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Right away, our Pisces lady sees a man who pays attention. Her Virgo date lurches to open the door for her and wraps her in a throw when.
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As their trust and intimacy grows, so will their love. How Far Can They Go? Even though Pisces and Virgo are a perfect match in the bedroom, their opposite personalities tend to get in the way. Virgo always likes to have an action plan, whether at home or at work. This really doesn't sit well with her fluid nature. To her, the answer always reveals itself, so why worry? When he tries to be helpful by giving her advice about how to organize her life, she might take this a personal attack. And no, you're not bad with money. He just wants you to make a budget so you'll always have extra for a rainy day.

Pisces will need to learn that at his core, Virgo is all about self-improvement. All he wants is the same for his mate. Pisces and Virgo are just two very different people, and conflict is only natural. The good thing is, respect and genuine affection come easy for this pair, and both take commitment very seriously. If they want to make their connection last, they will find ways to compromise.

They also have very similar ways of expressing their love, which is critical in any relationship. If Pisces and Virgo both want to beat all odds, then place your bets on them showing the world that opposites really do attract! They are experts on love and relationships, and are standing by to offer live, professional advice. The thing I love most about him is how he takes his time with everything. He doesn't wanna rush. Water sign women need strong, confident men: Virgo, Capricorn or Taurus who aren't afraid of, and can put our drama into check without being abusive or scary.

I have been with my Virgo for several years; we live together and after having lived with other men air signsoh godnightmare this man simply does not annoy me! He's sexy, quiet and strong and that brain; biggest turn on. Virgos help Pisces so much and in return we can give them a powerful love and care. I am a Pisces female, only 15 years old, with a Virgo male, I have been with him for almost 5 months. Yes I know, I am young. But I have never felt this way before. He meets my standards in every way, shape, and form.

I've never felt so comfortable with anyone in my life. He is like my best friend and boyfriend in one. Honest, reliable, intelligent, loyal, open, compassionate, funny, trustworthy, respectful. Absolutely everything ive ever wanted. Its so wonderful and perfect, sometimes I feel like im dreaming. Its like he was literally made for me.. But even better than that, there has been nothing to fight about. He gives me no reason to get upset, which is odd considering im a pisces.

Pisces women usually hav e very high standards, expecting the best out of a guy, and to be treated with utmost respect.

Pisces Woman

Many things that guys do seem to set my temper off. Not many meet up to what I want, but when he came along, my whole outlook changed.


I fell for him by just talking to him. I knew he was different from the start. And now almost 5 months down the road, I am still as happy as I was from the beginning, and I plan on it staying that way. After experiencing such an amazing relationship with him, I cannot imagine myself being with anyone else who can make me this happy. I honestly can see myself with him for the rest of my life, as crazy as you might think I am. I know I am in love. What else would explain this feeling? I am a Pisces woman head over heels for this Virgo guy ; its been 7 months and he is the most charming affectionate man I have ever been with; he leaves me wanting more.

I don't think I will ever get tired of it; it feels so right!! Throughout my past relationships I have always found myself dating virgos. But im startin to realize and readin everyones experience with a Virgo man I can honestly say Virgo men make me happy. Although we are on non speakin terms and it does kill me inside. I am a Pisces woman dating a Virgo man who says he loves me time after time. I want to believe that he does but it seems that he always says the meanest things to me,and one time during an argument, he said he was tired of me and later pulled a gun on me. He apologized later and said he was going through some things.

Does he not want to be with me or is he the type to do cruel things and then regret them later I don't know rather to stay with him or let him be. All I know is that I really love him We have very good conversations and talk for a long time. I can tell he is going to be controling because he already is talking about making me a vegetarian. I like a man to take control but as long as he is respectful and not mean and nasty about it. But we hit it off really good and I see this going some where.

Wether it being a loving relationship or good friends. I am ready for what this has to brings. Oh and he is very sexy we are much attractive to one another. Let's se how this goes I have a positive attitude. I am dating a Virgo man a wonderful man. I sit back to myself and say wow where have you been all my life. Now he is very much older than me but we just click. Its frustrating sometimes not knowing how he could pick me My Virgo my virgo. I'm a Pisces grl and im 20 yrs old i've been dating my Virgo boyfriend for 2yrs and I have to say im and love with him.

