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I'm new to this forum. I recently took the plunge and purchased Grado PS headphones, Beyer Dynamic A1 Amp. My receiver is a Yamaha.
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There are so many options. My head is spinning!!!! Post 9 of It's really fun to explore all of these options. I think that you did good, especially if you are planning to watch blu-ray movies on a nice display with a 7.

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  • Sennheiser HD 800 Headphones: Receiver or Headphone Amp?.

But just for music with headphones you don't even need the receiver the way I posted most recently, just go from the Oppo to the headamp as I described. Post 10 of So should I need a DAC or not. There seems to be some disagreement.

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Post 11 of I have a neighbor who likes to call the police on me anytime he hears the bass of my system so I'll be using the headphones for music CDs and SACDs and also for movies all being played of the Oppo Post 12 of You definitely don't need a DAC. Are you going to watch movies on a display with speakers as well, or just listen to music with headphones?

Post 13 of Post 14 of Then you don't need the receiver at all, just take the stereo output of the Oppo and hook it up to your headamp. For video you can hook the Oppo directly up to your display.

You only need the receiver for speakers. Post 15 of I'll try that first Grokit! Is There A Difference? Real Sounds And Frequency Composition: Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! How to purchase an open reel tape deck and what to do with it once you have one. Everything Old is New Again. Reel-to-Reel Recorders — Is there a Resurgence?

Best way to connect headphone amp to AV receiver? : headphones

British Home Theater and Hi-fi: Part I — British Hi-fi. It has a lot of gain which would allow you to connect up virtually any high quality headphone, reguardless of it's power requirements!

Audiophile Headphone Setup with DAC and Amp on a Budget

Computers have become a major source for music listening for many of you these days. Problem is, the move to computers, portable players, and digital music files was a move of convenience. Top notch sound quality rarely is a concern for computer manufacturers. Technically, listening to music from computers is a step backwards from the CD for most.

How to connect a headphones amp to a receiver?

Besides the issue of compressed music files, hint And to complicate things further, inside the computer, the sound card is subject to all kinds of electronic interference. Connecting a traditional, audiophile quality headphone amp like those mentioned above to the 3. Garbage in, garbage out. Not only is the quality of most USB DAC's better than the sound cards found in most computers, but taking the sound card out of the computer, gets it away from the all that electronic interference. As mentioned, there are still some issues with how much your music files are compressed, but that's a whole other subject we're not going to tackle in this article.

Suffice it to say, if you are looking to improve the sound quality of your computer headphone listening, connecting a headphone amp to a USB DAC, is a better idea than just connecting straight to the output of the internal sound card. And, in a fairly recent turn of events, some headphone amp manufacturers are now including the USB DAC inside the headphone amp!

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This small unit has garnered all kinds of praise around the internet. And we've been quite impressed as well. You say you also listen to other sources of music besides your computer. Well NuForce has a product for you as well. The HDP also has audio outs so can serve as a pre-amp. Portable players are constantly evolving and this category is a bit more complicated. Portable players keep getting more and more advanced and prices continue to be affordable. Again I'll mention, problem is these days, sound quality seems to have disappeared as a marketing tool?

Features, convenience, small size, and price are the big thing. I doubt there's a portable player available these days that could match the sound quality of a good portable CD player produced in the 90's? And in order to extend battery life, output power has really been limited in many of todays players. The players include easily powered ear buds so headphones are no longer the intended output, but remember, for the most part, good headphones sound way better than ear buds!

So how can a portable headphone amp help? Well, it's a bit tricky. You see, back in the late 80's and 90's, most portable CD players had a separate line-out besides the headphone jack. You could bypass the portable player's internal headphone amplification and connect an external headphone amp to the line out. Pretty darn good sound could be extracted from those portable CD players. These days, the few portable CD players that are still made are way cheaper than the players of the past.