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HEY, you're great. Show yourself some appreciation by going on a self-date! Here are some ideas (with hearty advice from the BORED team) to.
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John Miller was born in Montreal, Quebec in As a child, he worked to overcome academic and social challenges. For more than a decade, he has taught students with autism in a variety of settings and created pragmatic and organizational programs as a consultant for individuals with autism. His book, Decoding Dating: A Guide for those with Autism , focuses on dating and relationships for males with high-functioning autism. The desire to have a relationship was always there, but I did not know how to go about it.

This created unforeseen situations, and I really did not know what to say or do. Anxieties kept me from dating for many years because I only thought about what could go wrong. This created a self-fulfilling prophecy and I allowed my own fear to keep me from growing and experiencing life. I want young people with high-functioning autism to have the tools and self-esteem to attempt dating. I looked at what I did right and wrong.

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Before writing, I created a list of topics that would be most relevant to individuals with autism. I kept in mind what challenges and difficulties people with ASD would face in the dating world, which is hyper-social. The books takes a very practical, methodical, and blunt approach toward dating and relationships. Dialogue is a major problem due to the issues in receptive language, pragmatics, and reading body language. Knowing when to start, change, and end a conversation are very important skills to know — those skills involve observing, listening, and reading cues.

It may seem like the end of the world when you get a dorm that is not Harris Millis, but really you will make close friends in any dorm. And in the winter, people will chill in your dorm anyway because they have classes on central campus and want to get out of the cold. The social life is awesome, but it is easy to get sidetracked and pressured to forget your work. Just study during the week because the weekends are always good no matter what you do.

There's always lots going on at UVM.


John Miller on Dating with Autism & Overcoming the Challenges of ASD

Each week UVM sends out a calendar filled with guest speakers, films, concerts, events. During the week, people stay really busy with classes, school work and extracurriculars. Most partying only happens on the weekends thursday for some too.

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Most people do drink but it's not a huge deal if you still go out but don't like to get drunk. Lots of nights my roommates and I will just stay in our dorm, chill, play games, watch a movie. Only a few but they're mostly just the small group of business students. Athletics are not so popular unless you're into the jock crowd which is fine too. Intramurals are great though. The biggest group on campus is the Ski and Snowboard club. I would have to say that almost everyone who ski's or snowboards on campus is part of the group but not me for some reason.

Living in the dorms is a great experience. Wether you live in the brand new University Hights suits, or in the old 's central campus dorms, you will leave swearing yours was the best floor ever. The most important tradition at UVM is its naked bike, where on the last night of classes the UVM community gathers along the road thru campus and watches as those that wish too ride, run, rollerblade and even walk by naked. It is a crazy scene and defiantly something to participate in. Dorms are okay to live in the first two years there's a residency requirement before you can move off campus.

It's fun to live with a bunch of kids but of course it sucks dealing with RA's for two years. People usually drink thursday-saturday and if you really want to find someone to drink with on one of the other of those days you probably can. Frats and sororities aren't that big, and most of the parties are house parties down town.

The bars downtown are also pretty fun.

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The music scene is really good in Burlington, so if you want something else to do on the weekends you can definitely find a good show at one of the many venues around town. Men's Hockey and Basketball are quite popular along with the ski and snowboard club. The number of Jewish students at UVM continues to rise. While Hillel has the students that want to get involved, they don't have the resources need to keep expanding.

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Dating historic images captured primarily with digital photography. Our handy little cameras download images onto our computers directly into folders with the exact date and time. What about fifty years ago? Or even one hundred and fifty years ago?

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We can hope that people recorded the date and event on their photographs, but most did not.