When im acting like a baby he gives me what I want and when im sad he knows how to make me laugh. At first he was keeping a lot of secrets from me then he ended up confessing and I love him more for that. We now have 2 kids together boy and a girl and I have to say that this relationship isnt going anywhere no time soon!!! Hi I'd like to ask all of the Pisces women here, did you run after your Virgo man or did He come to you? I'm a Pisces woman who just met a Virgo man yesterday! He' sweet, sexy well-dressed, intelligent and so forth.

I've dated a Virgo before and the relationship was good, I just moved away and we lost contact! And its true that they are very emotionless but one things for sure, when he tells you he loves you He means it in every way. I think they are good men and I'm keeping mine whatever it takes I am a Pisces woman. I dated a Virgo for over a year I thougth at first it was just me being negative and nasty due to my birth control.

Well, I stopped taking the birth control and things just got worse. We broke up and got back together for months. He was faithful and that's the only good thing I can say about him. He always thought he was right over everything!! It was so ridiculous. I hated being with him but was insecure about myself so stuck it through.

I finally broke up with him for good and now he accuses me of cheating Once again he thinks he's the greatest thing on earth and is right. When really he spends way too much money on his cars and doesn't spend enough time on caring for his girlfriends. To the man who chatted with the cool Pisces woman online.

I would forgive if you once you called me and talked me. I too am a Pisces and love a Virgo man very much and I don't care what people say about that some signs cannot mesh togther. I don't know how long it's been sence you talked but I would would want a man not to give up and you would have earn her trust again. Never give up even if you are friends first that friendhsip can devolop into something more. I'm loving my friendship with the man I love and want to be with. He and I both have been hurt in relationships and are taking our relationship slow and I help him and he helps me and sometimes I don't know for months that I effected him until one day he tells me something he did that he never would've done ever like travel miles to visit his mother and his hometown that he never wanted to go back to and for months I told him he should talk to his mom.

I didn't press it but I showed how important family is and that your never to old to say sorry and whatever happened when he visited over christmas break. He was so excited to tell me and impress me and a woman can tell when a man is out to impress and I just encourged him and made him feel he did the right thing and I also let him know I was glad he traveled safely there to north carolina to utah and I was glad and showed my worry and men love that.

One thing as a Pisces is once I feel that I'm not the only one that wants this relationship work then I don't back out easliy. He's worth it and if this girl doesn't see the worth of forgiving and trying again then move on and find another. I'm am a Pisces female in love with Virgo male. It's true what they say because opposites do attract. We were friends for about two years before we became serious.

I had became fed up with males one night because of an ex and sent a text to everyone in my contact list complaining about how every male is the same and are all about playing games. I got a lot of good comments from the ladies and none from the fellas, except for one. My Virgo male friend had texted me "I have a confession. I've always had an crush on you". I was shocked, but at the same had a feeling he did because my oldest sister use to tell me he had a thing for me.

I use to brush it off. It's been 6 months and now looking back on that day I feel lucky because my Virgo male had expressed his true feelings for me. He makes me feel like I'm the only girl in the wrold and in return I make him feel like a man.

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He teaches me how to keep more money in my pockets and I help him to express himself a little ea ch day. We have an understanding and thats what it's about. I just smile when I see all of these posts, because it gives me hope. Yes, I am young 15 years of age but I think that I am going to fall in love with this boy. He is a Virgo and he is just wonderful.

Everytime I look at him, I can't help but feel that he possesses the same feelings towards me. And he is my exact opposite. He is quiet and in his own little Michael box, while I am all over the place and very talkative. I walk with him after our class together everyday, and ask him questions about himself. He seems to enjoy that and I don't mind. But, I find it difficult to hold myself back, and try not to smother him.

It is almost like a gravitational force pulling me toward him. What I read in the article is true. He is very neat and organized. Everyday he strolls into class, not a stain on his shirt or a shoelace untied. And he is very attractive. When he smiles, I can't help but want to kiss him over an over again. But there is a serious issue at hand. I just don't know if he would want to go any further with our little routine.

