Dating a slovenian guy

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The first thing to know about Ljubljana is there is a bars and coffee shops area and a restaurants area of the center. Of course, these blend into one another, but for the most part, there is a good reason why they are separated.

Understanding Slovenian Culture for Your Trip to Slovenia

One of the first things your new Slovene acquaintance will ask you out to is coffee—either friends or 'more than friends'. And prepare to sip it for a long, long time. As the saying goes: Here in the Balkans, the soul does not need coffee, the soul needs conversation. For women especially, coffee drinking sessions can stretch to upward of 4 hours.

No waitress or staff is going to mind that either, even if your consummation concludes in an espresso and bottle of water which is what most people have. At night, coffee shops usually turn into bars, some of them with a very broad cocktail menu. For guys, ordering a cocktail will not be super common.

Meet new people in Slovenia

On a final note, if you are constantly on the go and the want the convenience of being able to prepare coffee in your hotel room, in the airport, etc. Since we kind of touched on that subject in the last point, what is getting drinks like in Slovenia? Drinking during the day is not really common, and since there is still some daylight around 6, most people will not go to bars but they could be having a coffee, as we mentioned.

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There is an exception made for beer, which is generally OK to be had with lunch. Older people as in, middle age to elderly would sometimes have it, but the younger ones prefer a soda or beer. At night, once you are done with dinner, you will not typically stay at the same restaurant to have drinks.

Dating a slovenian guy

Instead, there is a lovely bar hopping tradition established. It works great because as I said, there are areas that are almost exclusively for bars.

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But semantics aside, patrick's is not only slovenia's original irish pub dating back to , but they also have a huge selection of premium beer, frequent events including the pub quiz we've won more than a here are some first-hand tips about dating a slovene guy from the sunny side of this blog.

Burek[edit] regardless of whether bureks are slovenian or not, the fact is that they are certainly widely available throughout the country and i recommend the little joint in front of ljubljana's train station so please don't delete this instead, feel free to add 'really' slovene food now, the central vs eastern europe debate is.

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A slovenian magazine has apologized to us first lady melania trump for suggesting she worked as a high-end escort during her modeling. Toggle navigation site de rencontres entre veufs flirt lines for your girlfriend blind date uk youtube.

Dating a slovenian guy Exercise normal precautions in slovenia read the safety and security section on the country information page if you decide to travel to. These are the types who rush to hold the door for a lady or to give up a seat so she can sit!

Dating a slovenian guy

They are honest, disciplined, and love poetry and, in general are voracious readers of literature. They enjoy culture and many children in this culture attend music schools so there is a good chance that your man will know how to serenade you with at least one instrument! They are educated and often speak at least one or two foreign languages, so they make really engaging companions.

Together with the fact that family is at the center of the social structure in Slovenia, they are perfect partners for creating a family.