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Barbara Julie Dunkelman is the Community Manager and Marketing Director for voice actor and writer, Aaron Marquis, himself a Rooster Teeth employee.
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In particular, vote manipulation and vote-brigading are against the content policy , and can get you suspended from the entire site. Question Did Barbara and aaron breakup? In this latest episode of always open she talked about dating and going on a date with someone and them watching always open. Always open has been around for 11 months, Arron and Barbara started dating years ago.

Sorry if this is to personal. Im not trying to pry I'm just asking a question. I thought maybe it was public knowledge that I was unaware of. Aaron and I haven't been dating for a few months.

On The Spot: Ep. 129 - Barbara & Trevor Vs. The Cereal Killers - Rooster Teeth

We are still very close friends, and we care a lot about each other. While I am a very open, candid person, a relationship is two people, even after it ends, and I wanted to respect his privacy as well. Thanks for continuing to support us and watch our shows, like Always Open. If you haven't already, check out Day he's worked so hard on it, and I'm so very proud of him. Well does that mean I can have dibs on Ashley? Don't let those be your famous last words.

Be careful training Ellie, she may turn on you. I think he was calling dibs on Aaron. You're so classy, Babs. Thank you for being Always Open heh with us even when you have absolutely no obligation to! Always Open is incredibly helpful to me. It honestly has helped me a ton socially. So, thank you for that. I'm a bot, bleep , bloop. Someone has linked to this thread from another place on reddit:.

If you follow any of the above links, please respect the rules of reddit and don't vote in the other threads. After watching the newest Always Open, it certainly looks like it at this point. They can't all be like Michael and Lindsay. It's been implied at this point. They never appear together on social media even though they were long distance in the past several months, I believe some Instagram posts of them together were removed as well. Bethany also made a couple Tweets about her on dating apps and in her tweet about her sexual assault, it "heavily damaged her most important relationship at the time.

Here's the reddit thread , and here's the original Twitter post it links to. Aw man that's so sad. Rape is something that sticks with victims for life and can do some serious psychological damage. They can't all be like Michael and Lindsay I thought about including those other couples as well as Burnie and Ashley but those relationships all started before both partners were with Rooster Teeth it was usually one or the other first. Lindsay and Michael both worked at RT before they even met. Caiti worked for RooTeeth I think that what it's called? Going by the info on her twitter and RT Wikia page, she does work in botany, and charity.

Iirc Caiti was one of the top people in rooteeth aka the Australian fan base and they met through there and kept in contact long distance as they never were single at the same time until they were. So relationships only last if you're an Achievement Hunter? I bet there's an achievement for that. Even then, not all of those relationships are exactly like each other.

Every couple has different things that can bring them closer together or cause distance, and no two couples are alike. The thing about Michael and Lindsay that works is that they don't hold back because they're in a relationship. If they have problems, they run headfirst into each other, which doesn't leave room for "is that how they really feel? Just because you don't have a relationship like Michael and lindsay also doesn't mean the relationship is doomed True, I just mean that they work because they tackle problems in the same way or at least it seems from a fan perspective.

It's not like one of them is passive aggressive, and the other is blunt and upfront, or one likes to talk it out, and the other likes isolation. But even if what I'm saying doesn't apply, it could work, every relationship is different. Throwing my two cents in, once you become an internet personality, you're entitled to a certain degree of privacy in the sense that you're allowed to expect not being harassed on Twitter about something.

But if someone's just curious and asks an innocent question on Reddit, you really shouldn't be surprised. With the way RT personalities put details of their lives out onto the internet, it's natural for people to be curious about things they notice like Barbara mentioning dating when the last we heard, she was in a relationship. There's a difference between posing a question to an internet community and asking Barbara herself on Twitter or at a convention. I haven't seen any RT cast members specifically complain to any degree about this, as I'm sure they understand the community cares about them and while they are entitled to a personal life and privacy, the community will care, be worried, or be happy about events that happen in their personal lives and I hope this question gets answered when Barbara and or Aaron decide they are ok talking about it.

Be like Felicia Day, who's baby no-one knew existed until the week before she was born. Privacy is a commodity, one that you should make liberal use off especially when it feels like eyes are always on you. For those people saying "it's none of your business" or stuff like that, when someone becomes as much as a public figure as RT staff are, then they are making their life public, especially when they discussed the relationship so much. When any mainstream celeb breaks up or gets into a relationship then it's all over the news.

There is little difference. There is nothing wrong with asking this. If those involved come out and say that they don't want to talk about it, it's a different story, but for now it is a valid question. I think it's totally fine to ask. When you press the matter, that's when it's not ok. But simply asking "hey, did I miss something? I don't know why you're getting so much hate over this. RT employees have a right to privacy but so much of their life is detailed on various shows and podcasts, it opens things up to speculation.

If Barbara never talked about Aaron and their relationship then I'd understand why people are being so harsh, but she was always open about it on Always Open. I thought the same thing as you listening to the most recent episode of the podcast. Unless one of them comes out and explicitly says their current status then we can only assume.

This is a danger when you actively share your personal life but leave out some details. This happened to Burnie years ago when he introduced Ashley as his girlfriend and received some negative feedback because a lot of people thought he was cheating on his wife. He never announced they had divorced.

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He had referred to his "ex-wife" and made similar marginal comments in the past. He didn't come out and say "I am divorced" until it became an issue, but he never avoided the topic. People who got upset weren't paying attention. Can people be expected to pay attention to every bit of media RT puts out, though?

It wouldn't be super hard to miss something if they don't watch all the podcasts, or don't follow RT people on Twitter. The fact that he announced in a video or in public that he has a girlfriend should clue people into the fact that he was separated or divorced. Or does he think that he isn't going to catch shit for announcing that he's cheating to his entire audience? That's holding the public to a certain level of logical thinking.

