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Saying that Nigerian women are enthusiastic lovers is a complete and total understatement. Family and community are very important to her, to the extent that her family and friends will drop by without warning.

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This takes some getting used to. On the subject of family, your typical Nigerian girl believes in taking care of her man and her home. This includes visits to the hairdresser and beautician…paid for with your debit or credit card. From an aesthetic point of view Nigerian women are predominantly dark skinned but again with English, Portuguese, Spanish and other European influences you will notice a pretty broad cross-section of looks and skin tones.

What they do all have in common are their curves — that big booty comes naturally, contrasted by a tiny waistline and enough cleavage for any man to handle. A surprising number of Nigerian women use skin lightening treatments. In the larger cities, such as Lagos and the capital, Abuja, Nigerian women are much more likely to be highly educated and much more in tune with the broader world, but many Nigerian ladies living in more rural areas are likely to much less educated and in tune with modern western culture.

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  • Somebody, and as soon as they possibly can. Most Nigerian brides will usually be pretty conservative by the standards of the United States and Europe and they will also usually expect that you fulfill the traditional male role. Normally, that means they expect that you are willing to be a leader within the family and the breadwinner.

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    You may believe that you want to find a beautiful African bride with traditional views, but different cultural practices can cause a lot of friction within a relationship. It seems very simple until you are involved in a relationship, so take some time to understand the culture before you get serious about a sexy African girl. Religion is a major issue that causes enormous problems in Nigeria, because about slightly over half the country is Muslim, about The nearly even split between Christian and Muslims has led to serious violence, approaching the level of civil war in some areas, however it is difficult to know how much religion really comes into play when Nigerian girls are looking to date foreign men.

    The best rule for Nigerian dating, like most things, to keep religion in the back of your mind, but do not let it sour everything. Many Nigerian women are much less doctrinaire about religion than you would expect in such a conservative culture, and if you are religiously conservative you will probably be surprised by the beliefs of a religiously conservative Nigerian lady.

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    Communication is the key to a successful relationship — something very few Nigerian guys do. The good news is that this is made a lot easier because English is the official language here. You should be aware that some Nigerian parents can be racist towards white people. Confidence is also something women here both want and look for in a guy. One of the real advantages of Nigerian dating as opposed to other West African countries is that it is easy to book a flight and a hotel, because of the of the large number of American and European businessmen and oil field workers who regularly visit the nation.

    Most international carriers and other African airlines will fly you to Murtala Muhammed airport in Lagos and air travel is the simplest and fastest way to travel to this bustling African nation.

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    • If at all possible avoid traveling there during March to August — these are the wettest months of the year. Like many African nations Nigeria was once colonized by Europeans namely the United Kingdom but gained independence in from that same European power.

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      It is worth mentioning that like most African nations there are some areas where you should be more careful about traveling. Borno state and Yobe state in the north of Nigeria are to be avoided at all costs because of the terrorist activities of an Islamic group called Boko Haram — kidnappings and other terrorist activities are far too common to risk travel to either of these states. Nigeria has had a pretty turbulent political history since it gained independence and there have been several military coups in the last several years — for good reasons and bad. Unfortunately corruption is rife at every level of the Nigerian political system although the current President Goodluck Jonathan does seem to be attempting some reforms.

      If you intend traveling to Nigeria make sure you know where your consulate is located, that you have their contact details and be prepared to leave the country at short notice. Thanks to its oil reserves Nigeria is one of the most prosperous nations in Africa.

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