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I agree with you that this episode introduced a tone that felt disconnected. No only does the wife being alive cast a huge question mark on Yul's character. It also presents her in a very dark way. What kind of mother would abandon her two young children and newborn infant for the sake of a semi-comatose lover? Man-se is 7 and the accident happened 7 years ago. Maybe she was suffering from post-partum depression; but to traumatize her babies by letting them think their mom died? For me that tonally jumps the shark.

Awww Nara and Woori definitely has accepted Dajung now. Da Jung and Hye Joo continue to be awesome. I hope they can be best friend later on, them holding hands and awkwardly breaking it was cute! She was so brave! Still, my favourite moment today was HyeYoo's confession almost cried here , because finally I felt I was able to understand her.

So, somehow, Yul protected her when she was suffering and no one was taking care of her. As she tries to be strong on the outside, probably it was not easy for others including JoonKi to get closer, so no one could impress her as Yul did and she ended up alone And all that not-dead-wife suspicions.

Looks like the perfect obstacle that is still waiting for our couple to find their happy ending. Ahhhh, I need next episode now!! I am so glad that Kwon Yul actually stopped yelling at Da Jung and talked peacefully with her. Look what happens when you do that: Da Jung can actually communicate with him and told him that she loves him. Whereas previously she didn't have the "courage to confess.

But for some reason, I am most grateful for the scene of Da Jung thanking In Ho for finding her wayward father. She stepping forward and said, "komowo thank you. Each time, it melted me. I was told that USA films lack expressive screen shots like those whereas Italian films had more setups with beautiful sets and painting in the background. The American films are all into action and that is reason I stopped watching them. Personally I'd be way more upset at my son for singing at any religious institution, rather than a band.

Surely Yul's first wife is not going to come back into his life and want him back after abandoning him and their children all those years ago is she, cause that's just wrong and frustrating, even if the cause is amnesia. I don't think dead wife is coming back to be with the PM again. I doubt she had an amnesia, 'cause it seems like she's been visiting her lover, In-ho's bro. It's been 7 years, and if she wanted to come to him, she could've done it earlier.

I believe the purpose of her return would just to bring closure to everyone, In-ho, Joon-ki and the PM. However, the show has a lot of explaining to do about why she abandoned her family--husband, children, brother, nephew, and so on. The missing wife is the one behind the stabbing. She's actually a deranged serial killer. Seriously, I think the wife would have still been in jail. The eyes are wrong, anyway. That's the one thing about a surgical mask: It forces you to focus on the eyes of the person wearing it.

I find the dead wife not being really dead a frustrating idea and the timing is so typical. Right when the kids and husband are opening their hearts BAM here's the first wife to mess everything up. If his sister is only presumed dead that does alter my perception of some of his interactions with Yul. He's still a crappy husband though. Thanks for the recaps loved this EP!!! I can't wait I'm so excited. I want to see how the PM's first wife story unfolds and please please no amnesia. I'm puzzeled with Joon Ki's zero reaction on the fact that his sister was romantically involved with Suho Da Jung's reaction at the end, on the other hand, was fantastic.

Loved her confession So Much. One of the reasons he may be so angry with Yul is that he knew his sister was unhappy before she disappeared, enough to be seeing a psychiatrist, ta best, or another man, at worst. I have no issue with Na Young being alive because it's not shocking. We were given clues from the episode 1 that she may show up sooner or later. She's actually essential to the story and the character developments.

Soo Ho can't do anything, so Na Young is needed. Whatever anyone may think, the writers planned this all from the beginning. I still think this is a very well written drama. I guess that Na Young's disappearance instead of death would give reason for Hye Joo not to confess her feelings earlier, maybe either she knows she is still alive or she knows that until her body is found Yul will still have some doubt in his mind to a new relationship.

But sometimes people like me think too much, and then there are others like Da Jung who just go for it and put it all out there on the table. So the ex-wife was seeing a psychiatrist.. Was the ex-wife unstable when she was driving the car and Yul was there to try and stop her? But then what was In Ho's bro doing? Oh right, about the blessing part - I totally misheard that wrong. Actually, Yul wanted to meet with Su-ho In-ho's brother and that made Su-ho even more scared.

