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Good thing she's got two men with her. Xiaxue makes out with her good friend Kay Kay and things may never be the same again after! You know you want to watch this. Need to cover up a giant pimple? Xiaxue tries out some emergency beauty fixes to see if they're up to task! Xiaxue shows you how to get pretty nails! If you're Singaporean, you've probably heard of the Great Singapore Workout.

In this episode, Xiaxue shows you her version of the workout, which may…. Have you ever wondered what edible panties look and taste like? What about astronaut ice-cream? Or if that amazing Japanese hair remover puff…. Ever wondered what to do with that ugly old bra you bought on impulse? Or that old t-shirt you don't want anymore? Xiaxue shows you how to turn your…. After years of neglecting her mom's birthdays and Mother's Day celebrations, Xiaxue gives her mom a surprise this time by baking her a durian cake…. Is it true that you can't sneeze with your eyes open?

Or that you can open a locked car using a cellphone? Xiaxue investigates a bunch of myths to…. Xiaxue shows you how to make your own wine from scratch, complete with barefoot wine stomping! Then she invites a brave wine expert to sample her…. Xiaxue explores the Singapore Science Centre! Underwear models, fashion faux pas, and smart ass remarks are not things you'd normally associate with….

Xiaxue teaches you how to find love on the Internet, and shows you her very own personal dating video!

Comedy Masala: Dating

Xiaxue reviews some homemade hangover cures direct from the Internet! Results are NOT guaranteed. Xiaxue gets her lips plumped as well as some Botox along the way. Does she look better post-treatment? You be the judge! In their final 2 challenges, the BFF finalists' mahjong and Photoshop skills are put to the test!

Xiaxue goes bargain hunting with Andie at the flea market, but they end up attracting all kinds of unwanted attention. Then, Xiaxue makes her final…. Xiaxue picks her 2 favourite BFF finalists and spends some solo time with each of them. In this episode, one of them takes Xiaxue to the prawn farm! Find out who Xiaxue picked as her BFF finalists! The first challenge tests them on how quickly they can apply fake eyelashes.

Cute Bunnies - It's a Date! EP8

Xiaxue's mom teaches her how to kill and cook live crabs! One of the crabs puts up a strong fight - will it get a piece of Xiaxue or will she…. Xiaxue had many people applying to be her BFF - from innocent children to sleazy old men, and a lot of weird people in between. Here are some of the…. Do you fit the bill? Xiaxue shows you a step by step guide to going blonde, and it's not as simple as just bleaching your hair! Do DIY beauty treatments really work?

Hack It: EP86 - Home Fixing Hacks

Mayonnaise is supposed to make a good hair conditioner, while others have sworn by using egg white as a facial…. Can Xiaxue tell the difference between Hokkien Mee from a famous hawker stall vs. Is the famous Changi Village Nasi Lemak really that…. Watch Xiaxue get her tongue pierced! Xiaxue reviews the Apple iPhone to find out what all the fuss is about.

She also gets her hands on a hilarious imitation iPhone from China you've…. After Xiaxue's review of the iPhone made headlines on the Internet, she follows it up with a Mac ad spoof. Xiaxue checks out a special machine that's supposed to help you lose weight using vibration technology.

It's a Date!

Xiaxue and her mom find out firsthand what it feels like to have the dead skin on their feet eaten by live fishes in a unique spa experience Xiaxue shares her secret recipe to cooking her specialty dish - instant noodles. You'll never make instant noodles the same way again! Xiaxue and her girlfriend Kay Kay show you how to score the best buys at the infamous City Plaza mall, home to some of the sluttiest clothes in….

Is there really a difference between expensive mineral water and regular bottled water?

It’s a Date! – Behind the Scenes

Xiaxue finds out in the ultimate blind taste test. Xiaxue gets her first tattoo! Learn everything from choosing the right design, to dealing with the aftermath. Comments 55 Views Rating 6. Xiaxue's Guide To Life: EP84 - Dating Xiaxue meets a dating coach who teaches guys how to score with the girls.

Xiaxue's Guide To Life Xiaxue shares practical and definitive advice on everything you've ever wanted to know! Enter your email for show updates! Xiaxue gets exclusive backstage access to the award-winning musical, The Lion King! Xiaxue's Instagram followers get the chance to decide everything she does for a day! Xiaxue answers tough questions about her intention to run for Nominated Member of Parliament. Xiaxue learns how to make an adorable bento box that's almost too cute to eat! Xiaxue answers the most Googled questions about herself that show up on autocomplete!

A special guest does the voiceover for Xiaxue's makeup tutorial and we get her reaction! A round up of the top 5 most important events that made the news in according to Xiaxue. Xiaxue gets Shu An, Rebecca, and Rozz together to see if they''re squadgoals! Xiaxue recreates Sun Ho's stunning makeup look from her famous "Mr. Xiaxue gets an exclusive peek inside the fishball factory behind the infamous SG50 fishcakes! Tips on how to take better photos of yourself from the Queen of Camwhoring! QiuQiu gives birth to a beautiful baby girl and we were there to capture it all!

The Shan and Rozz Show: QiuQiu shows you where to get affordable makeup, skincare, and other beauty products! See how Dash reacts when Xiaxue feeds him some lemon, durian, popping candy, and more!

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It's Dash's 1st birthday bash where all the Superheroes and Supervillains have come out to play! Shu An tries out Pinterest tutorials like crayon lip gloss, paint splatter nails and more! Xiaxue finally unveils the room everyone's been waiting for - her Princess Room! Xiaxue gets married in an Italian Mafia themed wedding solemnization ceremony!

Xiaxue's Guide To Life Xiaxue shares practical and definitive advice on everything you've ever wanted…. Hack It Useful hacks you can use at home and in your daily life.

Hosted by Rebecca Tan. Daddy Diaries The real-life experiences, triumphs, and struggles of a new dad. Rozz Recommends Rozz uncovers the hidden gems you never knew about but should. Tried and Tested Shu An checks out some of the most interesting beauty products in the market! Hype Hunt Jem and Roz review lifestyle trends to see if they're worth the hype. The Click Show The show about stuff that everyone's talking about. Hosted by Don Richmond.


Wonder Boys Paul and Charles answer life's most important questions. What Sorcery Is This?! A hidden camera prank show where a street magician uses magic tricks to fool…. A reality dating show hosted by Chua Enlai. Numbnuts Hutch and Mike face-off in crazy challenges where the loser suffers a shitty…. Hot Seat You get to ask all the questions anonymously while they respond 'live' on video!

Room 12 students, 8 crazy challenges and 1 rather saucy teacher. See who shines and…. Skin Art Features unconventional tattoos, piercings, body modifications, and other…. Bored In Bikinis What happens when 2 bikini babes get bored? A lot of random frivolous…. Crack Comedy A sketch comedy show that's not meant for uptight prudes without a sense of….

Now You Know A weekly recap of all the top headlines minus the boring stuff. Best of The Web A collection of our favourite videos online! Playlist A music show featuring singer-songwriters performing their original music. That F Word All about fashion we can actually afford and some that we can't. Dick A battle of the sexes show where you get to decide the winner! Nudge The Hamster Our office hamster, Nudge! Xiaxue's Guide To Life Extras! The singles make their final picks this week.

A cooking challenge where the girl can only use her right hand and the guy his left.

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  4. Also, find out which girl the guys like best! The girls are introduced to three single guys, but in a throwback to old school dating shows, they're only allowed to grill them behind a curtain. Comments 25 Views Rating 3. Preview Some snippets from the first three episodes! EP1 launches on 4th June A reality dating show hosted by Chua Enlai.