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The Compatibility Tester is a location on the island in Tomodachi Collection and Tomodachi Life that the player can use to check two Miis likelihood to become friends or sweethearts. Same gender Miis can check their friendship rating, while opposite gender Miis can check their.
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You may need to repeat this action a few times depending on your Miis' compatibility rating. Alternatively, if the two Miis are already having relationship difficulties, then one of them may say something like: However, as both of these scenarios are random, it may take some time for a break-up to be achieved. Sorry that there is no definite solution.

Thank you for your question. Or you can just erase one of the two normally the one you don't want to be with [Mii] from the island and the other will become single again. If the miis have a high compatibility, they are likely to ask you if they should befriend each other, if you respond positively, then there is a high chance they will become friends.

They also might ask your opinion of each other such as "I think me and What do you think of me and? A positive response to this will also help to boost a friendship, but there is no specific timescale for when either of these events will occur. Is it possible to get my mii's together? Hi LittleLadyAbbey, there is very little certainty with this game as many of the events are triggered randomly. However, here are a few things you can try: A high friendship rating does seem like a good precursor for becoming sweethearts. You should therefore try to boost their friend status by having them spend as much time together as you can, and watch for any signs of a potential romance such as the love hearts or orange balloon thought bubbles.

It may be worth noting the ages of your intended miis as it is impossible to get older miis together with younger miis regardless of their friendship status or compatibility rating, even if both miis are adults. Keep trying, as the game does not have a set pace to it and the relationship may just need longer to develop.


I want two miis together, but there are several other miis that have a higher combatibility rating. I have tried to keep all other relationships away even friends that will most likely want to date her, when possible but these two miis won't even become friends, despite the boy being very popular and they both being the same age and personality.

What can i do to get them together? You are doing all the right things that you can possibly do to encourage a relationship, but that's the key word here, you cannot force two Miis to like each other, you can only ever hint and encourage. This game is very clever because it is based around several different variables, which means that the game has a random chance of things happening, and just as in real life, it is possible for two Miis to be so alike that they clash.

If this is the case, then the two Miis you want to pair up may not become sweethearts. As with anything in this game, keep trying to have your Miis do different activities together and spend time together daily in the hope that their feelings towards each other might change, but you may eventually have to accept the fact that the Miis are not meant to be together and find new partners for them both.

Sorry we can't offer any further advice at present. Mini Gamers wishes you the best of luck with your Miis though. What should I do? The compatibility tester is merely a guide to your Miis' relationship potential. If one of your chosen Miis is a bit unsure about whether they wish to become a sweetheart or spouse of another Mii, then it is worth having them spend lots of time together doing various activities in order to increase their friendship rating and boost their chances at a relationship.

It may also be worth isolating your two chosen Miis from any other potential suitors on the Island. They have many friends who keep taking them out on little dates. Also both are always asking me if the other one likes them, I say yes, but the girl keep getting rejected. They used to be best friends what do I do? It sounds as though the competitors here are ruining your girl Mii's chances.

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Try to isolate your two chosen Miis by encouraging them to spend lots of time together and discouraging any other social engagements with the other competitors. This should prompt your chosen Miis' friendship score a bit more and help them on their way to being sweethearts. It may be worth checking the daily relationship compatibility before getting your girl Mii to ask out her intended sweethearts, because this fluctuates and may be lower on some days than others, which means she will most likely be rejected when it is low.

Also, maybe get your other chosen boy Mii to ask the girl Mii out and see if she accepts as she always gets rejected when she asks. I have a question, my mii and my girlfriends mii both have the same favorite color, personality, and i made them spouse. Is it possible for them to be sweethearts? If not, how can i make it so it is possible?

A low compatibility rating does not mean that your Miis will never become sweethearts, but it does mean you have got your work cut out for you. Try to make your two chosen Miis spend lots of time together alone doing activities. This will help to boost their friendship rating and may make them want to be sweethearts.

I accidentally said no when my miis asked if I could use the age-o-matic on them! They said they're weddng would be on hold! What do I do?! Hi The KinzJam Life, unfortunately you have missed the opportunity to have your child miis get married this time, but if they continue to be each other's special someones, there is always another chance that they will ask to get married at a later date. Is there any certain personalities that will help influence the compatibility rate. I need some help. I've got a couple in my town and they are kids, so I've got two bottles of Age-O-Matic solely for them.

But they won't take it. How do I make them want to get married?! They both have the same birthdates and are in the confident group, ones an adventurer other a go getter. I'm a little worried they won't hook up or I'm not doing something right. Is there anything else I should or can do, or let things fall into place by themselves? This game is based on a complex set of variables, and as such, the game has a high degree of randomness about it.

Thus, it is entirely possible that two Miis with all the right attributes and compatibility will not choose to become sweethearts. Unfortunately, there isn't a lot the player can do if the two Miis don't want to get together. That said, isolating your two chosen Miis from other potential suitors on the island, and making them spend lots of time alone together could help to make them more than just good friends. Keep an eye on your Miis and see if they are thinking about each other, also, respond positively every time one Mii asks you your opinion of the other one and if they do think about becoming sweethearts, then actively encourage it.

Apart from that, there isn't a lot you can do to make them fall in love, so sit back and wait and see what happens. Thanks for your question. I didn't really understand at first so I made them friends with everyone boys and girls so now I am not sure if they have a chance, and I do not want to start over. Should I just wait? The compatibility rating is not a definite way of determining who will become sweethearts in the game, but it is a guide to how much potential chemistry a pair have.