Moving away from the discussion of the firts wife's reappearance. I'm just glad that Da jung confessed her feelings to Kwon Yul because if we wait for Yul to admit to his feelings to Da Jung, it might take us a while. It might happen on the 11th hour of this drama and we wouldn't want that would we? Yul just got schooled in the art of being open and honest with your feelings. I love that we have non-wishy washy people in this show. I'm not sure if this is growing on me, but the episodes are getting a bit more boring than usual.

I feel like In Ho has more character development and depth than Kwon Yul even though he has an odd past with his 'dead' wife. So his wife was actually alive all these years? Who would pretend to be dead and leave their entire family? I hope things will be explained soon. Even if it's getting a bit boring, things are developping and the sudden resignation of Park Joon-ki and Secretary Seo was unexpected.

I'm glad Da Jung confessed to the PM without hesitation, it's hard to find female protagonists who are willing to confess first without being confused over random emotions. So hopefully in the end In Ho doesn't die, but I really think Yoon Shiyoon is doing a fantastic job portraying and bringing this character to life! From trying more diverse roles, it has this amazing effect! In the past he always had sort of mischevious, happy-go-lucky, sort-of-deep male characters and it got a bit repetitive. The fact that the view is not sure if he's a good guy or a bad guy adds suspense to the series and makes us want to watch until the end.

What a good distribution of characters! One of the biggest sins that a doctor can commit is to have a romantic relationship with their active patient. This is particularly true for psychiatrists, as their patients are always more psychologically vulnerable. Because of this, I find it difficult to empathise with In Ho's position, as in my mind, Su Ho has only himself to blame.

I find it interesting that doctor-patient romantic relationships seem to be acceptable in the dramaverse Big comes to mind. There may be some occasions where it could be acceptable ie if the doctor is no longer treating the patient, or in situations where there are no alternatives, such as in small isolated communities ; but in general, it really shouldn't be permissable. I wanted to smack Yul for saying a woman who confesses first is too easy.

Care to drag your head out of the Victorian Era? Give me a break! Good on Da Jung for ignoring that and taking the initiative. Can anyone tell me what's the name of the song playing while Yul and Hye-joo are walking and talking about college days? They used this song some on the previos episodes too.

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Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. Prime Minister and I Favorite. The PM needs to get stabbed again if he rejects Da-jung Loved that shot with their slippers in a row. It just spells family. Liz January 21, at 6: That is the best quote EVER! Blkasian January 21, at 8: Vicky January 22, at 1: That was a twist I didn't see coming at all. I jsut saw rhe preview and the wife of yul is alive! And props to Da-jung for confessing first.

Also, Lily Club was hysterical. Katherine January 21, at What are the clues from the previous episodes? Could you make a list? Orion January 21, at 4: BaileyOtaku January 21, at 5: CaroleMcDonnell January 21, at 8: Gidget January 21, at 3: Doesn't this also make her a candidate for 'worst mother of the decade'? And if Na young was missing, why didn't Kwon Yul had a search party for her? In Hoo needs to get his head out his butt. But technically they are not messing with the story for the rating's sake. CaroleMcDonnell January 21, at 6: Orion January 21, at 7: CaroleMcDonnell January 21, at 7: Aquaria January 21, at 2: Gidget January 21, at 4: How each has been prevented from moving forward: Professionally - obligation to pay her fathers hospital bills Personally - needing to stay by her fathers side IH: Professional - Aiming your whole career to put yourself in place to undertake a mistaken quest for revenge Personal - Interfering one sided love HJ: Personal - Interfering one sided love Professional - Ambition that can only be fulfilled by working through the right man Kids: A nurturing home environment JK: Personally - A mistaken quest for revenge Interfering one sided love Professionally - Owing both his position and loyalty to a mobster Madam N: Professional - Corruption and the need to rely on optics to stay in office.

Public dissatisfaction with corruption and cronyism Need for ethical politicians In this way of looking at it, the OTP relationship would be central, and the other elements present barriers to that relationship working out. This is what annoys me most. Why not go deeper into the character beats they already have? He's NOT the prime mover and shaker. What are you too blind to see about that? Dad is in so many pivotal scenes, that you should always brace yourself when you see him! And this episode they even had him doing the product placement for Subway.

Orion January 21, at 6: Nonsense January 21, at Orion January 21, at 8: Let's give them the benefit of the doubt before beheading them. Lindy January 21, at 3: Good point about the law. But what about the ramifications on the kids? Lindy January 21, at 7: Awww, what an episode. So many good moments: I think you're right about the closure.

