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The cards are contactless, and can be topped up and changed to different types once empty. There are a few different cards, so make sure you get the right one for your trip. The Metro only paper tickets are sold at the metro ticket machines. For a plastic card that includes bus, you will need to buy at tobacconists, authorized kiosks, and Metro stations. The metro card journeys are up to 50 minutes for a one zone card including transfers.

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The advantage is you can use this card outside of the zone at an additional cost but still at a reduced rate over a single ticket like to get to the airport. Also a Valencia Tourist card which has unlimited travel and discounts to attractions. These cards are for only one person.

For up to date information see here [44]. Renting a bike is an increasingly popular way for visitors to explore this essentially flat city. Since the city offers public bicycle rentals at over locations around the city and growing. This service is called Valenbisi [45].

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You can purchase the ticket at any terminal at the stations. You need a credit card, internet and a metro ticket to get it. You can also let them mail it to your Valencian address, but that takes about 20 days. With the normal paper metro ticket you can online chose to book the Valenbisi on this very metroticket. You only need the ID-Number of the ticket. This will instantly grant you one year without the need of an address or the waiting. Lights at night and reflective clothes are mandatory, helmet is only recommended.

Riding through the pavement is also forbidden and bikeways are not frequent, this can do riding a bike in Valencia not recommended if you're not used to deal with city traffic. Drivers usually are unkind to cyclists. You can choose to discover Valencia on your own, by renting a bike, though if you want to learn more about the culture and history of Valencia doing a bike tour is a good option. Several bike tour companies offer the opportunity to go cycling with a guide who knows everything about Valencia.

Aside from going to the beach and the City of Arts and Sciences, exploring the hub of the city requires no public transportation. Much of this city can be done walking, stopping for a coffee or a beer, and then walking more, all very leisurely. It's not necessary to have the mindset of mastering a complex public transportation system. However, for longer trips, see below for some pointers. The Metro Valencia [46] consists of five lines from which one is a tramway to the beach and connects the suburbs with the city.

This metro system is not extensive, but can get you to major points within the city. If you want to take the tram, you have to buy a ticket from the machine, then validate it, before you get on.

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If you use the metro a lot, you should consider getting a TuiN , Bonometro see above , or a one-, two- or three-day pass, which can be quite economical. Driving to Valencia from Barcelona, travellers take coastal route E A long and scenic roadway, at many points directly adjacent to the water, the E is a toll-road costing 35 Euro to traverse its entire length. EMT [47] runs buses to virtually every part of the city.

The origins of the Fallas Festivity [48] goes back to an old tradition of the city's carpenters, who before the Festivity of their patron Saint Joseph, burned in front of their workshops, on the streets and public squares, their useless things and other wooden utensils they used to hold the candles that gave them light during the winter season. These Fallas evolved and acquired a more critical and ironic sense when showing in the monuments reprehensible social scenes.

Around , the Fallas celebration [49] was forbidden, as well as Carnival. In this pressure created a movement that defended typical traditions by awarding in the magazine "LaTraca" the prizes to the best Fallas Monuments. This competition, which began to be popular among different neighbourhoods, brought the creation of the artistic Falla, where critique was still an important element together with aesthetics.

In the Ayuntamiento de Valencia awarded local prizes to the best Fallas.

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This was the beginning of the union between the people and the political power. This relationship has greatly developed this popular festivity in its structure, organisation and size. In the first poster contest for the promotion of the Festivities and in the Fallero weekend was established. Today, more than seven hundred big and small Fallas are burned in the city of Valencia. They are mostly of a satirical nature and can be as tall as a few stories. Fallas are constructed of smaller figures called ninots , Valencian for "dolls". The fallas take a whole year of planning and construction to complete.

Each falla has an adult falla mayor and a kid's falla infantil. It is best to arrive by 16 March, as all of the fallas are required to be finished or they face disqualification. Another feature of Fallas is the fireworks.

It's like the city's a war zone for a week! They wake you up early in the morning and go on through the day. This is kilos of gunpowder translated into a lot of noise. It has to be experienced to be understood. This is very popular and you should arrive an hour in advance at least.