I mean, he shows interest, yes, but not as much as I would expect. So I really don't know if he could possibly want more from me. We barely know each other, just the basics, and I see him everywhere I go. I just need reassurance. I really want us to be more than what we are now. And we just started talking to each other a few weeks ago, and I am the one who always makes the first move. I was the one who suggested us walking together at the end of class If anyone knows what I am saying here, then you understand how stressed I am about this. My mom and sister say that I am trying too hard and just need to step away from him for a short while.

His presence seems to fill the air everywhere I go, and it drives me insane! What should I do? How can I win him over? Should I win him over? Am I being overreactive? Singed, the confused fish. I'am a Pisces woman Dating a Virgo Man, we have been datinf for a year and a half now, i'll just say he's is the greatest thing that has ever happen to me. Communications are very high from the beginning but a little while later it wears off a little but hey! When it comes to love they truley madly are in love with that person always faithful, doesn't ever attempt to hurt you in anyway i'm speaking from my experience only.

Has a great Heart very lovable and liked by many. I can't really quite explain that but ftw! I h ope this helps many!

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I'm a 15 year old Pisces girl and I really like a 16 year old Virgo. I don't know how to tell him I like him when he's always with his friends. I wanna go on a date with him so bad. My friends say he likes me but I'm not sure. He's shy and doesn't really open up. How do I tell him that I want to go hang out? Spring break is almost here, by the way! Or is it a bad idea since he's older? I say yes thanks and a week passes we work together again and I deliberatly don't mention anything im kind and cool with him he takes me to a feild to show me the stars from the most beautiful angle in creation I thanks him my heart explodes but still I say nothing he says nothing he does so many subtle things during our shift together that really I feel he cares so much still we say nothing I leave work and neither of us say anything real aarrrgghhhh help me my hearts bleeding what's his intentions im so confused???

Pisces girl that has been married to her Virgo man for almost 11 years now. Everything was perfect the first couple of years. After about 5 years things started going downhill. Yes he's very detailed at work but sucks at details within the home. His temper is nuts because he goes from happy to pissed off in seconds.

Still we have managed to work things out mainly because the sex was awesome but even that has started to diminish, I would say that the "sex" part of our relationship has been bad for the past 2 yrs. To the pt that ive decided to cheat something that I don't agree with in order to be satisfied.


Pisces and Virgo - Compatibility in Sex, Love and Life

Cant break it off because he has threatened to make my life a living hell and even though ive tried a dozen times to talk to him and end it in a good civil way he goes crazy, temper goes to the highest, to the pt of breaking things and then calms down cries and says that he cant live without me. We are now engaged, and I feel that more than ever I am ready to settle down with him.

We are both 21 and started going out freshman year in high school. We both have grown up so much, and helped each other become who we are today. It is true that Virgo Males have trouble communicating, at times he expects me to read his mind. But on the other hand, once we learned how to communicate with eachother, we could begin to understand why we are so different, and accept it. We are complete opposites, but we are tied together by many similarities. We were born in the same hospital, in the next city, exactly 6 months apart.

One other bizzare similarity was that my middle name is Leann, and his is Lee. After reeading many compatibilities, it helps me understand why it is hard for him to show emotions, and why mine come bursting out. All in all, the love is amazing, and I know he will take ca re of me forever. He strives on making me happy! I never thought my true love would come so quickly in life, but I have found him!! I never had a real boyfriend in real life, most of them were just online and never took them serious I keep on thinking low about my self: S my Virgo used to drink smoke and even take some type of drug before he used to be all depressed because he broke up with some Capricorn bitch who kept on cheating on him.

I felt like I wasnt the right one for him since he just broke up with the woman of his dreams! I always think im ugly S anyways so we argue a lot me and him but we always come to a solution S and from that time S so he locked the door and went to his bed an said he wants to sleep cause he hasnt in days I know we are just friends but what we have is really strong S anywho now I left I am a Pisces woman who is in love with a Virgo man. We met in high school when we were 16 and I was instantly attracted to him I wanted to impress him so bad but nothing ever seemed to work.

So I dated other people on and off. We remained distant friends and always hung out with the same crowd. In high school, he would often put me down. He would ignore me and talk crap about me and once moved me to tears during lunch. But I still liked him, I never said a word I just dated other people to push him out of my head. Eventually, a mutual friend told me the Virgo man hated me so naturally I was crushed.

