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15 reviews of Ave Maria Singles "I should start the review by saying that I met my husband through the site which is why the rating is as high as it is. This was.
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In addition to destination packages, the company offers seasonal packages, for example, a St. Patrick's Day getaway or Christmas-themed tours. Package prices vary, and both tours and cruises are available. Ave Maria Singles is an online, Catholic singles service; its goal is helping Catholic singles find a spouse. The company is committed to courtship, not dating, and purposes to help committed, practicing Catholics find matrimony.

Ave Maria Singles offers regular cruises and pilgrimages to its members. There is a one-time membership fee. Popular Holy Land Pilgrimages include travel expenses, board and some meals. Participants explore destinations such as Galilee, Jerusalem, the Judean wilderness and Bethlehem.

Other trips have visited Italy and Hawaii. Past cruise destinations have included Alaska and the Caribbean. Cruises offer daily Mass, Eucharistic Adoration and Rosary, as well as topical talks and discussion groups, private socials, group dinners as well as unstructured time to spend time with other single Catholics.

While the Catholic Pilgrim Office does not specifically cater to Catholic singles, it does provide a variety of pilgrimage tours that can be customized to meet the needs of a Catholic singles group of 15 or more, departing from the United States. And please, be completely honest in how you present yourself.

But just accept that you will be among a minority if you take the position of disagreeing with Church teaching and will have far less opportunities of finding someone who shares your view. God willing, you will not be confronted judgmentally or uncharitably by any members. But if you do, please know they are only trying to be helpful, though the way they approach you is wrong. Finally, I want to also encourage you to read about these issues in the Catechism of the Catholic Church and really pray about what you read and ask for help in accepting the teachings.

I know you get this comment all the time, but I find it so frustrating that I have e-mailed three men this year, with not one response. Thank you for writing, and for sharing with me your frustration. It is true that you need a lot of patience and prayer when going through a process like online dating. But of course, part of the process is how we present ourselves and the actions we take.

So let me see if I can offer you anything that might help. Regarding the three contacts you have made since January, one of the early two is a man who is in a relationship, so he is likely ignoring any contacts. The one you contacted recently is a man younger than you. I know there is nothing wrong with a woman being older, nor your contacting men younger than yourself. What I want you to understand is that, at least with online dating, men your age or younger are looking for a woman younger than themselves.

You just need to understand that if you attempt to find someone on the site who is your age or younger, you are going to have to be very understanding if it does not happen due to the reality of the norm. The actual emails you are sending are good. They are short, friendly, and do not come across as forward or desperate. You also invite them to contact you. You could probably just stop there. A man worth his salt will already understand that you are interested in him communicating with you and will know what to do with this brief, friendly contact from a good woman like yourself.

If he does not know what to do with it, then he is probably not worth knowing any further. The way to avoid this is to follow up your nice, brief comment with a question. Asking a question ensures that you communicate you wish be get a reply. What number were you in the family, and did you ever feel neglected? Finally, you are only contacting men in your area.

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I understand why you would only want to meet someone in your state, but it is a long, established fact that the greatest success with online dating comes from being open to meeting someone wherever they are, and that it is very common for it to be two people from at least another state. The right man will fly out to meet you, if you have concern about how a long distance relationship will work.

My advice is to start contacting men who are older than you think about 10 years older as a benchmark whom you find interesting. It will be good for you to just first experience contacting men who would be open to corresponding with you.

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That will help you get a better feel for what is possible and what is not possible. The less restriction you give God, the more opportunity and possibility for success God can provide for you. I know it can be frustrating, especially when you do not get a reply after you took the time to write to someone. But the good news is that it only takes one person for this experience to be a success. If you are doing everything you can, you have to give the rest to God and not be tempted to control God or the situation with the time-frame you expect things to happen in, or your attachment to what you want to happen when you write to a man.

Just do what you have to do, and keep the peace of Christ that is His gift to you, no matter what happens. Should I contact only one member at a time and then move on to another, or should I correspond with many and then, once there is a connection, politely stop with the others?

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Your question is a very good one, and an important one. It really depends on what you are comfortable with. I definitely encourage members to interact with more than one person at a time, and only the amount of people that they can comfortably handle having dialogue with. Yes, as one member becomes more interesting to you, begin to politely tell others whom you are less interested in that you need to stop corresponding. Tell them the truth. Everyone on the site should know that everyone else is doing the same thing; namely, interacting with other members at the same time in order to determine which person they want to invest more time and energy in.

Here is an example of a polite way to stop corresponding with someone:. There is another member I would like to spend more time getting to know. I am not sure if it will go anywhere further, but I believe I have to give it more of my time and energy. I am open to continuing to be in correspondence with you if you would like, but I felt it was important to tell you this. If you prefer not to correspond any further, I understand. I will be praying for you, and I ask that you pray for me. Thank you again for the times spent writing. It has been very flattering.


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You can adjust this type of note in any way you wish. It really depends on whether you want to leave room or not to correspond again should it not work out with another member. Some members correspond with many people at one time, and some can handle only one person at a time. Again, it all depends on what you are comfortable with.

I just always ask that members not overextend themselves to the point of not being able to reply to a person in a timely manner. That would be rude, so we want to avoid that happening. If you find it gets overwhelming, then decrease the amount of people you correspond with at one time and find your comfort zone. How many would you say is too many to be writing to at the same time? Regarding how many to write to at one time, my answer is to dialogue with as many as you can handle. I am a strong advocate of putting yourself out there to interact with as many single persons as you can in order to discover and it IS a discovering process the person you want to focus your efforts on toward seriousness.

It might happen that you start narrowing down those you take more effort with, until you finally get to the point where there is one person you want to devote your entire attention to.

Ave Maria Singles launches Spanish version of website

I guess that does not answer your question exactly. That is because it is different for each person. For some, it will be two or three. Then there are those who are so dedicated to the process of finding someone that they invest a lot of time in corresponding with many, many people and narrow it down as rapidly as possible.

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But this anxiousness can backfire. So many men take the inappropriate and self-destructive route of copying and pasting some very short, insincere, generic note that women can spot right away and are turned off by. It is critical that your initial contacts makes sense if you are going to write to many people.

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No one especially women likes getting an initial contact from someone that shows no evidence of even reading their profile. It is a turnoff and will get you nowhere, as well as waste your time.

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  • A great initial contact is at least a good paragraph or two that shares something about what you liked about their profile as well as something about yourself. A man knows what to do with that. At any rate, keeping dialogue with several or many members is challenging. In other words, every message to someone should be customized to that person.

    Everyone, especially a woman, needs to feel unique and special. After all, the person you marry has to be someone who stands out above the rest. A well-written message will go a long way in making someone feel that way, and help with the chances of finding the person you are praying for. This is the nature of meeting someone online. Until you meet people in person which should be the goal of anyone you start writing to , you just keep writing to people who seem interesting and trying to discover who you more inclined to want to meet in person.

    It should not take more than a month or two to meet someone in person. Once you start meeting people in person, you realistically cannot manage more than one to three people at a time. As for what to say to those you are no longer interested in, again, this is the nature of meeting someone online. Everyone has to know that everyone else is doing the same kind of scrutinizing in their searches and decisions about corresponding.

    I would like to see where they lead.