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Dating Online. Looking for my partner in crime. Just getting started, will add more later. Meridian Idaho myblondie 48 Single Woman Seeking Men. who is this?.
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Leave the grandstanding out.

Thanks for the input It's always good to hear what folks living in the are think about it. I think it is very hard to meet single people here because it simply is a family oriented place. I think a lot is dependent on the individual but when the options are so limited it becomes so much harder.


I also find that people tend to keep to themselves but I could be wrong. Not to be insulting, but the saturation of religion in the area makes anything other than a friendly handshake an act of social deviance. Not to say that's strictly what dating is all about, but unless you're looking for that wholesome, prepackaged Americana relationship from all the 50s TV shows, you're pretty much stuck to the downtown scene - which is fine unless you're a grown up.

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I'll have to agree with hiddenagenda - people here do keep to themselves. If you ask me, people around here are downright isolated. Boise is the most geographically isolated city of it's size in the country. Between the network of those who have lived here forever and the church, social groups are quite established and it can be hard to find a place for newcomers and singles.

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If you look and watch there are a lot of organizations and community events. That might be a place to start to make connections. That is so true You guys made some great points. Boise is so isolated and if you were not born and raised here its hard to make any connections. Myself I have no ties to Boise at all and find it extremely hard to meet people.

I find it funny when people say that this area is really friendly and community oriented yes maybe to the people that have lived here their entire lives.

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I have joined several soccer leagues but no real luck in meeting any people so far. Well, I don't think it an isolated situation for Boise, I haven't relocated yet but plan to for work in the next month I see the same things here in reno but as they say and in my past long term relationships, I met people I fell in love with when I quit looking. Now, it's harder being a 51 year old female loving the outdoors but with no newby family, children or religious ties. I'm nervous to move but will take the keep and although I would like to find friends and love again it isn't stopping me from living and funding fun.

I am not into the bar scene maybe we could start a grassroots socializing grp?

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Some list will come out calling Boise the best place to find love and settle down. Then, a day later, we're now the toughest place to get a second date. Women in the dating scene were interviewed and Idaho definitely has a reputation.

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Each one was asked about what it's like to date guys in their state. An Idaho date is pretty predictible, really. You can go on a bike ride, hike Table Rock, meet for craft beer, check out one of the happy hour options or see a band. There are plenty of options and opportunities to do any one of these things.

That's not what a girl named Shelby said about her Idaho date.