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SM Entertainment has denied dating reports between two celebrities within their agency, TVXQ's Yunho and actress Go ehofuleqeg.tkr today a.
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Of course, SM Entertainment did not release any official statements regarding this dating rumor and fans defended both Taeyeon and Junsu to be agency friends. The two snapped tons of pictures together all of which make Taeyeon and Kangin seem quite close, if not intimate.

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Neither of the two stars spoke about the rumor, but some speculation that the two were involved during this time remains. By , Taeyeon became involved in another dating scandal with another Super Junior member, Leeteuk. Speculation first came up as fans spotted the two artists wearing the same earrings.

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Then Taeyeon and Leeteuk were seen carrying the same bag and rumor spread quickly. He pointed out he was first to buy the earrings. The two unexpectedly faced a tremendous amount of criticism because of the way fans felt about their Instagram posts that have apparently been for each other.


Since , Taeyeon has not been involved in any other major dating scandal. Eunhyuk and SM Entertainment did not make any statement in regards of this incident. In , IU admitted to the public that she is in a relationship with singer Jang Kiha when Dispatch released pictures of the two meeting up in secret to spend time together. When the news of IU and Jang Kiha being in a relationship broke, it shocked the fans of both artists, as the two came with a significantly large age difference. IU spoke up about her relationship with Jang Kiha two years into the relationship.

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We met up at a radio show and I fell in love with him at first sight. There is a lot I learn from him and I am grateful for him. We argue and cherish each other like just any other couple. I am going to keep doing my best in everything I do. Ever since IU and Jang Kiha broke up in , she has been involved in several other dating scandals. Aside from the incredible chemistry the two showed on the episodes of the drama, fans suspected the two stars to be dating when they were spotted supporting each other at their individual concerts in Taiwan.

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I think people are misunderstanding because of their great chemistry in the drama. Lee Joon Ki is naturally very friendly with other co-stars, and he takes care of them. IU is simply a co-star. Later in , around August, another dating scandal broke for IU.

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  • When she was spotted in the pictures that actor Kang Ha Neul took the day before his military enlistment, fans grew suspicious as to why of all the people, she spent the last day with him. The two were spotted at a cafe together the day before Kang Ha Neul was due to enlist in the military.

    All you need to know about K-POP!!

    I have a feeling he's in a long-term relationship rn. Someone came forward and said that a friend of hers was dating Kris, Photos were leaked from his phone these rumors are said to be false and fabricated.

    YG & SM Responds To Jennie and Kai’s Dating News

    Girlfriend story was taken from a fanfic apparently. He admitted to having a GF before his debut C , he supposedly dated someone in whom "we've seen a lot" maybe an idol? They mention each other very often and fans notice too Romantic text exchanges circulated online but He never confirmed or denied the rumors.

    Girlfriend don't know if celebrity or not he admitted he's been in a relationship for 2 years. They met at academy where they would practice together. He also admitted they shared kisses but not during practices. He broke up with her according to him. Her name was "Jenny" but relationship only lasted 20 days. He says he's never had a gf lol how many idols have said this but turned out to be secretly dating. Sorry if list is short. I remember she kept talking about how lonely she was during that same year. Maybe it's because she was single? Saesangs say they met back in but it was just a fling , Lee Seung Gi ?

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