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More online dating silliness with hot Russians. June 28, krauserpua. I am utterly indifferent to getting hot birds out onto dates from teh interwebs.
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I am a big fan of both yours and Toms. I would never do any of the hard work. My friends thought I was a player… I thought I was a player! FAst forward 10 years and banging alot of average girls I felt entirely unsatisfied. I wanted the super hot girl that would never approach me. I thought she was was too high value. I had never been rejected in my life.

As I have gotten older I can no longer tolerate the club scene. This is when I realised the only way I was going to be able to have a crack at these girls was on the street. A daunting prospect for someone who has never needed to work for his dinner or felt the sting of rejection. Fast forward 5 years of daygaming EE and London I have discovered 2 main obstacles that arise when you are a good looking man.

The first obstacle of a good looking daygamer is finding an actual target that is of equal or better looking than yourself. I have done 8 hour days and not approached. This is cripling when you are trying to find flow and get outside of your head. You start to question if you are coming up with excuses not to approach, and when you finally make yourself go in, you politely eject because she has a weird smile or slightly thick ankles. I can roughly average one solid number per 10 approaches. My goal is 30 approaches per month. Im out 4 times a week doing this. I will probably sleep with 1 new girl a month.

Thats a lot of work and time spent to sleep with 1 high value women.

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I see guys wondering around approaching anything that moves on Oxford street. Good game or not, they are getting laid way more than I am with girls that are still of equal or higher value than them. The blow outs are going to be harder and faster good-looking or not. Ego crushing rejections are hard to come to terms with when you have only ever had it so easy. Most guys in the PUA scene are starting from a mental state of 0 then working your way up to a Now imagine having a the mental state of a disillusioned 10, then hitting rock bottom and having to bitterly climb your way back up to 10 — the right way.

I have actually found the proper car crash PUAS quite helpful in teaching me what not to do. Watching a wide range of infields and reading various material has enabled me to create my own unique approach system and formula.

What Women Like On An Online Dating Profile (And What They Laugh At)

Props for going after the top tier. So that sounds like you were saying those guys who approached battle toads were doing better than you…. As a good looking guy your standards have to be much higher to get hotter than you, so the targets are going to be tougher for many reasons, irrespective if you are David Gandy of not. Otherwise, as Nick said, it is not Game. In other words, if you want to get good with anything. I know it sure works well in Canada and America. Probably even better in America.

That makes me about average height. Anyway, my point is that you are tall. I use my right hand for fingering. Walawala the assumption in the manosphere is that having money must be provider game. This is like saying all good looking people are dumb as rocks. Money game is the BEST adventure game if you have it. But he did not live in a NYC penthouse. He lived in a ridiculously small apartment with a bunk bed you had to climb up to.

He had no money game whatsoever. He made money later at the end of his great run in Manhattan.

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Personally I feel in my element once the date is set up, for instance through online dating, but cracking the barrier in shopping malls or on the street is indeed a huge challenge. Yad when he started out. Also Tom Torero comes to mind. But both Yad and Tom and Matrix have taken steps to improve their looks. For example, they recommend accutane. Also, you can even look at early photos of Matador and Gambler.

They were pretty ugly especially Gamber, aka Richard de LaRuina. Gambler has one of those faces with extreme features…so he on a knife-edge between really ugly or really damned attractive. So when Gambler was, I dunno when that photo was taken…maybe 17 or 19, he was downright fugly. But then after several minutes the girl ends up investing in him and giving him her.

Oh, it just occurred to me.

Krauser PUA Is Doing His Readers A Huge Injustice (?) – PUA Lifestyle

Johnny Berba has a ton of fugly potential. But Berba combs his hair and wears a leather jacket, so although his ping rate is narrow because of his looks , he still plows through because of his look.

Are you aware that for many women, the very ability to pull that game is an indicator of a higher value man? There is science to back it up. Show women a picture of a man and measure her vaginal blood flow and moisture and ask her how attractive he is. Then show the same picture with the backstory that he is wealthy. There is a measurable difference, and variables such as confidence and all else are weeded out of the experiment. For women money is tits. Money is not only a beta fallback maneover; it can be used as one tool of a mans value, very similar to using looks.

I remember seeing that on the Sex Appeal documentary. Women are shown photos of men, with little stats in text under the photo: Should I dress like an unemployed scumbag loser with tattoos, or should I dress in an expensive suit?? And yet in my life I do get extreme cock hunger from girls who are above average all the way up to super hot. And that happens year after year, and is not random lottery winnings. And ugly with beta. An ugly sugar daddy can get a womans a game. Even with multiple women.

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Please tell me how you get super hot girls, year after year, when you are unattractive. Physicality is very important to me. I could never stress that enough. And since it means so much to me, I do what it takes. Because an airhead has lower sexual market value. Top shelf girls are debutantes, and they can afford to hold out to marry top shelf men. So my strategy has been to do everything possible to: You mentioned in the article that looks include height, physique and facial structure. I would say facial structure comes first but it can be undermined if you are very short.

That man chose his parents well. They ALL said body. As usual what women say is not reliable. Indeed as a rule the two things are rather distinct and can be opposites. And they may really be turned on by men they quite dislike because they are rough and uncaring and assholish players. But I disagree with it, while I agree with the former.

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  4. In my experience once a man has a non-repulsive face what really matters for turning on women is the body and in particular height. If cute short guys get laid I suspect it is more because maybe it is a stereotype cute short guys tend to have a sexy attitude, being cheekily assholish, and then being cute overcomes the lack of height, and the gina then can tingle. It also possible to gain more than 2 SMV by Game, either with a combination of looks and attitude or even just attitude a gain just by improved looks is not Game and anyhow does not give much. But I was talking about typical cases: Many men who are currently betas can just spare the effort and focus to go from beta to greater beta or ideally lesser alpha.