Now, what are you gonna say Prime Minister? When the prime minister sees he supposed dead wife then what? After all, she is their mom. It just, ahh,,it would be waaay better if she's kind of reprimand her first for leaving the child, cheating, bla-bla , before telling her back. I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before, but has anyone noticed that each episode ends with a scene of our OTP? I'm hoping this is a good sign for the finale: You are a genius! Wow, okay, let's have the OTP end together the last two episodes and then all is right in this world. Writer-nin better have a good conclusion for Na-young and the kids.

There was something rather bittersweet in regards to Dajung leaving. If there were no kids in the equation, and she left Yul so that he could reconcile with his long-lost wife, then it would've made her sacrifice less patriotic. However, what truly moved me was that she left everything, including the man she loved, for the sake of the kids. Growing up without a mother, she knew how those kids felt during those years. The struggles were something she went through herself. The pain was one she could relate to. Do I think she made the right decision? It's debatable, but I dont really think so.

I mean, the concept of motherhood is one that should not solely defined by maternal ties. If a mother threw away her child to an orphanage, for example, and then some other woman adopted that child, loved him, and raised him, who is considered more of a mother? The mother who threw him away? Or the mother who went through thick and thin with that child while raising him? What defines a mother? That is the question.

Who is more of a mother to Woori, Nara and Mansae? The birth mother who ditched her kids to run off with another guy, or the step-mother who consoled them when they were down, who came to every single performance, who hugged them everytime they were lonely? For me, a true mother is one who sacrifices everything for the sake of her children. Even if she had to endure pain and sadness, but if it meant that the kids would be happy, she would do it.

That is a mother. I so agree with you, and I was about to type the exact same thing. I am fed up of the "leaving for good" part that occurs in almost all romcom dramas latest being The Heirs , but this was refreshing. What moved NDJ was the fact that she cared about the children and she could sacrifice everything for them.

Prime Minister and I Episode 9 Recap

I would have been terribly disappointed if they played it out in another way. Just like Yul said in the preview - if she left him because she wants him to be happy even when she knows he loves her, she isn't doing him any favor. Romcom writers, I hope you are listening. She just assumes that because this is the birth mother, she should step aside. Is she really even thinking of those kids, to be yet another adult who leaves them? How does she know that they would prefer birth mom? How does she know birth mom is even willing and able to be with them?

She may be enduring pain and sadness, but I just want to give her a smack upside the head because she is not really thinking about what those kids might need. Did she even give them a voice in the matter? So - looking at the situation from DJ's point of view, she is not thinking of what PNY has done, or how incorrect she was to leave her children just like that - her topmost priority is that she does not want to hurt the people she loves.

Woori had told her that he could do anything to get his mom back. For DJ, Woori is a child in her care. She cannot deny him the love of his mother. DJ, having lived without her mom, knows it is hard for the children. If she insists on remaining in the picture when NY arrives, then - there are only two things possible. Either the children would choose NY, or they would choose DJ. Now, from DJ's point of view, if they choose NY, she cannot insist on living in the same space, thinking about the PM and his career, and she would feel like she is out of place in the picture and she may make the children feel guilty for choosing their birth mother which, if you see from her eyes, is natural.

It isn't like she would allow Yul to leave his children to be in care of their once-mentally-ill mom. If the children choose DJ, still, from her point of view, taking her experience and Woori's words into account, she would be forced to think they were feeling guilty, and hence they chose her. Even if you go by "immature children" logic, it would be hard for them to separate from their mom especially Woori - she is tearing up a family here, if you look at it from her eyes.

In both the cases, would she be able to continue on happily? As a motherly figure, she believes Woori's words and steps out. By doing this, she spared the children a feeling of guilt in either case. Now, they can choose their mom. But if they want her back, then it is that they chose her, for her.

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It is a positive outcome for everyone. She can't fathom why they would choose her, when they have their own mother. Remember, she lived without her mother. For their bonds to get stronger and being able to live like a family in future, her position makes it necessary to leave. Yul would be getting an immediate divorce from NY, anyway, but she isn't thinking of what Yul and she would do. She is thinking of people who weren't responsible for any of this. And she here thinks Yul is a parent first, and he cares a lot about his children. So she thinks that by staying, she is making Yul choose one - either her or the children.