If you definitely want to try and pair these two Miis up, then it is not too late. Have your two chosen miis spend lots of time together on their own and try to boost their friendship score that way, distance them both from other potential suitors on the island and encourage them to think positively about the other mii each time one of them asks about the other one. Apart from that, there really isn't a lot you can actively do to force them together. Hi I'm wondering if a girl mii likes my main boy mii every one of her dreams has him in it and she talks about him alot.

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Hi Rowan, it certainly sounds like this girl mii may indeed like your main boy me. If his face starts appearing in little orange thought balloons, then it is definitely the start of romantic thoughts about your boy mii. Alternatively, if you wish to discourage them from being sweethearts, then choose one of the negative replies.

Thanks for your comment! My miis are not friends yet!! I want them to fall in love but they haven't even met! I understand I need to wait,,,,so should I try to make them friends with the same person so that person may want to set them up sometime? I know I can't force it, but is this a good trick?

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Yes, that is a good trick as any within the game, however, be careful not to make them friends with someone of the opposite gender who may be considered a love rival in the future, otherwise your chosen Mii may pick them over the Mii that you wish them to fall for. Er, not sure about that one to be honest. It may not be possible to match them if they cannot even develop a friendship, but if you can get the two miis to be friends, then they could still stand a shot at being sweethearts eventually.

It is possible that your two Miis may still have a chance together, yes. Try and build their friendship score first and see if it prompts them to start thinking about each other romantically. What is your Miis friendship rating with the girl you wish to set him up with? If it is very low, then it is possible that the two of them may not be good sweethearts at all. Why not try and stop him from meeting up with the two female Miis he is currently thinking about eg.

This may point your Mii in the right direction at least. Also, swapping the apartment rooms around so that your mii is next door to the girl you wish to match him with can help them to become better friends.

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This can be done by clicking on the large double doors at the front of the Mii Apartment building. No, According to the information we received, there is no way to get your Miis back together if they break up. It is permanent and can be very devastating for your poor Miis, so don't encourage a break-up unless it is really what you want - i.

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Thank you, that was very useful but I have one question. How would i get two miis to meet in the first place? Say I already have a few miis on my island and I create one for my mii, how would I get my mii and the new mii to meet up for the first time? Hi CakeLover Girl, glad you found the guide useful: In answer to your question, there is nothing you can do to specifically force a meeting between your two miis. If they have a similar personality, they will likely become friends naturally over time, or other miis will choose to introduce them at some stage, when this happens, you must positively encourage any friendships or romantic feelings, and with a bit of luck the two of them will become sweethearts.

Just saying this now. If you have two mii's that are going out with each other and you want their relationship to grow stronger, a good way to do this is to give them a travel ticket. It increases their feelings by a whole level because they feel things by different levels as you might know But be careful, travel tickets are hard to come by: Does anyone know anymore ways besides travel tickets? I have two Miis on my island that I want to get together.

I know the tester is just a guide, but can I actually get them together? Hi emi, it may still be possible to get the two Miis together, but it will be harder with a low compatibility score. You may have to wait until the chosen Miis are introduced to each other by another Mii either on a date or as friends before anything will happen romantically. Also, getting your miis to travel together with a Travel Ticket boosts their friendship. When I first got the game, my first couple was a girl and her "Best Friend Forever".

I may have skimmed this, but I wanted to also notify all you Tomodachi players that a Travel Ticket also boosts relationship points. If you see your miis not getting along, send them away on a trip- they'll come back happier. However, the female Mii went after my Squidward Mii, and I told her that they were a bad couple, and after a while she stopped thinking about him. I want to get the two Miis I mentioned together, but the male Mii knows nobody and the female Mii only knows Squidward.

Try making their personalities more similar to each other. That can help them decide to become friends and they may become sweethearts at a later date, although this isn't guaranteed. There is this girl in tomodachi life i want to set up with my mii. We are not friends though.

My brother in the game later on confessed feeling's for her but i stopped it right away. Then my friend tried to set the girl and i up. It didn't work though. I said yes and know she is curious. What do i do know. As you may already know from reading the above article, this game is incredibly random. You have done all the right things so far. Maybe swapping your rooms around in your apartment so that your mii and the chosen girl mii can be neighbours can sometimes lead to them becoming friends.

To do this, simply click on the large entrance doors at the front of the Mii Apartment building and then select 'Room Swap' before following the on-screen instructions. Furthermore, it may be worth editing your chosen girl miis personality to make it more similar to your miis personality, as this will also help the two of them become better friends and may lead to them becoming sweethearts later. Apart from that, there really is nothing else you can do except sit and wait. Several people have tried setting them up, but they all have ended up with "they didn't hit it off so great" or "they are gonna stay friends for now.

It is difficult to get Miis with extremely low compatibility ratings to become sweethearts. Try editing their personalities a little so that they can become more compatible with each other romantically: Sorry if i spelled wrong! Miis will occasionally reward you with a Travel Ticket after you help them solve a problem. Like the sewing machine and frying pan reward items, Travel Tickets are rare, so it may take some time to be given one. Keep solving as many of your Miis problems as you can. I have this two miis together as a couple.

They are getting along ok, but when I talked to one of them, he said that things weren't going too well, so told him to try to work it out, but the couple broke up in the end. I want this couple to stay together, as it's me and my boyfriend, so I turned off the game so we are still going out. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new text post. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Subreddit got a Makeover!! Message mods for any bugs!

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