We did talk, but we were never really close but not for a lack of me trying, believe me On one occasion, we went to a friends house and got pretty high and we kissed TWICE on the lips. I remember we looked at each other deeply, and we BOTH moved in for the kiss. I was so excited, he had finally paid me attention! After high school our whole group stayed in touch, but over the years everyone started to do their own thing.

After all that time, I wasnt even sure those kisses between us had ever happened. Oddly enough, everyone started drifting apart but Virgo man and me started talking more. We are now 21 and 20 his bday is Sep. I felt happy knowing I could finally talk to him alone. Then we started hanging out more. On my birthday march , a few of us went to his house to go drink and hang out. We were alone in his room for about a minute and he broke the silence by telling me I looked pretty.

So naturally, I blushed and ran out of the room. Our phone conversations continued and we agreed to hang out at his house the next week. Then everything came out, he had liked me for years. And then I confessed that I had liked him since we met. And the reason for his meaness in high school? He didn't want me to like him! Oh he knew I liked him and it scared him! He didn't know what to do about it, so he tried to push me away. After a lot of confessions on both our parts, we started dating.

And then he said he loved me. I was over the moon! Finally after five years he loved me. And as if it couldnt get any better, a few days ago I asked him to be my boyfriend and he said yes!! I don't remember ever being this in love in a relationship before. I have never felt such a powerful connection. We can tell what the other is thinking sometimes and we know exactly what the other is feeling without words beings said.

Im so happy with him and I love him so much I hope we last a long time Romeo and Juliet aint got nothing on us: I'm a Virgo man dating and completely in love with a Pisces woman. She is so special and unique They are not easy to understand and what sometimes could be mistaken with games and deception is really just their over sensitive nature. At the end of the day in order to get the best out of a Pisces woman you need to truly want to understand how they do things.

Learn to understand them, and if you CAN accept it, be read for a truly memorable story! I like him but it feels like I have to take him by the hand and show him the higroads to my heart although he got at a lock and key Im a Pisces Woman dating a Virgo Man after dating and talking for a few weeks,he tells me he loves me,wow, he would always say to me you making it real easy to love you. But now I see im shocked and amazed,havent experienced the sex part yet,but he said are you sure ready?

Will keep you guys posted. I'm a Pisces girl that fell hard for a Virgo male. His unthreaetening nature, sense of humor, and his sideways approach to love was what turned me on. I was super frustrated in the beginning because he was not open, never made the first move, never asked me out on a date until I told him I had feelings for him.

Tragically, I found out I was moving abroad yet I still pursued him.

What's the Compatibility Score of a Pisces Woman and a Virgo Man?

He became even more cautious because of his logical nature and thus we never got together. We were two ships passing in the night. Now that I am overseas I can't stop thinking about him and regret not taking him up on his offer to try a relationship that was long distance. I was just scared and thought that maybe the timing was bad. I only saw spurts of affection because I was not totally committed. I totally took him for granted. After reading these post I have hope for us and I'm really wondering if I should see if he wants to work things out when I come home for christmas.

After re ading his zodiac all of his behavior makes perfect sense! I was so frustrated with his cautious and unemotional nature, but he is actually very sensitive and thoughtful.

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Ugh I suppose we were just two ships passing in the night Don't know what to do. I have been having an affair with a Virgo Man for almost a month now, i'm Pisces and married to a Scorpio. I have to say my Virgo man is very adventorous, has a zest for life and definitely makes things happen. He surprised me by being so affectionate and open with his feelings, to me he's a dreamer and i'm more realistic and organised.

Virgo man and Pisces woman

He is such a good lover, always showeres me with attention and love, he loves to talk and can talk for hours. He's still very secretive with certain aspects of his life and at times, feels like he's pulling away. I've fallen in love with his genuine nature and the fact that he gets my madness when it comes to love. He understands my love language. He's certainly very intelliegent and has such a great heart, compassionate. One thing I picked up, he doesn't like planning ahead, he prefers to live day-to-day and I thrive on planning. He's coming to see me today and i'm so excited, I wa not to share my love with him and build sandcastles in the skies.

