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Mike Denver - Friday; Cliona Hagan - Friday; Derek Ryan - Saturday; Blue Ridge Band - Imperial. Followed by DJ Gerry Sexton. Weekends. Music and Dancing.
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The teams were not even an issue, I just could not defend or attack properly and was getting mirked. Of course I can improve and 'git gud' but how is it that I am playing against people who are so much better than me consistently now?


The annoying thing is, and I don't want to sound like some elitist 'true gamer' or whatever, but there's quite a lot of people on here and in the FIFA community in general that are somewhat gaming-illiterate, as they don't really play any other games. So you get a lot of arguments like "matchmaking is fine, you're just afraid of playing people better than you" etc, because they don't understand the merits of a proper ranked matchmaking system that evenly matches players as accurately as possible.

I think you're right as well - but just didn't want to go through the grind of eating all those losses. Ah well, getting four red TOTS instead of five will have to do.

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Same thing every week for me now. I start something like this week and then play against top , elite 1 and elite 2 players for a while I often pm and ask with a gg message. Once I've lost enough in a row or almost in a row I get another streak of "normal" gold level players which I can usually beat and then it cranks up to again and nothing but elite 1 and 2 until I have lost all chances of finishing elite 3 and end up on a win streak of games to finish at 28 or 27 wins.

Obviously there's some variation on how it goes but this is the general bluebrint it follows every week. Basically everyone who starts with something like and finishes Gold 1 will face completely different level of opposition than Gold 1 players who go steady 2 wins 1 loss for the whole WL.

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And they get the same rewards. Super fucking fair system Last year was nothing like this, if I started and I always finished around elite This year not a single elite 3 finish despite being at my best I know it sounds perfectly logical at first glance that you would be playing against people that are projected where you are, but that's now how it works and I'd argue that without divisions in WL where you only play against people in that division, that's not how it should work either. If it worked like that, almost everyone would finish around 20 wins regardless of skill level because it doesn't exactly work like that, people aren't but very close to it.

The top would be playing against other top all the time and no one would go close to Does it sound right to you that I go something like , , , etc. I always end up at gold 1, yet when I play against mates that hit gold 1 as well but never start like , it's like there's 3 divisions between us, if I play proper sweaty wl Fifa they usually have no chance. Why are we finishing the same rank? If you beat chumps you get maybe 8 points compared to beating a top player that gives you like points values pulled out of my ass but you get the picture.

Pitch Notes: FUT Champions Weekend League

If you won 11 out of your first 15, then why would you assume that you played against opponents that are in your skill level? For the sake of argument, if you played above your 'limits' and beat these players, then why wouldn't you be matched up against elite players going forward? I dont see how you can go from in terms of difficulty without some skill progression. Its good for me cos I dont have to play 40 games anymore. Mega teams every game, Im sick of Gullit and Viera!

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Nothing to suggest that it is in effect in FIFA. It even says in the paper that there's testing in mobile games.

Then again, I should know that most people who reference the paper haven't read it. So you tell me that they have the algorithm, the method to make you buy more FP and packs and they havent implemented into the game. Man stop being naive. It even says in the paper that 'we propose a DDA framework' which means that it is not yet in effect. No, but it doesn't matter. The principles they talked about apply much more broadly than just in level based games.

It seems like a level based game to me! In seasons you have 10 divisions, in WL you rank up after 3 wins These seem like levels to me. Level-based implies a linear progression through distinct 'levels', maps or environments. You migh refer to a division or WL rank as a 'level' of competition but it wouldn't qualify as level based as a game like Super Meat Boy or something.

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Nah, i dont wanna prove anything. Im just saying that DDA might be a pretty good explanation why you go on a 10 match losing streak and getting matched up with guys after you win a few games in WL. What is the relevance of the part you quoted? You think the focus on level based mobile games invalidates the idea that these methods and principles could have been applied to FIFA? No, but reading the paper the 'DDA' hasn't been implemented anywhere else apart from level based mobile games.

Yep, basically saying that currently it is in effect in the types of games they have mentioned, and not elsewhere. The conclusion pretty categorically states that they can and will apply the techniques and methods of the paper to games outside level based mobile games. This was years ago.

I just don't see how you can dismiss the paper entirely given it's basically both a statement of intent and an explanation of the methodology behind exactly what people talk about when it comes to forms of DDA and other behind the scenes stuff in FIFA.

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In the near future, we will extend the framework to a wide range of game genres. The key to successfully applying DDA to other genres is the construction of an adequate progression model. For level-based games, the states can be naturally identified by two major dimensions: For more complicated games with non-linear or multiple progressions, such as role-playing games RPG , we can also define the states with different dimensions.

A great selection of music in the Corner House Saturday afternoon and Saturday night. Live music Sunday afternoon with The Shadynastys from 5pm to 7pm.

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