How to tell your parents about online dating

A real guy explains the best way to tell your family that you met your bae online or through a dating app.
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Was someone just flirting, or did they actually like me? So I decided to go all in, rid myself of my neuroses and sign up for OkCupid. I figured I would test it out, maybe go on a dozen dates, then call it a day. So I went on dates, some more memorable than others. And did I feel better after all that? While the increased attention made me realize I was kind of a catch, in some ways, it made me more neurotic.

At first, I told myself I would wait until he and I became more serious before telling my parents the truth.

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By the time my boyfriend and I moved to Brooklyn together during our third year of dating, I figured, why ever tell them? Does it even matter how I met him anymore? Hopefully, this will change their negative perceptions. One major concern with online dating is safety. Reassure your parents that you have acted cautiously throughout the process.

How to Tell My Parents I Met My Boyfriend Online | Synonym

All popular online dating sites, such as Match. Tell your parents that you have followed the safety tips to put their minds at ease.

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Tell your parents why you have chosen to find a partner online. These situations can cause anxiety and inhibition, which limits the ability to meet a partner. Online dating users report feeling less vulnerable meeting online, as it provides a chance to interact before meeting face-to-face.

How To Online Date When You Live With Your Parents

If you can clearly explain why you have chosen online dating, your parents are likely to respect your decision. You may not be ready to have your boyfriend meet your parents. But after explaining your rationale, you may eventually feel comfortable introducing them. Even if it is still too early, explain that you plan for them to meet when the time is right. This may reduce their anxieties. Lastly, don't be apprehensive. Online dating has had much media attention and they may be unsurprised by the news.

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Be confident when telling your parents how you met your boyfriend. A study by Dr. Caroline Wesson, a psychologist at the University of Wolverhampton, U. Tell yourself that online dating is completely normal.

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Speak confidently about your experience. Follow these steps and it will be easy to tell them how you met your boyfriend.