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Keeping track on daily love emotion and giving tips on how to maintain a relationship and feel like it's your first date everyday.
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There is something really freeing about being completely submissive to someone. Some of the best orgasms I have ever had are from being barely touched. Being blind folded, told to lay on your with your back legs spread and not to move, because if you move it all stops, and you have no idea when, where or how he is going to touch you….

All the anticipation builds up and the slightest touch in the right spot and bam you are done. I hate not being in control when if comes to pretty much everything but in the bed with the right person giving up that control is amazing.

Reality Star Mounts Appeal For Drug Trafficking Sentence

The closest I came was about 6 months ago with Mr. I had hinted that I wanted him to put his hand on my throat while he was on top of me. I personally see nothing wrong with some 50 Shades of Gray sex. Well damn… last night was ummm something else to say the least. I decided I needed to get out of a funk so I was just going to start very casually dating. That was working out pretty well for me until last night. I have texting this guy for about two weeks but because of our schedules we had yet to met up. I met him on Tinder, go ahead and judge me for that. He got me to swipe right because of his pictures but I was more attracted to him because of what he said to me on tinder.

He asked me what my biggest fears are, what my passions are, what relationship screwed me up the most and other things along those lines.

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At first I was like whoa time out thats way to much. It was weird but very refreshing I was so open and honest about what I was saying and oddly relaxed about it. Fast forward about two weeks through on and off conversations and snap chats and we get to last night. He asked me to go to dinner earlier in the day and I agreed. As it got closer and closer to me having to leave I was debating on bailing.

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Now keep in mind this guys knows a lot of personal stuff about me and my sex life. In my defense I never actually thought I would met him. We had a great conversation, you never would have guessed it was the first time we had hung out. He kept me laughing and smiling all night long and not the fake laugh and smile but I was actually having a really good time. We went out for drinks after dinner and we continued our great conversation just talking about anything and everything. One thing we talked about a lot through text and last night was sex.

At some point he gets up and comes and sits on the chair with me.

So anyway he is sitting on the chair with me and he was ridding my legs and I was across his back and through his hair while we talked. He leans over and starts making out with me. I was fucking done ha he was such a good kisser. At this point I am fighting the urge to rip his shorts off. We end up in my guest bedroom both of us trying really hard not to give in… We gave in and we gave in in spectacular fashion. The sex was seriously some of the best sex I have had in a long time.

It was beyond clear that there was a connection there but in the back of my head when we were done I was think fuck did we just screw this up. Mind you at this point its in the morning.

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Now I get to send the rest of the day thinking about round 2 with The Fighter tonight. Lets see where should I begin…. Whitewater, even though he has moved on and is dating some girl with a kid. I only know this because people have told me. I have also been reminded recently that rebound guys suck ass.

I ended when I realized he was a selfish two faced ass hole.

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Why do guys say anything and everything they can to hurt you? Why do they feel the need to bring up things you told them in private? I say that but in retrospect I want someone around, someone I can talk to about my day, someone to spoil… I want someone who makes me want to do better and be better and all that other cheesy bull shit.

Yep thats right I, Alex, just admitted to wanting all of that. Mark this day in your calendars because the odds of my admitting this again are slim to none. I need to get back to the old me and stop letting guys get to me like this, no guy is worth this many tears! Friday night I went out for a going away party with friends of Mr. Most of the night I spent with my best friend just sitting at the bar talking to people. For most of the time the one guy has his arm around my shoulder or on my back.

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I know him and he knows about Mr. Well later that night that guy starts texting me asking me to come over and blah blah blah I tell him no and let it go he was drunk. That same night we all go to the strip club and yes i am still with Mr. Some of them had to work in the morning so I told them they could crash at my place bc it was close. Hmmm… Does a good person kill a newborn?

Richardson pleaded not guilty to the charges on Friday and has been bonded out of the Warren County Jail. Her preliminary hearing date is scheduled for August 1.

- Diary of a Sugar Baby: How to Handle a First Date

Feeling This Get Up? Keeping track on daily love emotion and giving tips on how to maintain a relationship and feel like it's your first date everyday. Syndex Theme by Marc Kremers. He has asked an appellate court to vacate his sentence because he believes he was punished under expired sentencing guidelines which unnecessarily drew out his prison sentence.

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Instead, he wants to be sentenced under the current guidelines, which would shave his time in lock up by up to 3. In , a federal judge sentenced Mendeecees to eight to ten years in prison for his role in a drug trafficking ring that flooded upstate New York with heroin and cocaine. As part of his plea deal, Mendeecees admitted that from to , he helped to ferry hard drugs from New York City to the Rochester, NY area.

He also argued that the amount of drugs distributed in the ring were irrelevant because he maintained that his role was that of a relatively minor courier - not a kingpin. Mendeecees has maintained that there was no evidence that he knew the ins and outs of the drug ring or had decision making authority. On the inside, the father of four said he successfully completed a substance abuse prevention program, classes on how to parent from prison and courses in money management, health and nutrition and public speaking.

His lawyer argued that the court should have also taken into consideration that he is the breadwinner for four young chidren, his rough childhood and how he parlayed that into a reality show role. The figure 8 traded in her green clovers for green hearts in her latest IG photos. She set out some thirst traps in a green get up.

Are you feeling this one? The model declared her single status on IG over the weekend in a posted and deleted meme…although her post-kardashian bae Meechie is rocking a tattoo of her initials behind his ears. She has had a bad series of break ups over the years. First Tyga, then Future denied her after she got his name tattooed, now Rob. Poor thing is just focused on the green. Hit the flip for more.

The year-old tweeted out some strong words towards Kenya Moore over the weekend, seemingly out of nowhere. She accused Kenya of stalking her and her mother Kim Zolciak.