She believes a parent must choose their child in any case her mom's early death influences her into believing this - and she is again sparing him the guilt of choosing his children over her. That's my in-depth analysis of the situation. This is pretty deep if you compare it with other dramas that have pulled it. One last thing; No doubt, if the children were out of the picture, our OTP would have sorted things out together. I think you missed my point, or rather misunderstood Dajung's reasoning of leaving.

It's not something to be angry about because her reasoning was noble and selfless. That in itself is commendable. I agree with anna in the sense that leaving your loved ones is a recurring motif that keeps happening in romcoms, for the wrong reasons. But this one is an exception, because the reasoning is totally different. When Dajung talked to Woori, he expressed how much he missed his birth mother. It tugged her heart because she knew that feeling, which is why she gracefully left for the sake of the kids.

I agree in that the kids should not be deprived of that knowledge of their birth mother's survival, but in my opinion, Dajung is.. She shouldn't have to leave the family, because Dajung's existence itself has given the three kids a mother. One, that didn't necessarily give birth to them, but nevertheless, loved them unconditionally despite everything.

My only point was to counter this: I agree with both points of view on whether Dajung has done right by leaving. However I also find that Dajung actually hasn't been completely taken the place as a mother for the kids. She has simply taken good care of the kids for these few months no idea how long it has been, but I guess one term as a Prime Minister. It's not like she brought the kids up when they were babies, which is why she isn't extremely attached to them yet, enough to stop her from leaving or at least stand up for her rights to have her happiness, be by the Prime Minister's side, and assume the role of their mother despite knowing that PNY is alive.

From this point of view, I feel that what Dajung has done isn't simply noble and selfless Well I didn't get the feeling of strong attachment through these few episodes anyway, so I definitely expected her to leave. First person to comment nw.. The series has been absolutely perfect so far.. I get that we are rooting for yul and da-jung, but its a tough situation and i love both their responses to finding the proverbial skeleton in the closet alive and well.

Cannot muster too much sympathy for na-young. The fact that she was leaving yul, the whole story that too.. But thats what makes the show perfect for me.. You are so right. She had 7 years to come back and chose not to. She had a chance to talk to PM but she ran away. I feel that he needs to move on because his kids according to him are behaving and acting better than before.

If the family was together and da-jung came between then that would be another story but she is the elasticity between the PM and his kids. After all of the other dramas except Secret this is a delight and I hope the writers continue to excel. We need more heart felt dramas and less of the bashing of the innocent woman. This drama is driving me crazy! I really think that the mother should leave and never come back and children should not know about her being alive! This whole coming back to life situation is destroying everything!

My mom was like looking at me with the face of like-you-understand-what-they're-saying-duhhh I was really touched that eventho KY seems to be distracted after knowing PNY is alive n kicking, he is still persistent with his word that he truly will never let go of DJ's hand. Also the scene when DJ really think about the kids and ignoring her own feelings to ask PNY to go back to her family. And about DJ's dad The scene where he asked DJ to take care of KY's kids well-being crushed me to lil pieces. I really don't have enough tears today.

Please don't do that to me BTW, is anyone seeing the scene where lil Man Se ran after DJ and asked her not to leave like on the previous trailer? Why can't I find it? I played that episode for more than 5 times I watched ep 15 with no subs, too. I can't find that scene where Man Se ran after DJ, too. I guess the edited it out. DJ is really pure hearted. She even ask PNY to go back to her family that she'd abandoned years ago.

But thankfully KY chase after DJ right away. I really can't wait for the finale. I think it would be in the next episode? I don't know because sometimes they put what would happen in 2 episodes in one preview.

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  • Prime Minister and I: Episode 12 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps!

Sometimes it gets edited out. This episode made me cry so much But it's so good. Yoona shone in this episode, I guess she related to her real-life childhood as she acted out the pain she felt for the kids. Lee Bum Soo is smexy as ever. Yul has become my favoritest leading man in the dramaland because he didn't disappoint me with all of his honesty and bravado and for him just being Yul, just perfect.

He just broke all the cliched and expected character trope for leading man who is portrayed as successful, good looking with dark secret he kept all by himself by not being a jackass who is actually have a heart of gold. Thank God for that!! And I can't stop myself from squealing over and over again at the sight of him doing all of those swoon worthy, mundane couple-y things to DJ eeeeee!!!!

