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Find a great match: Not dating in Nashville? You can check out our top tips for Louisville dating , Atlanta dating , and more on our local dating page …. No Nashville dating experience is complete without live music. While a night out at Ryman Auditorium is likely the pinnacle for Nashville music fans, something about some of the smaller venues makes them extra appealing for a date night. If you want to say you've heard the next big thing, try catching a gig at Mercy Lounge - it's a great place to catch live local acts as well as bigger touring bands.

Dating a bluegrass fan in Nashville? Make sure to book tickets for The Station Inn. Since this joint has been one of the best places to catch a little bluegrass and roots music. Want a date where you can really get to know one another? Meet for coffee - there are plenty of delicous options in Nashville.

A particularly special option is Crema , a Nashville based coffee roaster whose beans you might recognize from various shops around town. Their coffee shop in SoBro is the ideal place for a relaxed - especially if you find yourself on the sunny patio. Let the bonding begin! When you want something a bit more substantial, book a table at City House. One to two drinks a day. It barely had a noticeable effect.. I plan on selling my house so I can leave this particular city and find one that has more to offer. What apps are you using? Also, could try being specific in your profile about looking to date seriously as the end goal and not just casually hook up.

I don't think it is a Nashville thing The dating pool gets smaller every year. I must have lucked out then. I started dating and ended up marrying a guy who was divorced in his early 20s, without kids. How are you finding people to go on dates with? Sounds like whatever it is isn't going to work for you. I've had zero luck with dating here as well. Not that it really means anything but I do miss having a common connection with someone.

That and i'm still hung up on my ex. See I miss the connection. Sex is great, but after a while it starts feeling empty. A lot of junk food sex, but no healthy relationships. I mean what kind of work do you expect someone to put in? I play intramural sports, go out for team green stuff, and stay active overall. I tried both online dating and picking up women elsewhere.

Every gal always seems to only want a fun fling and nothing more. Then what about sating actually sucks??? I mean I haven't met a single guy or gal that can find anything more serious here. If it was juat me I would unserstand, but this isn't just a me problem One is planning his wedding. My advice is to not focus on it.

Focus on yourself and having fun and enjoying your own life. I was literally warned about how awful dating is in Nashville before I moved here. Is there somewhere geographically that dating is fantastic???


You move there, go out to get a drink and you are surrounded by interesting people of the opposite sex that always have something in common with you? Where no one gets hurt and ghosting is only a thing you see in movies?? There is zero need to get so defensive. Ive just never had anyone, anywhere, and Ive spent my life traveling for a living tell me somewhere is GREAT for dating. Let me ask you then, what does that mean??? What is successful dating??? And how does it differ between her and any other major city?

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Dating is always a tough game, but I feel like girls here play more games. Back home they aren't afraid to let you know what they want. Gotcha, I should have figured that out from your screen name.

I feel like dating in most major cities is becoming more and more difficult these days. Playing games is annoying. I currently live in Austin.

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Women are super flakey here. Plus, its almost impossible to meet an attractive female outside of bars and dating apps who is not already taken. Is that true in Nashville? Or is it just mainly that you can find available women, just not ones that want a serious relationship? Whatever the case, it has to be better in Nashville than Austin for single guys. Thanks for the response, attractive single year old chick. We value a text over safely driving somewhere. So naturally we value getting off NSA to wasting time getting to know the wrong person. The online dating scene sucks hard here. Like one match a week, maybe.

Getting them to respond to a message is a whole other battle.

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If there is a response, usually it's extremely boring one-word responses. Tell a dad joke, you'll get "lol" and absolutely nothing in return. Finally getting to asking for a date is such a small fraction of a percent. They also have their pick of just about any man. It's hyper-competitive, and men are at the disadvantage with it. They literally have no reason to put forth effort, they have so much to choose from. There is also a generational thing that admitting feelings for the other person is a sign of weakness and being clingy. I think after hanging out for the third or fourth time, it's OK to be upfront about your intentions.

However this is the point where many people get brushed off or ghosted. It goes back to the insane level of competition, the endless supply of matches for most women. If they're ambivalent about you, trying to bring romantic feelings into a relationship is their time to move on.

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  • My most recent ex kept repeating "I don't know how long I'm going to stay here, I don't think Nashville is where I'm going to plant my roots," etc. Then she paid bookoo money for a match. If you want to meet people here, do Meetup. Talking to people in person is so much better. What's wrong with women just wanting to hang out and sleep with you? I'm moving to Nashville soon and this type of scene sounds great. Unless you are suited to vapid relationships. This will stop being something you want and will grab at you're mind because of how empty your life is.

    Because in this city people are either religious or rednecks or hipsters with more hair on their chin than their head. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

    Jus seeing what I can get into right now. I am Cancer, cm 6' 4'' , 99 kg lbs. I work very hard and pursue excellence in everything I attempt. God comes first, next relationships then work. I believe that a woman needs be loved and a man needs to be respected. If a man truly loves a woman he sho.. Williamst , 32 y. I am Taurus, cm 6' 0'' , 99 kg lbs.

    Looking for the right one. Maki07 , 47 y. I am Aries, cm 5' 3'' , 63 kg lbs.