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Proof Marks – dating your gun. Why have proof laws? Here's a good reason. Proof marks from a pin-fire showing marks; the first time the bore was .
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It was a tripod-mounted, single-barrel flintlock weapon with a manually operated revolving cylinder.

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Puckle thought that it could be used on ships as an anti-boarding gun. The Puckle gun never picked up many investors and Puckle was unable to sell the guns to the British armed forces. One of the greatest advancements in gun technology was the invention of the flintlock mechanism.

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The f irst true flintlocks were created in France in the early 17 th century. Flintlocks were commonly used over the next two centuries until the invention of the percussion lock. He is typically attributed as the inventor of the flintlock mechanism. The gun owned by Georg von Reichwein, a German officer during the mid th century, is the oldest existing revolver in the world.

Stamp marks on the gun provide definitive evidence that the revolver was created by Hans Stopler, a German weapons blacksmith, in The gun was made for someone of high status and is decorated with brass, bone, and Mother of Pearl. Unlike modern revolvers, this gun had to be manually rotated. Georg von Reichwein was the last owner of the gun, and bought it when he was appointed to major and commander of the forces at Bergenhus fortress of Norway in The revolver currently resides in the storage rooms of the Maihaugen Folk Museum in Lillehammer, Norway. It was briefly put on display in for the th anniversary of the Norwegian Constitution.

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Yaita — first commissioned by Lord Tanegashima Tokitaka. Tanegashima were matchlock guns from Japan that were used by the samurai and their foot soldiers. Matchlock guns were first introduced to Japan by the Portuguese in Portuguese adventurers were forced to land on Tanegashima island during a storm. However, the smith ran into problems, which were not solved until the following year when a Portuguese gunsmith was brought to Japan.

Over the next decade, over , Tanegashima guns were produced, which changed the nature of Japanese warfare.

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As gun technology progressed, different firing mechanisms were created. Although matchlock guns are older than wheellocks , very few examples survive. However, many wheellocks, which were first created in the early s still exist. Wheellock guns were the first self-igniting firearms, which meant that they could be fired efficiently with one hand.

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The double-barreled wheellock pistol made for King Charles V pictured above is one of the earliest surviving pistols, dating back to around — It was created by Peter Peck of Germany, who also made fine watches. This gun features two locks combined into one firing mechanism, which meant that each barrel could be ignited separately.

Banlachengzi, Heilongjian province, China Gunsmith: The Heilongjiang hand cannon is believed to be the oldest existing gun in the world.

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While the hand cannon is not exactly a gun, it was one of the first firearms ever created and is the precursor to modern guns. This particular hand cannon was found during a excavation at the village of Banlachengzi, China. Researchers think that the hand cannon was used in battles sometime between — In an account from the time period called History of Yuan , a commander named Li Ting led a group of soldiers who were equipped with hand cannons, as part of an anti-rebellion campaign for the Yuan dynasty.

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