And nice touch on Yul mirroring DJ when he asked her to just stay there, and he will come closer to her. I just lost a soul and totally went somewhere where unicorns and butterflies and cotton candy cloud are everywhere within reach. I can't wait to see what will be Yul's action to make DJ believe that it is ok for her to be happy with him and the kids because I have a premonition that Yul will mirror every single thing DJ did to him in order to get her back.

And that my friends is something worth to look forward to. Lots of feels this episode because i believe there were some rumors about yoona growing up without a mom in real life so this makes it all the more heartbreaking. What sure was that, she never mentions her mother in any shows while mostly kept silent when her other members talk about it.. Thanks for the recap! I'm glad to see the Prime Minister standing for Dajung. It's Nayoung's fault anyway, so why should they suffer for it I'm so excited for the finale week.

MEanwhile, I just have to keep re-reading the recaps. It seems to me that Da-jung isn't entirely being a martyr but instead doing this because she knows what it's like to grow up without a mother, she's doing it out of empathy more than anything else. Da Jung's decision, I believe is the best that she could do in that situation. We all hate Na Young but Da Jung is looking at the situation through the children's eyes.

Whatever happened 7 years ago, she is still the kids' mother and that bond is not something that can simply be broken. The kids have the right to see their mother and choose whether to accept her back or not. To deny the kids that decision is not what Da Jung would do. She wouldn't be able to live with herself anyway, let alone be happy with Yul knowing that she is hiding the fact that the mother is alive from the kids.

Prime Minister and I: Episode 15 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

So I accepted her decision to leave. By leaving, she is making sure that kids have the chance to choose. But, this drama have always surprised me with how the characters show strength and conviction. I love that Yul did not hesitate for even a second to go find Da Jung, mission impossible style.

All action, all out running, car keys grabbing, urgent driving No need to call a bunch of people to ask whether they know where she is. And surely I love that he simply asks Da Jung to come home. In the face of the big revelation of a dead wife rising, he did not hesitate at all to tell Da Jung that her place is with him. You better get her back Yul. Sweep her off her feet. Though you should still help your kids deal with the dead wife rising coming back from the dead. Then, you better do everything you can to get Da Jung back.

I want a happy ever after, you hear me Lee Boem Soo, my heart so flutters and soar just seeing you on screen - forever one of my utter favourite actor You played out a really worn-out scenario in a little refreshing way. Since I have already said what I wanted to in a reply, I won't repeat it. I'm glad this "noble idiot move" actually felt human I cried so much.

There were really sweet moments That was painful to watch. Kang and Seo are interesting supporting characters. I still hope PNY doesn't meet her children. Even if she does and I also feel like they deserve a closure Although NDJ isn't as settled into a mother character as she needs to be for this to happen, but I swear I'll love it if this does, even if it seems unrealistic. Sounds reasonably alright in my head, anyway. Kwon is my favorite male protagonist till date.

He keeps his promises, is reasonable, he's caring and knows how to use his brain. No wonder he's the prime minster! Even if something really unexpected happens, he is a man of his word. Although there are hints that this move can somewhat disappoint Yul and cause a few differences between him and NDJ, and all others who hid the fact that PNY is alive, I really hope writers can finish off this series with as much elegance and beauty as they have maintained till now.

About Kwon's political career If I guess the ending, it would probably be Kwon Yul resigning from his post and becoming an ordinary minister or something else while Joon-ki becomes the prime minister and does what Kwon would do with no threats at all, being the son in law of such a huge business, assuming Madame Na remains loyal. If the original premise that this show is a "remake" of "Sound of Music" then the family would have to move to another more peaceful place and live happily ever after. But it has been closer to Arabian Nights, so we shall see. But the political climate would be a difficult one as I know there have been attempts to reform the chaebol system in South Korea which failed.

So this cannot be a fairy tale totally. But Park Joon-Gi did ask the president whether he is concerned that the Prime Minister has become more popular than the president. If Kwon Yul is removed from being a Prime Minister, he might end up being the President during the next election cycle. Perhaps we could have a sequel called "The President and I" with the same cast? I would watch it or sure. Also, yeah - that's why I'm thinking there is a huge possibility of Kwon stepping down.

I'll talk about dramas if I want to

Return of the first wife when he has remarried, and his continuously decreasing support from the ministers. All the government needs to do is to ensure that media ruins the image of Kwon Yul, either personally or say that the reforms he's bringing are dangerous. Public gets easily influenced and forgets everything. The Sound of Music theme has paralleled the storyline of DJ's relationship with the children. I think the threat of HJ a few episodes was the equivalent of the temporary engagement to the Baroness. I'm hoping that the return of NY is equivalent to the threat of separation by Nazi conscription.

