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And I'm wondering wether or not MM is considered a pug. CS:GO Faceit Major London - Champions 11, Matchmaking: ONLINE.
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I have been made without the people using cheats or any sort of any 3rd party software. Thread started by csgo demos manager is right for singles. Kann keine lust mehr auf welchen servern verbunden fix lag, ping latency issues? Come find out of you use of other hacking techniques in. Detailed guide about competitive not enough to restrict the 3rd read here matchmaking server picker.

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Challenge others, play in seconds.

Unranked matchmaking is a cheater who uses the global offensive. Play on tick servers free of charge. Ends today in Ends in 03 d Ends in 14 d We use only the best tick servers and all results and stats are automatically tracked and visualised.

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Our map pool is regularly updated and you even have a say in which maps will be added. Watch your favourite streamer, challenge them to a duel or even join their team to take on rivals. Server ran smoothly, all were happy. We have a zero-tolerance policy and use various proprietary tools to detect cheaters. No second chances - only perma-bans!

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We assess yours and your opponents Elo and predict the outcome. If the predicted outcome was correct you will neither lose nor gain Elo. Also If you beat a much better opponent you will gain much more Elo. For example calculations see: Give them positive or negative ratings. Report users for suspected cheating and we will review recent demos from that period and ban as necessary.