    Or if they are already natural lesser alphas to focus on it. Then there are people like Krauser self described average guy in other respects , or like you overcoming a looks disadvantage who have the energy and willpower to build themselves the opportunity to do better than that, or like MAG who have a looks advantage and yet strive to overcome that too. This is quite admirable, and you make happy many women who finally get the fuck they have always dreamed of, but that level of investment is not for most men.

    There are a whole bunch of variables we could add in there that add value to the man. And anything valuable is only valuable to someone, and different women will have different things they value. Some women for instance will put more value on money than many men are comfortable with. That is such a nerdy, aspergery question… It depends on circumstances, culture, etc. And what women want, the question to which Freud could not find or did not want to give an answer, is something simple: But it is overall a secondary too, because usually it can only enhance attractiveness, not establish it.

    Even taking into account that 5 minutes of next alphas are better than 5 minutes of previous alpha. Willy Beck is about a Chris from GLL is about an 8. He lost alot of his hair because of steroid abuse when younger. Beck on the other hand does have game knowledge. So I would say that Beck is a PUA while Chris is a good looking player who has basically taught himself gook looking natural game.

    Beck is offering some tactical knowledge. Chris not so much. Beck is still within the PUA universe. As usual the European has more style. I find it the other way around with regards to Beck and GGL. Wonder if you have any thoughts on Honest Signalz and if you still doubt GLL daygame vid which he deleted [I have my private opinion on that video which I shall keep private. Yes looks matter A LOT to women and always have. A fact the Manosphere is resistant to accepting, despite PUAs trying to school them for years. Krauser, I read that all infield videos are pre-planned and staged by necessity because legally you have to get consent from video participants in order to 1.

    You should rename it: No girl ever liked me just for my looks. If you have to struggle to get laid, sorry but you have a problem. Getting laid is always smooth and agreeable because it takes 2 to tango: I wonder if Krauser could transfer his mind into the body of young good looking dude like that boytoy guy, would his results improve significantly? Yes, Willy Beck is probably a male 8 on looks, while Krauser is a 6. That does not change the fact that he escalates way better than Krauser will ever do.

    Just like Steve Jabba Does. The more you postpone physical escalation, the harder it is to get the girl. Krauser, you are not losing a few girls because you are bald. Compared to Willy and Tyler, which are like escalation-snakes, you look almost robotic. Fast lays, fast blownouts. After this simple move, she either leaves or she stays.

    This is true, natural R-Selection. It is actually possibile to SDL 9 and And no, they are not sluts. Fast escalation is following the rhythm of nature. You can kiss close a 10 in 5 minutes on the street and bounce her back home in no time. All chicks want fast escalation deep inside. If you are fat, get on a diet.

    Krauser is a nice guy and a good writer. GLGs can afford to be horrifically reckless in escalation because the next IOI is a few minutes away. I know their game FAR better than you. Because they are smarter than that and know not to blow good leads on ego-based fast escalation. My guess is you are massively underperforming due to such wasteful game. My sceptic bout Willy Beck.

    How long should you wait for Mr Right. This shrew hack writer is attempting a take-down of the emininently sensible book by Lori Gottleib that points out the simple fact that most women who hold out for a hero end up sipping Chardonnay on their sofa, surrounded by cats, nursing the bitter loneliness of a wasted life. Be practical — settle. A book of fiction, Jane Eyre. An unidentified friend who tries to reframe spinsterhood as independence. Exhibits are random fuckwits. Even the IPCC require better evidence than this. My comment is unlikely to survive moderation: You have just consigned them to the scrapheap.

    If a woman has any regard for her own future, she will husband hunt while near her prime sexual market value aged , as this is when she can best score a top quality man. As she ages, her choices reduce. You are in the business of making a career out of telling used-up old women what they want to hear.

    Women feel more guilt than men. This sounds alot like code silver — the charge of selfishness — It is a common charge hurled at men who do not want to be bothered with romantic pursuits. In this case, oppressing women with thought control. The next section goes code orange — the charge of endangerment — The target is accused of being a menace in some undefined manner. This piece is presenting men as being somehow childish and under-developed.

    Am I reading too much into it? Story 3 — How to secure a first date: Top ten tips for men. His very first piece of advice is to ignore the only body of knowledge that can actually help. Apparently all it will give you is the ability to nail dozens of hot girls, and that will ruin your life. Tip 2 — Be presentable. Fair enough, though hardly a surprise. Tip 3 — Ask questions. And that means make statements about the girl that invite an explanation from her, and make it about interesting things.

    Mangina-boy recommends the resume-exchange interview and an overt display of too much interest. Tip 4 — Hide you obsessions. If the obsession is World of Warcraft, yes. If it is skydiving, kickboxing, writing, chess, your business, travelling, rock climbing, photography, whatever — then HELL NO! Be passionate, talk passionately, pull her into your world. Tip 5 — Start taking exercise. Spot on, this is good advice. More correctly though is start taking exercise as a natural concommitent to a sporting activity you love.

    A Fitness First gym body is homo and try-hard though better than lard-arse. A functionally fit body sculpted from boxing, surfing or some other genuine pursuit is alpha. Tip 6 — Decide your goals. And by that I mean where on the hierarchy will she fit from serious LTR, through fuck buddy, down to entourage.