Destiny no matchmaking for weekly heroic

Matchmaking contributes to the difficulty of heroic strikes at the moment. .. Nightfall cards should go and they should have random modifiers each week but with the added 'wipe goes to No thank you on NF matchmaking.
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Any quesrions from nrw players? Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password?

Destiny Weekly Update! Changes To Strikes! Weekly Heroic Matchmaking!

Redskins4Life21 Redskins4Life21 4 years ago 1 Ridiculous. Restrict it to level 24, or even 25 and above if you have to.

‘Destiny’ Exploit Cancels Matchmaking in Weekly Heroic Strike – Game Rant

Why not have matchmaking? I understand with the raid, and I'll even live with nightfall although I disagree on both. Bungie says it is asking too much of randoms My strike matchmaking experience thus far has been superb. People quit the low level strikes because of the "beat a strike without dying" bounties, but vanguard strikes go smooth as hell. Out of 50 strikes, you might have a bad experience with your strike team a couple of times.

‘Destiny’ Exploit Cancels Matchmaking in Weekly Heroic Strike

I've seen some petitions going around for this game lately, to me the best petition would be for matchmaking SterlingFox SterlingFox 4 years ago 2 They said they're working on it. If you really want to do them just make a "looking for" topic here. That's what most people seem to do and there's always someone who will respond. I think it's better this way to be honest.

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Those three items require more teamwork than a standard tiger strike or pub crucible match so I can see why the choice was made to exclude matchmaking from them. Also, once you do it once with those people you can usually add them to your friends list and do it again with them in future weeks. It sounds like you want to play the game without meeting anyone.

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If that is the case then the game never had you. Destiny is designed to be a social game.

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It'll be hard enough to do the raid with people you don't know. You are better off making friends, which is easy in Destiny because people need each other to do the missions.

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If it had match-making for common activities it would be like every other game released in the last eight years. This is what makes it unique. My mad face and my happy face are the same. More topics from this board Any quesrions from nrw players? Keep me logged in on this device.

Forgot your username or password? Some of these strikes are pretty tough solo. During regular strikes you get matched up with others automatically, does this not happen with daily heroic strikes? It always puts me into them solo.