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The LTP was given to World Of Tanks Blitz Players during the 6 month the LTP benefits from preferential matchmaking which ensures that its.
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Letting the teams get this stacked on one side is bad programming! All tier Xs acquired. Professional premium tank collector for WoTB.

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The matchmaker is constantly inspected and is currently operating as intended. We also attempt to match in a bell curve: These values are for the tank's battle tier only and player skill is not taken into account There is never a useless participant. Modules can be damaged, crew can be knocked out, even if no damage was done. The important thing is to know who your optimal targets are and who you probably will be wasting ammunition on. There will be a time when you are going up against a much stronger enemy, or vice-verse, but that adds to the authenticity of midth century armored warfare T he matchmaker is constantly inspected and is currently operating as intended.

Unfortunately, there are some rare bugs which carried over from the PC version to Blitz, and in Blitz they are reproduced more frequently.

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So the matchmaking problem wasn't addressed, I see

In addition, you have to keep in mind that to get people into matches without long waits, usual matchmaking and balancing rules are thrown out the window after 1 player has been waiting more than 30 seconds for a match, and additional rules are discarded after a minute. This means that, at higher tiers with fewer players in the queue, you will see more frequent occurrences of unbalanced matches. It can be frustrating when you get the short end of the stick repeatedly, just remember it will eventually even out and you'll be on the stronger side of just as many imbalanced matches.

I have yet to experience the "statisical regression to the mean" in the unblanaced high-tier matches where MM erred to my team's favor. Seems like 3 to 1 where I get the fuzzy end of the lollipop.

When it tilts our way, it still is not any fun. It's just a couple lines of code to to keep those tiers better balanced, even if they're forced in the tame. The screenshot showed 7 tier X tanks at 5 to 2. How much better it would have been to be 4 to 3. So the short sided team get the extra tier VIII tanks at 4 to 1. Again, not against forcing them in at all. Only saying the coding should balance it better.

How is this a case of working as intended? I won't stop trumpeting this because it is ruining the game for me. I'm afraid it's probably not going to happen until a new French medium tree is added with the French S35, as I don't think they're going to touch it until then.

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However, I fully agree and would love to see this, S35 is really hard to use in tier five games even with APCR loaded. Tier four is doable, but still not as fun as it is in tier three. That is comeplete bull round. I like mine and while it's harsh to get tossed into a T5 match the thing is great at T4 and friggin OP at T3. Took me xp prem which is a bit shy of raw to get Ace in that tier three bugger which is testament to how damn good it is when top or mid tiered.

It does seem to get low tiered A LOT so maybe reduce it's weight not giving it special MM or make it so it doesn't see bottom as much. But to remove it from tier fives altogether, again imo, would make it too OP in its current form. As an owner of one I'd rather have it be balanced with regular MM then have it get preferred MM and nerfed. When ever I get the wild idea to play mine I almost always end up in tier 5 matches. I don't even remember the last time I played it.

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I only bought it because when I was a noob I thought it was the micromaus. It is unfortunate that the s35 gets into tier 5 matches, however that is the price we s35 drivers must pay for an op tank. I am tired of people claiming this tank sees a majority of tier 5 games. This is the breakdown of my last 66 games. Most of these are from after work 5 to 6pm or on the weekend. T3 T4 T5 Total 27 18 21 66 I thought it had limited mm, I seem to do really well with it, the B2 on the other hand, well it sucks! But the rof and damage on the S35 is able to put the hurt o.

About anything ive meet in it, I hate auto aim but with this tank I will switch it on and just crazy ivan towards the enemy if I catch a straggler all alone or any medium or light, its great at one shotting Arty. WoT Guru May 29, The main weak spots are where the armor is flat meaning that the flat portions of the frontal turret armor FT1 and M1 and the lower glacis areas are the easiest to damage. However, there are two zero armor ports located at A1 the left one is covered but still is 0mm thick meaning that any shells that land here will penetrate.

The only strong spots of the armor are where the tracks cover the hull and the side turret armor. There is once again a small zero armor port located at the A2 location.