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That's a good point. There's over 30 hours of content a week. I love RT, but I'm not giving more than 50 percent of my free-time to watching their content. I tend to work and listen to RT content but I don't dedicate my life to RT, or anything for that matter. I'm saying if you're so interested in hounding people's relationships to the point of harassing them on Twitter, get your facts straight. At the same time many people on the internet constantly spread misinformation without even a courtesy google search. If you're asking people about sensitive information you should be able to do your due diligence.

Which I found interesting because he was talking about that on the podcast and mentioned that he suggests people make a statement when that happens, like when Miles and Arryn broke up. Why did Muriel say "Tyler can't answer that" when Mia asked if he was single? Like 21 minutes into the video. But seriously I think they might have but just wished to keep it out of the fandom, because as you can see.

Ok I appear to have started a very big drama filled post The reason I asked was because the way she talked about it on always open made it sound like it was public knowledge that she was dating someone and I thought I was just out of the loop. No I get it, I don't watch Always Open so I was surprised too when I saw your post but given what people are saying and apparently you asked before nobody knows for sure - usually it's a sign that the person don't want to make a statement about it.

Maybe they did brake up, maybe Barbara just to hint about it so that the "transition" go smoothly, I don't know and the fact that Barbara community manager hasn't talked about it probably means htat she doesn't want to or there is no reason to.

Barbara Dunkelman

It's okay, I think it became obvious that your post wasn't about knowing every little secret someone might have. Not our business, but knowing would make conversations on the podcast and Always Open make more sense. Barbara talks about dating as if it's pretty recent but, as far as we know she's with Aaron Not knowing is confusing.

But the community can point OP in the right direction if there's a definitive answer to the question, which AFAIK there isn't , there's no harm in asking. It's the point where the person starts demanding to know or starts meddling in the relationships, it becomes harmful. Yeah I'm not trying to pry. Just wondering since she talked about going on dates on always open. Exactly, it's a bit of context.

It's actually mature to say you're no longer in a relationship. This isn't highschool where it's a big secret. But I guess that comes with the average age here. I don't even care if she wants to keep it private it's just the way she brought it up made it sound like it was already public. So you asked a public question about a public relationship between two public figures. Can't have that in this sub, white knights will burn you on a stake. At this point I don't even care lol. I'm honestly amazed my post stayed at 0 and didn't become the most downvoted post on the subreddit.

I do remember Burnie saying that he should've been more clear about his divorce at the time. I looked for other people asking it and couldn't find any. As I said in my other comment I'm not trying to know everything about her personal life I'm just wondering since she talked about going on dates in the latest always open. I'm more concerned about Aaron. Hopefully Barbara never finds out about his mischievous activities late Friday afternoons when the oxygen levels start to get low. This wholesome boy becomes something else then, something We need an updated AH avengers with all the new characters.

Shifty Larry is the villain of the first movie who has his redemption arc in the Garboman solo movie and comes back to be a hero in the second team movie. I feel like Rimmy Tim would start out as a reoccurring villain who eventually reforms into a sort of anti-hero before ultimately sacrificing himself for the AH team, only to return a few years later as the heroic Rimmy Tim Evolved. She's referenced that it's something that a lot of creepy dudes have posted on her pictures before, so she does it to Barb and presumably other female friends as a joke.

Barbara talks about it in the comments here. Except the multiple references to it on Always open and the episodes they've been on together as a couple I've never been one to pry into someone else's private life but Barbara does make her relationships known to the public, so I have to ask: As of September she posted saying they had broken up a few months prior to that.

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So probably been a year from now. Him breaking up with Barbara doesn't need him to leave. I don't think he's been on much stuff in front of the camera as of late but. Most likely working behind the scenes in live action. This whole dating coworkers stuff has got to be stressful lmao. Especially since she has such high turnover. A woman dating a different guy every one or two years is "high turnover"? Sounds like mormon talk. I only speak from my experience but doing video production or rather anything creative and dating is not easy.

It's not a typical job. You work weird hours and if someone doesn't come from that world it sometimes doesn't make sense for them and it causes a strain. Also you're a very close group so it's bringing someone into that group and sometimes they just don't mold in. See, that may be right usually, but then we hear very regular stories of the RT employees who are in the spotlight not really adhering to that. Like how Gavin just doesn't show up for work sometimes, or in the case of AH how a lot of work can come from home or their own hours, like how Gavin and Geoff did builds for the Minecraft series from home.

The upper management people like Burnie definitely do have the cutthroat schedules from how much he talks about flying everywhere, though.

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I feel like you misread my comment because you're points are what I am talking about with it not being a tyipcal job. You don't work You sometimes work 6 am to Midnight. No, I mean it was mentioned in an AH video that sometimes he wouldn't come in. Or maybe it was Geoff- that would make more sense. Barbara has talked about going to appearances a lot on weekends out of town, so dating is hard unless you see that person during the week.

People in the public eye often date other people in the public eye because dating "normal" people becomes extraordinarily tough for them because of the nature of their work. Also RT is really big and filled with awesome people. Trevor always looks like he just came in from 's Miami with a suitcase of cash, unaware of modern trends, just picking whatever clothes he thinks looks cool. Former pork star, who now streams on twitch.

She's a friend of the company. I think she's an rl streamer I;e she doesn't stream video games. I'm not criticizing him for not knowing.

Barbara And Aaron Dating Roosterteeth

Just delivering the info in as short a form as possible. Kinda out of the loop with recent RT things. Are Barbara and Aaron done? Is she dating Trevor now? She broke up with him last year, started dating Trevor sometime late last year and announced it on Valentine's day this year.

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