I am a black woman dating a white man

I'm a black woman who's been in a relationship with a white man for . So, don't feel like you have to change your tastes to date a black woman.
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We go out and see a movie and eat and go for a walk. Date goes well, she laughes and talk all the time, she snuggles up in the movie. I tell her i really enjoy talking to her amd i would like to do this more often She says i do too, but honestly i am talking to a guy i am friends with since high school and i like him more. BOOM denied on my first attempt at a relationship.

I dont talk to her for 3 days, a girl i talked to for 4 hours at a time for the last month every day. She messages me and ask how im doing in the academy and we get to talking. She apologized about what she said but she just wanted to be honest. I get through all that and told her well why dont we go on a few more dates and see how you feel.

Three dates later invite her to my house for a dinner i cook for her. I put candles on, cooked her sheppards pie pasta was to basic for this girl bought her favorite ice cream. Night goes great, end up in my bedroom watching netflix. I kissed her on the forehead, while we cuddled. Looks up at me and kiss her on the lips. It gets hot and she gets on top and is ready, like now.

I tell her no, not unless she is going to see me as more then just friends or fuck buddies. She stopped and starred at me, i think i kinda threw her off her game. She smiled and said yes. Now to answer your questions without having it be strictly black and white "thing.

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My girl friend is beautiful, all my friends say so, my family says so, i even have random strangers when we go out tell me how gorgous she is. Though as happy as i am with that, i would not have dated her just on her looks. First off i tend to hang out with educated people, my generation everyone has a degree.

As far as paper goes i am much more educated then my girlfriend. However she jas gone to school and works on web design, coding, and something along the lines of blue printing. She has taught herself most of this on is always improving. When i talk sometimes i will use words she doesnt know but will as wjat they mean, and then tell me to stop using SAT words.

She will be talking ablut computers and coding and i will call her a robot. Honestly education isnt strictly work experience or formal. She is smart and has a discipline to learn things on her own that i admire. I don't know what this is. If you mean like a weak man, i honestlu havent met many women that cared for that, let alone black women.

I am headstong and like to be in charge. My girlfriend likes that, but if she doesnt like something, its not gonna happen. I live in a crappy apartment with a job making 13 an hour, taking care of my dad. Definatly not eye candy material. Lets get this straight as its probably the one question that everyone wants to know the most on every thing i ever read.

If you want to do freaky stuff it is not based on race. My girl friend and i do bondage, yes i tie her up. My girlfriend originally requested it as she fantasized it. Probably the most submissive she gets B. Race will come out in your dirty talk, and it is kinda hot. My girl friend was not use to normal sex.

She would ride me hard and want me to go hard. I asked her one day and she says that shes just never had an orgasm and finds pleasire in just being rough. So basicly she has never had anyone focus on her. So basicly i had to teach her how to orgasm. She has a great ass, but butt stiff is off the table unless she is having her time, which was a firsf for her If you want butt stuff where girls are good for it Other stuff she is open too, but honestly its pribably less then my other girlfriend. I've only ever seen this happen once really, and it was in highschool so I don't know how useful my observations will be to your thread.

But my bestie in HS, was one of two, maybe 3 black girls in my class. Out if maybe , 20 black kids in across all grades. But half of them were related through adoption. My friend didn't get very much attention from the guys in general, we were both kinda losers. But when she did date, it was white guys, just because that's all there were. Also the guys weren't BB or high status, because everyone was trailer park poor.

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And I don't think guys were into her because they thought she was a freak in bed, she didn't have her first kiss till like, But now she lives in New Orleans, where there is a higher black population, but I have no idea who she dates these days. EDIT Though I have known a couple of black women from law school and one who worked at my office, who dated only white men. Their work, social circles, etc. They worked with and socialized with a lot of white men.

What a peculiar question, why would black women 'not' have sex with white men? They have the same composition as other races, so they check off the "male" box. I've dated and had sexual relations with white men and pursue white men, in inclusion to other races. Speaking just physically, if I like you, I like, I don't consider race Well, except for when I'm in the mood for a certain race. My requirements for anyone I date is that they not tolerate racism from those in their life and respect differences between our existence, just as I would do for them.

I didn't grow up in a family where race mattered, most of my family has dated outside our race, we simply just don't care about race. None of us chose our race, so why even care about it? Well, it appears to me just from looking around, that most black women prefer black men for dating and sex. But black women will date white men if black men aren't available, that's for sure. And from what I've seen, accomplished, educated, professional and uppermiddle class black women are much more open to dating white men than black women of other SES are.

As I said up there in one of the comments, I knew at least one black woman in school who came from a UMC family and worked as a lawyer. She dated exclusively white men. She matter of factly pointed out that it was just because she was always around white men, going to school with them, working with them, and some of them were attractive. I asked the question because I wanted others' personal experiences and observations, that's all. I don't "care" about it. It was an interesting question to ask, so I asked it. Everyone is different and has different hangups and ideas, and there are a variety of reasons why people date whom they date.