Every night between midnight and 1AM, there is a castillo, a fireworks display.

The last night it's called la nit de foc, the night of fire , and this is the most impressive. This is also very crowded and you need to arrive early to be able to see it. Along with these displays, people set off fireworks all day, making it very difficult to catch any sleep. The days of 17th and 18th of March is La Ofrenda. The falleras from each falla take flowers to the Plaza of the Virgin. These flowers are used to construct the virgin. The processions are grand and very beautiful and worth catching.

They follow two main paths: At the end of a week displaying the 'fallas' they are burnt. The fallas infantiles are burned at 10PM and the fallas mayores are burned anywhere from midnight to 1AM. The one at the town halls is burned last at 1AM. These tend to be very crowded and one should arrive early. If you can't be in Valencia at the time of the festival, you can at least get an idea of what it's all about by visiting one or both the following museums: Museo Fallero [51] Museo de Artistas Falleros [52]. There are several city beaches, and three major beaches outside of Valencia.

Playa de Malvarrosa and Playa e Levante o de la arenas are the most popular city beaches, just north of the port. To get there, take the metro or tram to Eugenia Vines or Arenas station, or take the metro to Maritim Serreria and continue with the tram to Neptu all on one ticket. El Saler is the nicest and best developed beach near Valencia. Devesa is undeveloped and has nice surroundings. At Devesa and Playa Pinedo there are nudist sections. These beaches are located south of the port. To reach them, take the Yellow Bus operated by "Herca" from Calle Alicante near the train station, in direction "Perello".

The trip takes about 30 minutes; the bus runs hourly 7am - 9pm. This place well known by the locals is still undiscovered by most travelers. The water was said to keep his women young and beautiful. Dip into the water for a swim and explore the lagoon snorkeling, see the fish around you and discover the hidden caves. Ruzafa This neighbourhood close to the city center has recently emerged as the hippest nightlife area in town, offering a wide variety of restaurants, pubs and clubs, mostly aimed at the most modern crowd.

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For a relaxed drink with friends sometimes accompanied with a tapa , some of the best choices are:. Plaza del Cedro is a nice place where all possibilities are given to spend a night partly o complete in less touristic ambiance than in the center. Just click any blue "Edit" link and start writing! Retrieved from " https: Has custom banner Articles needing IsPartOf category All destination articles Pages linked to a data item for a disambiguation Usable articles.

Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 31 October , at Text is available under [http: Privacy policy About Wikitravel Terms of use Mobile view. Valencia Contents 1 Understand 1. Climate [ edit ] Summer — Like most European countries, August is a slow month as many of the residents are on vacation. Autumn — September and October are more active months and the weather permits beach outings. Pavement cafes are still open until around the end of October. Winter — Though temperatures are still relatively mild, it's too cold to sunbathe at the beach. Spring — A lovely time to visit.

Cafes and restaurants open their terraces and life spills out onto the street once again. By train [ edit ] Many trains come from Madrid eg: By bus [ edit ] There are also many buses coming from almost every big city in Spain and most of the cities in the Valencia region. Get around [ edit ] For metro subway and tram and bus EMT transport it is possible to buy cards called bonos in kiosks and tobacco shops. The Bono and TuiN cards can be used by multiple people. For up to date information see here [44] By bicycle [ edit ] Renting a bike is an increasingly popular way for visitors to explore this essentially flat city.

All extras are included. Biketours every day at Other stores in calle Tapineria, 14 and the City of Arts and Sciences. Rent the best quality bikes at the lowest prices. Rents bikes at relatively reasonable prices. Also 6 different bike tours in and around Valencia with online booking. Among other assertions that generated debate, he claimed that "many homosexuals have rape abuse antecedents since childhood" and that homosexuals generally come from families with "hostile, alcoholic and distant" fathers, and mothers who were " over protective " toward boys and "cold" toward girls.

