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Searching for an intimate connection is difficult because most student's maturity levels don't go further than obsessive hookup culture.
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The outdoors are definitely something to take advantage of, and there are many opportunities to do so, from backpacking trips available through the outing club to walks in the surrounding countryside. Because the school is so small and students are so busy, many student-run groups are managed by handfuls of dedicated students. There are definitely parties on the weekends - some are school sponsored and some take place in dorms - but after a few weekends of homogeneous partying a lot of people choose to stay in with their friends.

There are a lot of students who hold similar interests, but unless you attend the club fair at the beginning of the year, they can sometimes be difficult to find. The social life here can leave a bit to be desired.


Williams College: A love story

Honestly, most people know that before coming here. Williamstown is small and can only offer so much. That being said, there is still plenty to do. There's always schoolwork, but there are also movies, cultural food nights, craft nights, parties, and sometimes there's Contra dancing. This weekend there was a step team performance, there were a couple of movies, and there was an asian food night. Craig Robinson from the Office did a comedy show here recently. If you like to party there's always someone partying, but there's no need to. Williams sponsors non alcoholic events every weekend.

Plus you can always play board games, watch movies, or just hang out with friends.

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There is NO dating scene. People are either "married" or just randomly hooking up. Many of the people who are "married" started out randomly hooking up. I think it is like this at many colleges, NOT just Williams. There are no Greek societies on campus; they were banned in the s.

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A capella groups are very popular on campus, as are environmental groups such as Thursday Night Group and volunteer clubs that help out at shleters and soup kitchens. Many students are active on sports teams. People are VERY relaxed about their belongings on campus - no one really steals anything on campus. Doors are left open, things are strewn all over the place. The dating scene, due to the small college town and campus size, is not really top notch. I met my closest friends through orientation and through the entry system.

One of the biggest traditions of Williams is Mountain Day.

It occurs on a random Friday in October, and the President sends an email to all students and faculty that class is canceled and detailing the many hiking activities and concerts that go on. Students use their extracurricular groups and their close friends for the majority of the fun on weekends.

A club or a group of friends the two often overlap! The nightlife at Williams is very quiet. There are a few bars in town, and there is usually one party per weekend on average--there may be more depending on the point in the semester , but it is difficult to tell when any of these endeavors will be well-attended.

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Students usually hang out with their dorm mates, watch movies or attend the late night dining hall. Again, without friends your weekends will be lonely, but with them, you'll have a great time. The most popular groups are a cappella and sports. Most people play some kind of sport. I play basketball and spend much of my time with the team both in and out of season.

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Almost everyone leaves their dorm room door open. People don't really date - they hook up and go to parties. There is no greek life. There is plenty to do besides drinking. I don't drink and I have more fun than you can imagine. Most people really like to get their drink on, however. There is nothing to do off campus but travel for days and days to reach civilization exhausted and anxious to return to school because of approaching due-dates for essays. I am neither queer, the d. Everything wrong with regional politics, you can find and social scene in college is more satisfied with regional politics, i was thrilled.

When students have a 60 percent at 9 percent.

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