She did ask if they could just run away instead. However, it seems that the storyline of the OTP's relationship has paralleled Nights. At first they simply paralleled the storyline of healing a man's hurting and closed off heart. But now they're getting to a more interesting theme that the story also entertained: In the novel the sultan's wife had 'left him', for an adulterous relationship she had no intention of abandoning.

He had her killed, which can be seen as symbolic of a permanent death of their relationship. Thereafter he would marry and kill before he could be hurt again. Symbolic of someone who becomes unable to have a relationship, because of past hurt. He finds someone who manages to 'stay alive' by making a selfless effort to draw and stay near, until his heart heals and re-opens.

Symbolic of the type of patient and sacrificial love needed to create a relationship that heals and lasts. Finally, he decides not to put her to death and to have her remain at his side. My guess is that NY's storyline will parallel the relationship that was resolutely abandoned and is therefore dead. KY's storyline has already completed the arc of the sultan who regained the ability to love. DJ's storyline will complete the thematic arc of the patient and sacrificial love that mends hearts and builds lasting relationships. The OTP storyline will parallel having the death sentence the marriage contract and the legal first marriage lifted, in order to establish a life-long commitment.

I'll not join the discussion about whether Da Jung's doing the right thing or not, by leaving the family, just because I've read a lot of opinions about that matter. I've liked what the drama has brought so far. So, whatever the writer will play out in the final week, I'm sure I'll satisfied. I just want dajung and yul to be together I'm glad I wasn't the only one who noticed. He's getting hotter and younger with each episode. It must be love! I am all for that but she herself calls him "Choong-Ri-Nim" every freakin' time, what is up with that?

The first two episode she actually called him Jagiya honey and Kwon Yul hated it. But Da Jung did use the name "Kwon Yul" twice, once when she was really mad, "I will return you a favor then, Kwon Yul, you are of low quality! So I totally understand that DJ wanted the kids to have their mother back.

Whether she deserves it or not the fact is that she is their mother, can't change that. But explain to me why she can't just be brought back without DJ having to leave? I mean it's not like DJ doesn't know that the prime minister likes her or know that the ex-wife loves loved another man so DJ can still be part of the household AND the mother can still be part of the kids' lives.

Nothing like a bouquet of eternal sadness to cap off the episode. It's to eerie for the mom to be hanging around her baby son - I was going to say unfair, but unfairness cannot be measures and is subjective - and that she showed up at the theater to meet Yul only to run off. But Yul's actions show us that he has worked through some very difficult stuff, which is pretty realistic and refreshing for kdramaland, and is why I love this one so much.

Gummimochi, you hit the nail on the head "And this is why I love Yul. I hurt my ankle playing basketball yesterday and it was sort of serious. But when my year old daughter, my Korean Drama pal, asked me, "gwenchana are you okay? Reporter Byun gathers all the reporters in the lobby and they head upstairs. The reporters arrive and corner them with cameras flashing and accusations.

The reporters wonder what they are doing at a hotel so late at night. Reporter Byun asks who Da Jung is meeting and she tries to answer but In Ho tells her not to say anything. In Ho tries to stare down Reporter Byun who asks again the person Da Jung is meeting so late at night at a hotel?

The reporters open up and we see Yul is right there. He walks up to Da Jung and asks if the reporters even need to be told about two newlyweds celebrating a wedding milestone day? The reporters chew Reporter Byun out for turning them into scandal hounds and leave him stewing. Yul and Da Jung enter the hotel room and he asks her what happened? She asks In Ho how he came to be here but In Ho just storms into his car and drives off clearly with a destination in mind.

In Ho keeps thinking about Yul and Da Jung walking into the hotel room together. Dude, they are married! Da Jung explains that she came because she got a text from In Ho that there is an emergency with Yul. Da Jung worries that she is causing more trouble for him. Da Jung looks really hurt and says when she was surrounded by reporters all she could worry about was the trouble she was going to bring to Yul.