Virgo Man are so perfect for Pisces and are the best lovers as they bring a certain stability to the shaky pisces. I've date a Virgo man before in my youth and I recall, he was the most romantic and hardworking, intelligent man i'd ever met. He liked to plan but what broke us up was his controlling nature, he wanted to put me into a routine and control me. I just wanted to be free and whimsical This combination is good, sometimes bad.

I've been in a relationship with two Virgo men. The first one kissed every footstep I made. He loved me like no other. Unfortunately, I was too young to understand real love and let him go. I was with him for approximately two years about a decade ago and he broke up with me. I went on to marry a Libra oh boy! Now this Virgo man knows a few in my family and whenever he'd see them he would relay messages to me.

I got in touch with him maybe a year and a half after my separation, but he was still with her Aries. He left her stating he was leaving her anyway and she doesn't bring out the best in him. We dated for about 5 months and he proposed to me although I wasnt divorced yet. Then the change came! He said I miss my daughter. I shouldn't have left her there, etc. I told him to go back and be with the woman you want to be with.

They then got married! He called me five months later stating he made a mistake. I'm really the one who has his heart and if he passed I need to know that. I let him back in and we had an emotional and physical affair. I ended it May of this year. They married March Since then he's called me a few times leaving voicemails and texts. They can be tricky and don't know what they want. I'm done, but I know he'll call and try again. I am a Pisces woman who has been with a Virgo man. Our relationship is a emotional roller coaster.

One time it can be really great then there are moments where things go wrong from misunderstandings. He has a kind heart and is very well liked by others. He thinks he is right all the time which is very hard to prove him wrong. He is very loyal and is willing to stick by you. Also he can be clingy at times and cautious of what you are doing because he cares for you deeply. I am a Pisces woman who have spent most of my life with a Virgo man. We have been together for 8 years before we got married and have been married for 23 years.

Our relationship is indeed a rollercoaster ride. He is a very considerate man who loves his children but can be somewhat too demanding of them. I guess he tries to teach them to be as strong as he is and never to give up when things get tough. I let him know that he cannot force his ideas and his way of doing things on to the children, that they have to learn to do things on their own and that they have their own ideas.

By the way we have great kids, all of them. We did a great job of raising them. About our personal relationship, he can indeed be demanding and aloof at times. I read a lot and am always looking for ways to bridge our gaps, I think it is because of these traits I am still in the marriage. He is definitely not emotional but loves me he does, it shows in all the things he will do for me and he will do almost anything. When I get too demanding and bossy, which I often get, it will sap his energy and he will withdraw into his shell for a while, by going off somewhere without calling me or letting me know.

I try to give him his space at this time because he comes around eventually, and then it starts all over again. I love him a great deal but sometimes fear for our relationship because it can get very rough at times. We both know that we have very different personality traits, but the important thing that keeps us together is trying to work on those ways that can be improved, me for instance on my insecurities when he turns away from me it drives me crazy, but I always have to try to contain my anger at him.

He on the other hand definitely makes the effort to keep things calm between us in a very loving way when he is not in his off mood. In the bedroom however we are both renewed, this aspect of lives bridges a lot of our gaps. The chemistry there is astounding, something we both look forward to. He can be very vulnerable here as well as being a take charge kinda guy.

I am normally very passionate and feisty in this area, which he loves. When we are here we both tend to let go of everything else in our lives thats bothersome, depending on the severity of it. So all in all if people want a relationship to work, you both have to put in the hard work, because some relationships, depending on the compatibility of it require more effort than others. When things are fresh and new, one does not always see true personality traits coming out, but over a period of time they must present themselves and it is up the the couple to decide if their partner and ultimately their relationship is worth changing some of their traits for.

I'm dating a Virgo man now, we're both d same age. It's only been 4 months. In the beggening he was the one that came after me coz I had a boyfriend at the time and promised me all these stuff for him and I. Broke up with my boyfriend at d time to be with him. I mean when times are good, they're awesome but when time are bad- oh god please help The reason for his stubbornness and to think he's always right about everythin is the reason why we tend to argue because once in a while I might want to stand my grounds too. Tell you what though, he is also very amazing and in such a short period I hav fallen so hard for him, he's also a nomad who like to be here and everywhere.

He is moving to a diff state to me in a week and I don't want him to go Hi everyone Pisces lady here