60 in 1 trackball hookup

I have a "b" quality 60 in 1 icade board. I have a new Imperial trackball, and i have the connector to connect the trackball directly to the.
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Just plug the board into the harness like a giant Nintendo cartridge and you should be gtg aside from possibly adjusting the hold on the monitor. I've never had an issue with it. I have the same thing.

New 3 inch Arcade Trackball w/ Harness for JAMMA in-1 Multicade / Icade PCB | eBay

Some sounds are off on lesser known games, like Bomb Jack, but other than that, it plays great. The LCD bothers me not at all. The 60 in 1 board the vid posted has a pretty good game list. If I did not have a few games that I "needed" I would have gone that route as it would have been much easier and cheaper. When you have a MAME cabinet all of these games are available.

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I spent probably about 40 hours on my CP by hand - and it's nowhere near the CNC detail that you have. I f'd up 2 times before the 3rd time coming out how I planned.

I don't want to admit the Alcoholic part yet - I'm still in denial, but I have a spare PinGulp that I've been scratching my head on attaching to the cab. I don't want to admit the Alcoholic part yet - I'm still in denial, but I have a spare PinGulp that I've been scratching my head on attaching to the cab The only reason to sell, is for me to make a better one - yours is 1 though.

Are you using Hyperspin - wanna setup PinballFX?

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They are sold out though I hope they restock. Knew I should have bought 2 just in case mine fails. Yeah I run Hyperspin. The 2 blue buttons right of the 4 way are clones of the 2 blue buttons to the left of the spinner. That way you aren't off to the left or right when playing. Those spinners are nice, but if you are just looking for a Tempest style, the Oscar Vortex is an awesome spinner. I just sold mine off not too long ago as I don't have need for it anymore. I've just started building one as well.

Going the Raspberry Pi with the iPac2 route for now. I have an LCD but it is too big so will either try another one with some of the tricks mentioned above or will go for a CRT monitor. My goal will be to get old arcade games up on a pub sized cocktail table so I can use the same stools as I have for the pins and pool table - should finish the game room off nicely.

Advice on a Multicade....

I had a few "slick stick" spinners with weights that were pretty damn impressive however. Wait now I'm looking old. Lolol Oscar and Slick Sticks. I have a GGG spinner, it's not too bad, and I really appreciate it's small footprint with my setup. Great to see you're enjoying Pinside!

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Betelgeuse Pinside member Pittsburgh, PA 8y 85, 2, 13 I like the idea of it being right on the board Okay, you've confirmed some of what I was thinking thx. Erik Pinside member Franklin, TN 7y 90, 4, Gov Pinside member Springfield, MO 5y 89, 4, 10 27 1. Most boards have Centipede loaded and its slick with a good trackball. Lermods Lermods Pinball Co. Upper Freehold, NJ 6y K 6, 15 37 2. PinPatch Pinside member Melbourne 5y 47, It is a jamma board not a mame PC Gives the full retro feel. Cocktail in my opinion makes it more social as well as everyone can gather around. Guinnesstime Pinside member 6y 99, 3, JK Here's my cab - it's non-stop upgradable.

Here's my low budget Ms Pac: This is a good post about the same thing. Found a closeup shot of the spinner. I only use it for Tempest really. Promoted items from the Pinside Marketplace. Yorktown Parts and Equip. Game of Thrones Sword Lock mod. Data East Pinball Mirror Blades. Pinhedz Premium Carr and Maintenance Kit. Super Skill Shot Shop. Batman66 Speaker Grill Emblem. Equipment will be shipped within 72 hours of receipt of full payment.

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There is also a software setting to switch X and Y if you need to when it is working. I think that posting links to where the boards are sold is illegal but not discussing them. November 21, , Is your cab setting set to Upright 1 player on the software dip switch? Are you using the player 2 inputs or a trackball harness to 60 in 1 connector? I have it set up as 1 joystick, upright cabinet. I am using a direct wire to the board from the joystick. I dont know how to wire to the player 2 controls. If i did cut the harness and wire direct to player 2, would i still tell the board that i am using 1 joystick, upright?

How does the board know the trackball is being used. Shouldn't be a wiring problem if you have the harness. When wiring thru the player 2 controls it uses the joystick inputs as shown on the jamma harness picture in the icade manual. I think it knows to use the player 2 controls and that is why you have to set the cab as a single player upright to wire there. Depends on your 60 in 1 card.