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Just did a normal game to train my Easyhoon mechanics, but I don't understand the matchmaking. I know it's just a normal game but I think the.
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They are smurfing in ranked! That's does not mean they don't fck around in normals. You just had one of those games, they decided to tryhard. And your team steamrolled. As I pointed out in the parent thread. These type of situations create swingy games. You could have just as easily lost the game, if those 2 decided to not tryhard.

How do I know this? I use to be one of the Golds on blue team.

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  • Can someone explain me "Normal 5v5 Blind Pick" matchmaking ? : leagueoflegends!

I would tryhard every game in normals. And I'd win games vs teams like red. It doesn't mean jack sht. I wasn't better than Gold. It just meant, red side wasn't tryharding that game. Once again buddy, you cant seem to understand that my point is "why? Whether we won or lose it doesnt change the fact that there's almost 1k mmr difference, and this is what matters, let's talk numbers:. Once your ranked, that normal mmr you previously had is now based on the ranked now for any queue with exeption of ARAM and Special modes i think im not sure on that one, dont quote me on that.

Now if you add up the "normal" mmr, you will see that mmr wise there's quite the difference. Hopefully, now you understand that queue is not balanced mmr wise, the question is still up in the air "Why? Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds.

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Queued up alone, not sure if there were premades. Want to add to the discussion? But yeah, this is really unbalanced. And play well below expectation. Or they randomly decided to tryhard, this one game. And stomp their lane. The point to note here is: Beating a diamond player in normals means nothing. Yes, it's hard to make it all right but at least you can try to do it by collecting, thinking and testing few things. Don't get me wrong, skins and new champs are great but you also have to make the game itself better,especially when it's broken.

So what did I think: If lowest elo player have 2. While your game matches people with 2. If it can't find players to match in 20 seconds it can increase that elo difference by points every 5 seconds.

Blind Pick Matchmaking is a bit unfair ? : leagueoflegends

Also number of played matches should have effect on matchmaking, player with 50 played matches is NOT equal to players with 2k matches even if they both have same elo. Until that champion get level 15 fair way. New casual "Learn a champion" pvp mode where allowed to pick champions with lvl only! Bots are allowed if not enough players, but fair way only - if one team have 1 bot then other should have one too, so it should be 5x5, 4x4, 3x3, 2x2, 1x1 real players. This is very important and necessary mode because botmatches are insanely easy for everyone. Casual shouldn't be "learning" mode.

Casual should stay between ranked and "learn a champ" modes where people playing for win but not so strict and not so competitive as ranked. So a player must have 14 champions with lvl15 to play ranked. This mode should be for competitive players who already know the game, so I think it's fair to let only experienced players to play ranked.

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I know about saving a champ for someone, this should work on game's level, if I want to save a champ, I take it and not press "Lock it", but press "Save for" and then pick a teammate I saving champ for. So it could be possible for player to save a champion even with low-level, but only for a player with allowed level of course. Little bit difficult, I know, but it's better to make game little more difficult but way more fair, and it is possible to make in-game tutorial for explaining all this stuff.

Parties should putted vs little more skilled solo players.

Or 2 players should be maximum in parties in every rank. If this happens during a match there should be 45sec pause to let crashed players to come back. Come back or not, match can be continued but loosing tp for a team who got a leaver crash or no should be way lesser than usual. No bots allowed in ranked, even for crashed player. If you can't fix crashes, then do something to make ranked matches more fair for a team with crashed player or intentional leaver.

Little bit faster leveling a champion.

All this could rid ranked and usual casual from newbies who learning a champ and smurfs who just having fun by ruining games for way less skilled players. Learning a new champ could be way more fun in more fair matches. And of course it could make matchmaking way better and fair than current broken state.

I mean come on, I with 2k elo have about 1 fair match out of ten, I'm tired to see another broken match with 4: Too bad this game getting only new skins,champs and maps but zero actual improvements and qol-features. I guess nothing will change as long as game makes money.

Few ideas about fixing matchmaking, getting rid of smurfs and learners

And this is really bad, the game could be way better than current half-broken state. I would named current game's state "The rage simulator" because matchmaking is a pure russian roulette in every mode. And sorry about my English. I played about 10 or12 matches, 3 or 4 of them was ranked. I got ZERO fair matches where both teams was balanced and more or less equal by skill. Every match had terrible matchmaking or a bot in a team thx to random crashes and disconnects during loading - a rare random bug that is here since FIRST day of early access and it's still not fixed and no feedback is collecting about it.

Your game is literally broken, this is a fact. I'm sure that people who are in charge of the game, who make decisions and who make the way of development and evolution of the game DO NOT actually playing this game. Amount of problems right now are enormous. Matchmaking is broken, every update bugdate? And only skins is important for your CEO and heads. That "UPD" part is feedback about how you working on this game and it's also important, I just hope that somebody actually collecting all this and care about what players thinks.

Last edited by CptFlamingo; at I'm not playing for long, yet I'm already suffering from the matchmaker - it keeps getting me against more experienced players every now and then. I completely agree with points 1, 2, 3. I mean, I'm already around 12lvl with Evie and I barely can play her good.

And because of my lvl, others must assume I'm at least decent with her which is incorrect since I'm still learning. Casual should be a place for both experimenting and polishing your skills, but because as you said training with bots is only good to grasp basics, most people immediately jumps into casual with no knoweldge about the new champion. Me included when I'm not in mood for bots. I think point 6 is brilliant and should be somehow included in the game one day.