naruto, having an illusion of Sakura and Sasuke walking, agrees.

Later, the group reunites with Sai and runs into Sasuke. Sasuke chides Naruto for chasing him around rather than training to be Hokage, but Naruto makes a reference to his promise by saying that he can't be considered a Hokage if he can't even save his friend. When Sasuke tries to cut down Naruto, Sakura gasps and tries to stop Sasuke.

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After Naruto gets knocked down by Sasuke's Chidori Current, Sakura remembers that she said she and Naruto would bring Sasuke back together, and finally sums up the will to attack Sasuke. However, as Yamato jumped in front of her, they were stopped as Orochimaru intervened by telling Sasuke to leave them for the time-being. After the group fails to retrieve Sasuke, Sakura tells Naruto that even if they failed here, they'll continue to get stronger together. After the mission report, Naruto asks Sakura out, but is declined as she states that they were ordered to remain home; Naruto then tries to make excuses on how they could avoid getting noticed, while Sai watches the whole time.

Some time after returning to Konoha, Naruto is shown walking outside for some fresh air while Sai is seen studying books in the library. He is shown reading aloud about suffixes and the importance of each to himself. Curious, Sakura approaches Sai and greets him to where he in embarrassment, tries to cover the books that he was reading. Naruto who is still walking through the village has a flashback about the encounter he had with Sasuke and just as he snaps out of his trance, Sakura and Sai arrive to see him sitting on a bench.

Naruto then questions Sai's presence and complains that both Sakura and Sai interrupted him, lying that he was devising a plan to go with Sakura on a date. The medical nin then advises him that he should better go study ninjutsu instead. While Naruto argues with Sakura, Sai notices the close relationship between the two from what he learned previously in his books about the importance of suffixes. Watching the two, he blushes and asks to join them to where the two stare at him in confusion. Sai goes on by saying he had read a book on how name suffixes and nicknames work, and Sakura gives him poor advice by saying he should focus on one's qualities, giving Naruto the nickname "Stupid Naruto", causing him to gently try to appease her.

When a misled Sai promptly calls Sakura "Ugly", she tries to attack him; Naruto holds her back, resulting in both Naruto and Sai getting slapped. Naruto is shown training with both Kakashi and Yamato as he tries to learn a new technique with Sakura and Sai watching in the background.

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Sakura is shown to come visit casually and is quickly impressed by the Uzumaki's vast improvements. Naruto replies that it'd be alright as long as she heals it for him. She argues that medical ninjutsu doesn't heal every injury completely, so he won't be fine immediately. Naruto, however, states that her healing him makes him happy, leaving Sakura confused.

Naruto then explains that it's because they are getting closer to Sasuke together, causing the two of them to smile at each other. Sakura, remembering their time in the hospital, moves her chair and leans in closer to him, offering to feed him, which leaves Naruto happily surprised and blushing. The moment, however, is interrupted because of Sai, who tries to feed Naruto himself per one of his book instructions. Sakura and Naruto immediately get on his case. When Kakashi comes by, he tries to appease everyone by feeding Naruto himself, and eventually is the one to do so, much to Naruto's dismay.

At one point, Sakura comes to Naruto's apartment and finds him having just woken up and eating breakfast despite it being noon. After lamenting his laziness, Sakura tells him to get dressed. Surprised, Naruto teases her if it was a date. Angrily, Sakura yells at Naruto that Tsunade had summoned them.

Naruto Uzumaki's Relationships

When they arrive, they discover that Sasuke had "killed" Orochimaru. After also learning he's going after Itachi, the two resolve to search for Itachi and use him as bait for Sasuke, becoming part of the Eight Man Squad. When Naruto discovers that Jiraiya has been killed, Sakura tries to stop him from leaving the meeting in frustration, even trying to reason with Tsunade to let her go follow him. As Fukasaku prepares to depart, Sakura is shown looking down at her left where Naruto is sitting on a pole in sorrow. While the rest of the Konoha 11 smiles happily at the scene, Sakura is later among those who hoisted him into the air multiple times.

Sometime later, Naruto and Sakura are sitting alone together. Naruto says that he has so many things he needs to tell Tsunade, and Sakura tells him not to worry because she will definitely recover. She then turns to the side, however, and internally asks for Naruto to comfort her, not vice versa.

They then meet with Inari and Tazuna, who ask about Sasuke's whereabouts. Both of them come to a loss of words, but Naruto quickly intervenes by saying that Sasuke and him got into a mere fight, and that they can talk with him when he gets back. Sakura silently thanks Naruto for this. After Inari and Tazuna leave, Naruto tells Sakura and Kakashi that, because he now understands loss, he knows how to redeem Sasuke and plans to do so, causing his friend and his sensei to smile.

As Sakura and Naruto confront Sai about Danzo planning to have Sasuke killed, they are suddenly interrupted by the arrival of two members of Team Samui who demand to be told all they know about Sasuke. Not knowing who they were, they begin to fight with Sakura being hit and thrown on the ground by Omoi. Naruto then interrupts the battle by rushing immediately towards Sakura; catching her.

When discovered that Sasuke was now in the Akatsuki, Sakura and Naruto are shown as shocked. At the end, Naruto discovers that Killer B is a jinchuriki, and agrees to tell the Kumo shinobi of Sasuke. Sakura is shown to be worried about this, but Naruto says that he will be fine to her. After Naruto leaves with the group, he again is shown to refuse as he remembered both Sasuke as a comrade and his promise to Sakura.

Resulting into getting brutally and willingly beaten by Karui, Sai comes to his aid and later bandages to his wounds. Asking Naruto if he could notify Sakura, Naruto refuses and states that he would heal by himself just soon enough. Seeing this selfless act, Sai is later shown thinking about the bond between Sakura and Naruto in comparison to himself. In a flashback, Sai bluntly asks Naruto if he likes Sakura after the two talked to her, to which Naruto quickly gets embarrassed. Sai continues to say he read about a book that says when you are with someone you like, you always smile and that Naruto had always done that around Sakura.