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Her boyfriend Noah Jackson has a job at Teen Buzz as well. In The Dating Issue, Noah and Rebecca went on a homework date for reasearch on Rebecca's .
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Her hair was a mess and she hadn't had a chance to put on decent clothes as she spent all night trying to finish the article, no matter how hard she tried, she just couldn't seem to put everything into words. You always say 'gosh darn it' when you have writers block. I'm pretty sure everyone knows that.

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You see, DJ wanted me to give people advice this week. I'm perfectly fine with that part, but it's about dating! I've never even been on a date. Unless you count the time Bubba took me to a theme park when I was younger and a boy sat beside me and ate my lunch before running off. I need an article, and it's practically impossible to write! I've been up all night and I'm so tired I can't even-" Just then she fell asleep right at her desk, tiring herself out.

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Noah raised an eyebrow. He poked her slightly. He wished he could just tell Rebecca how he felt, but he felt as if she would never feel the same way. He thought of an idea.

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Is there anyone you like? Can't a girl have a crush? Rebecca told herself that if she said yes that it wouldn't narrow it down considering that there are many guys who work at the office. Rebecca knew she couldn't get out of this now as they had to stay in the elevator together alone with no way out until they reached the last floor. Zuzu and Rebecca proceed to have a sword fight with an umbrella and poster, and Noah ends up covered in food.

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Over to Amanda, Wilder and Michael- They all have a bet to see who can last longer without a cell phone. Wilder loses almost straight away, but he competes to make it harder for the other two to win. Amanda wins in the end. Add Image S3, Ep4.

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Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot. Add Image S3, Ep5. Add Image S3, Ep6. Add Image S3, Ep7. Add Image S3, Ep8.

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Add Image S3, Ep9. Wilder tries to convince Rebecca that aliens are real. Amanda deals with the thought of being a big sister. Noah and Michael are each dashing between dates with two models at the same time and things do not go according to plan. Add Image S3, Ep

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