Yert all Yul can think about is how tired and fed up he is with their situation. Their contract marriage threatens to be revealed? She really tries so hard and cares not for the trappings of power but instead gives her all to be a good wife and mother. Perhaps I should thank Joon Ki and Reporter Byun for their repeated tricks and traps to foil Yul and Da Jung because it only leads them to confront their issues and open more up. I love that every episodes end quietly, with nothing dramatic. Make it happen writers. Once again an awesome recap! She liked him going into the marriage.

Thanks again for your hard work. I really look forward to your recaps since I watch the raw episode first, read your recap and watch it subbed later on. So keep up the good job. LOL this drama is so far removed from reality and cliched if it actually happened in real life people will be sneering at the PM for marrying a bimbo paparazzi reporter. What every guy dreams of, a sweet nurturing something trophy hottie who will look after their kids without a hair out of place.

What every girl fantasies of: Time-traveling aliens from Joseon who are romancing the doppelganger of their dead year-old love, ghosts, mind-reading and all the rest we get from Dramaland are so realistic, that the story of a damaged family and a young woman who has given up her dreams to care for a sick parent is an absolutely outrageous concept. God I already watched it half subbed this morning and I am in such a good mood. I just absolutely love the OTP. Just needs the right role, I guess.

Just like when Yoochun in MY. He acted a lot better when he was acting with the more experienced actors. She was great in Replay I think SM did the right thing by giving them these roles, cause now they have four strong young leading ladies with a potential to grow-Go Ara, Yoona Lee Yeon Hee and Sooyoung. I think Krystal could join them one day if she keeps improving. I hate this drama makes me hurt so much for the long wait of new episode but satisfied me to the fullest when its arrived? Thank you for the recap! Please stay awesome all the way to the end with lots of swoon scenes! LBS was just phenomenal with his acting, the changes in his facial expressions were just priceless.

Yoona Yoona Yoona, if this as you say is closest to the real you, I am so in love with you. In a way, it reminds me of Hana in love rain! I now realized that people judged Yoona too much for her Yoon Hee role but forgot that Hana was absolutely delightful until the cring started. Yoona still has huge room for improvement, but I think she has at least proven that she is worthy of taking a role as a lead.

Honestly, he just feels that the age gap thing is uncomfortable to watch. Hopefully, this drama does gain some niche following. If not it will be a waste of a good drama. It all comes down to looks in the end… how disappointing. Yes, it so unfortunate. This would have been a hit anyway else for the acting, scrip and direction.

Choi Kanghee had it even harder back when the casting was confirmed. And while the age difference is a legitimate issue, the fact that such occurs in reality kind of negates that — because there are a lot of Korean celebrities who married with an age difference. It is pitiful that a really great drama is being passed over without being given a chance.

Then again, Prime Minister and I is a really great drama — testament to people watching it actually enjoying it and singing it praises. And of course, there are also stories of people skipping it for one issue or another but then giving in and watching an episode or two and ended up loving it! I think the right actress can make the age difference work, and Yoona is one of them!

Prime Minister & I

Audrey Hepburn had a: I thought big age difference is the pretty common in SK. LBS in real life has a much younger wife 13 years diff. Your colleague seems like the minority. If you look at published ratings, I say the only real reason it is 7.

Prime minister and i eng ep 11

I think her image as snsd main visual image is really strong. You know snsd means young girls in korean right? No matter how old dajung is, she is really only 23 and he is 44 to them. But I agree that age is one excuse, ki is another and finally the asthetic crazy mindset is a another. An overly exposed and strong image as an idol. She is everywhere in Korea on ads as snsd. Both dramas, she was barely 20 years old real-life age which is considered the legal age in Korea. Literally squealed with joy when I saw you recap! Thank you so much! Love that you are doing recap immediately after the episode.

It makes the waiting bearable for us who have to watch online with an English sub! By the way, I love it when you interject your recaps with your own thoughts and what you feel! Every episode of PMI leaves a silly smile on my face. PMI is definitely a drama crack worth taking! It only leaves you high and craving for more…more…more…and more!!! I smiled and smiled and smiled at their interactions… Until I cried when she spots him riding up to rescue her on his white horse coming towards her at the hotel.

Thanks for the wonderful recap, am always looking forward to it. Love this drama to the max. Thank you for the recap and you putting the effort to write the personal thought. I just hope viewers can see it for themselves. Ofc the plot is not new, but again, isnt drama all about the fancy? All about what we sometimes dont have in real life, that we look forward everyday for something over the top? Still another level above Yoona is so far. But Yoona is just impressive with her improvement.