Perceived or factual, black women don't seem to date white men as frequently because it's been shown to us that we're not desired, accepted, or "understood" by white men, so it's more comfortable to not even risk trying, and therefore we date black men or other minorities. It seems that white women are much more ready to defend their partner against racist comments, while white men will go along with them. Also, white men seem to look at black women as girlfriend material, not wife material, while white women see husband material. Also, in many avenues, a black man is viewed as having alluring positive qualifies big penis, masculine, athletic, chocolatey , while black women aren't looked at as having very many supposedly dominant in bed, big butts.

Until society stops viewing black women as one person, we'll always be kept in a box full of stereotypes, assumptions, and reservations. And, even now, when there's a perception of less racial concern, I still have to consider if the white man I'm attracted to is open to dating black women and is ready to deal with racist comments and actions toward me. I date white men even when black men are available.

I don't necessarily have a strong preference for them. Who could care about something that a stranger did like 7 years ago?

Black woman here, My man is white and is I think i have the most valid voice here to answer your questions, more so than a dude who "dated" a black girl in middle school XD. Most black women are very attractive so yeah. They age great so no wrinkles spider vein, thinning hair, liver spots etc.

The Challenges Of Dating As A Black Woman

I've dated a few white men. I have no formal education im not super wealthy. All black people are black acculturated. I will say however that black women are the most educated in the whole country so of course. The man who invented the term beta immediately said that the word meant nothing and he just made it up. Ive dated a white man for 9 years and no status boost. But no, im not dating him for status boost.

Naaaaahh, most of them just don't like white women. My bf for example has always detested white women, and has only been with one latin woman he slept with once, an asian woman he slept with once and me, his prize. They are annoying, flat, age terribly, cry all the fucking time about dogs or haircuts and shit, terrible stressed out overwhelmed mothers, and if you go to any pornsite ever, look at the first page and count the white women to women of color page by page, you can see that its not really see that black women are not the majority of "freaks".

Most white men are disgusting. All of the white men i have slept with thought they were kings in bed, but they were all awful. Most women know that men of color are the way to go for the sex portion. I mean, white men pay black men to sleep with their wives for heavens sake.

I probably won't date a white man if things end with my man.

What are your thoughts and observations?

They are for the most part terrible. They are often racist, conceded, douchey, have anger issues, age terribly they max out at 25 and unless they have good money to fly to thailand to marry a child, they will most likely die old gross terrible and alone. These are not the kind of white men black women date. They date tolerant, socially aware, good looking men. Which is not your typical white man. Most black women are overweight and many are morbidly obese. Most black women have huge chips on their shoulders and come across as angry, bitchy, nasty, and resentful.

There's a reason why a lot of black men refer to such black women as "ratchets". I don't understand this - black women aren't more educated as a whole than white women or women of other demographic groups. If all the white men you've fucked including the one you're with now are so terrible in bed, why stay with the one you have now?

You can disagree all you want to, doesn't make it any less true. You wouldn't know considering you haven't been with a black woman before. Um they are, and here are the statistics from the NCSE. It's literally facts and here are the statistics. If all the white men you've fucked including the one you're with now are so terrible in bed, why stay with the one you have now.

I love my man that's why. He's not a racist, he's a perfect gentleman and hes 6'3. He takes care of me too. I am not dating him becuase he's white. The odds were against him yet he still won the privilege to be in a commited relationship with a black woman something many white men will never know. No, I haven't had sex with a black woman, true.

I have had my share of sexual experience ,though. You really haven't disputed anything I've said.

What's your experience with why black women date/have sex with white men? : BattleOfTheSexes

Whether you like this or not, most black women are overweight and obese. Most children born to black women are born out of wedlock. Black women are known across the US as being difficult to manage, bitchy, nasty and flipping attitude. There's a reason why so many black women are called "ratchets". All your link demonstrates is that between and , black women earned a slightly higher percentage of associate's and bachelor's degrees than any other demographic. This is NOT at all the same thing as saying "black women are more educated than all other groups" or "the most educated in the whole country".

That also goes back only to and doesn't consider black women over age 35 or so. And the fact that one has a degree from some institution of higher learning does not mean one is "Educated". So you'll have to come up with more sources for your claim, because the one link you provided doesn't support it. Would you rather have sex with black men? Because they're better in bed? DOes your boyfriend know you believe this about him, that he's a terrible lover and that you prefer black men?

How do you think he would feel about this? Lmao these are just sweeping generalizations about people you have spent no time with at all. And when it comes to interracial dating, we're often in uncharted territory. According to the latest Pew Research, black women are the least likely to marry interracially 12 percent while our counterparts swirl at twice the rate 24 - 30 percent. Some of this can be explained. Black women face social consequences that have held them back, and often feel guilt about dating men of other races--particularly white men.

There are misconceptions and hesitation on both sides, with white men often believing that black women aren't interested in dating them, and fear from black women that white men's romantic interest is somehow worthy of suspicion. But here's the truth: What is more, stats reflect that marriages between black women and white men last longer than ANY other intermarriage combination!

If you've always been curious about interracial dating but have been plagued by doubts, this course is for you. If you're new to interracial dating and need tips on how to best maximize your options, this course is for you. If you're in serious relationship with a white man and contemplating marriage, again--this course is for you.

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