When the person you love is dating someone else

If the person you like is dating someone else, there are a few options of the relationship coaching company Maze of Love, about how you can.
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The sooner that you deal with breaking up, the better for both of you.

Falling in love with someone you can never be with.

Choose a location for the break-up. Always break up in person because that shows respect——never on the phone, by mail or text. You owe the other person a face-to-face meeting.


The 7 stages of falling in love with someone who's already in a relationship - HelloGiggles

However, if you believe the break-up could be filled with intense drama, choose a public place, but avoid crowded, intimate restaurants. If your significant other decides to explode, he or she may not be concerned with the surroundings and have a very public reaction. Additionally, consider a place where you can make a quick getaway. Waiting to pay for the check at a restaurant can be very awkward, so head to a destination that will provide you with mobility.

The 7 stages of falling in love with someone who's already in a relationship

Some suggestions for places include: A spacious outdoor park away from kids and playground equipment A shopping mall The gym A coffee shop A bar and grille The beach An athletics park. Discuss your plans for the future with the new person. Stand strong but be gentle. Prepare for the meeting. If you have to rehearse the delivery, do it. Just don't have notecards out in front of you and refer to them while you're breaking up. Ask the other person if they were truly happy in the relationship. Be prepared for them to say they were though, in which case, asking them will backfire on you and you'll have to apologize and recognize that they were happy but explain that you're still not.

Other points to consider: Avoid telling the other person that they drove you into the arms of another——that will only escalate into an unproductive discussion and says more about your inability to be independent-minded than it does about them. It's not a tactic to escape unscathed; it's a way of telling your soon-to-be ex that you're making excuses.

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Make it clear that it's over. Acknowledge your own faults, lack of participation and inability to contribute fully to the relationship. The idea is to not apportion blame or to try to make your soon-to-be ex look bad; rather, help them to see that this is ultimately a good decision for the two of you.

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Be on time for the meeting. Show the other person respect by being prompt and exactly in the place where you agreed to meet, at the time you agreed. If you know that they're never prompt, take something along to do to pass the time so that you avoid getting frustrated waiting for them. Take a book, your eReader or play phone games. Just resolve to stay calm until they arrive and after, of course.

While it definitely just seems like pointless emotional entanglement with no way forward, there might still be some good there…somewhere, maybe? And that could actually work for you.

He just didn’t want to be in a relationship with you.

You could navigate this whole thing without getting too caught up. Here comes the reality check. And that chips away at you. But you also know the person you love, if given the ultimatum, you or their relationship? And sweetheart, that is no way to live. So, someone has to make a decision. Now, this can go one of several ways: It was her way of dropping the call by saying, 'Love you! She tried to console me saying that she wouldn't break her parents' trust. She was there only for the studies and nothing else.

I agreed and didn't force her. We continued being friends. Anyway, we continued talking to each other like always. She even asked me to meet her whenever she needed me.