Prominent People's Party members later rejected Polaino's assertions. The Senate vetoed the text submitted by the Congress. The veto was proposed by the People's Party, which held the majority of the seats, and by the Democratic Union of Catalonia, and was approved by "yes" and "no" votes and 2 abstentions. On 30 June , it was approved by Congress, which, in accordance with the constitutional provisions, overrode the Senate veto. This was achieved with "yes" votes including a member of the People's Party, Celia Villalobos , "no" votes, and four abstentions.

The veto override implied its approval as law. At the same time, we are building a more decent society. He said every profession linked with implementing same-sex marriages should oppose it, even if it meant losing their jobs. Sociologists believe this may be due to the significant increase of liberalism in the realm of individual rights in recent years, where the Church traditionally had most influence, especially on family issues. There is no damage to marriage or to the family in allowing two people of the same sex to get married.

Rather, these citizens now have the ability to organize [59] their lives according to marital and familial norms and demands. There is no threat to the institution of marriage, but precisely the opposite: Aware that some people and institutions profoundly disagree with this legal change, I wish to say that like other reforms to the marriage code that preceded this one, this law will not generate bad results, that its only consequence will be to avoid senseless suffering of human beings.

A society that avoids senseless suffering of its citizens is a better society. In any case, I wish to express my deep respect to those people and institutions, and I also want to ask for the same respect for all of those who approve of this law. To the homosexuals that have personally tolerated the abuse and insults for many years, I ask that you add to the courage you have demonstrated in your struggle for civil rights, an example of generosity and joy with respect to all the beliefs.

On 19 June , there was a public protest against the law. Spanish roman-catholic bishops also claimed that the Government, by extending the right of marriage to same-sex couples, weakened the meaning of marriage, which they defined as an involving a heterosexual couple. Adoption by same-sex couples was already legal in Navarre , the Basque Country , Aragon , Catalonia and Cantabria before the same-sex marriage law legalized these adoptions nationwide.

These associations also argued that there was no scientific basis for the claim that the parents' sexual orientation would cause developmental problems for their adopted children. This view is officially supported by the Spanish School of Psychology , which also states that homosexuality is not a pathology. In a biography, Queen Sofia of Spain revealed that she preferred the term "civil union" to "marriage" for committed same-sex relationships.

During the general election , People's Party leader and Prime Minister of Spain Mariano Rajoy stated he also prefers the term "civil union" to marriage for same-sex couples.

In late , the Socialist Party began calling for a reform to the Spanish Constitution, which, among other changes, would constitutionally codify same-sex marriage. The judge also filed a constitutional challenge against the same-sex marriage law before the Constitutional Court based on Article 32 of the Constitution that contains the phrase "Men and women have the right to contract marriage with full juridical equality. On 27 February , the Spanish Family Forum presented an initiative signed by 1.

The initiative was rejected by the Spanish Congress. Shortly after the law was passed, questions arose about the legal status of marriage to non-Spaniards after a Spaniard and an Indian national living in Catalonia were denied a marriage license on the grounds that India did not permit same-sex marriage. This judge disagreed with his colleague's decision and gave preference to the right of marriage over Argentinian law at the time not allowing same-sex marriage. A ruling published in the Official State Bulletin stated:. However, the marriage itself can only take place at the Consulate if local laws recognize same-sex marriages.

In all other cases, the partners must marry in Spanish territory. Most same-sex marriages in took place in: Catalonia with weddings 3. On 2 July , the Spanish National Statistics Institute revealed that 31, same-sex couples had married since the start of July when same-sex marriage became legal in Spain to July This accounted for 1. Although not an official same-sex marriage, in Marcela Gracia Ibeas and Elisa Sanchez Loriga married by Elisa secretly being re-baptized as a man.

Since its legalization in , couples from across section of Spanish society have entered into same-sex marriages. The wedding was held on 18 September at Vitoria's City Hall. Maroto, a member of the conservative People's Party 's national board, is known for his views contrary to the stance of his own party pertaining to same-sex marriage in Spain.

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Constitution limits marriage to opposite-sex couples. Archived from the original on Gay marriage bill clears hurdle".