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Dec 3, Mouse Mingle was created by Disney stan Dave Tavres, and like most dating apps relies on a picture and information sharing format to hook up.
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Downtown Disney District

The Disney part comes in as users can answer Disney-related questions and share favorite Disney moments, to make sure their Disney opinions don't clash with prospective lovers. Instead of filling out your favorite food, movie, and book, you can let other users know things like your favorite Disney song, your favorite prince or princess, and all your other earthly Disney delights. Tavres saw the gap in the market seriously though, who would have thought there would be such a high demand for a Disney-centric dating app?

However, there are countless single Disney fans that live in the spaces between Disney parks.

Total Frat Move | How I Hooked Up With A Disney Princess

Still trying to avoid furry jokes, the app allegedly has many users who dress up as their favorite Disney characters for their profile pictures. It's a cosplay fetishists wet dream come true. The app isn't an official Disney product, so litigation might be pending. In the meantime, if you're a huge fan of Disney, sign up now: She stumbled and steadied herself against the bouncer, her head barely coming midway up his chest.

One of the Persian guys she was with earlier sheepishly blended back into the crowd.

New Dating App Means People Will Be Banging A Lot At Disney Theme Parks

The chances of that guy having a Bentley were about the same as his name actually being Jafar. I still miss going to the House of Blues. I feel like doing anything more than describing it in the vaguest terms possible is a major disservice. We rocked that rusty twin bed with the sheet set from Walmart so loud and vigorously that Ruby was afraid she might get fired.

All the way to the Happily Ever After. If you ever get the chance to hook up with a real life, active Disney princess, shoot your shot. It was fucking magical.

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I think Savannah would have killed me. Nobody would miss you.

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11 Former Disney Park Employees Tell Their Most NSFW Stories

That night I would hook up with a Disney princess. Email this to a friend. SharkWeekTFM 7 months ago. SK 7 months ago. SigmaNugs 7 months ago. JoePaaaa 7 months ago. ShowMeYourButtStuff 7 months ago. Take TFM with you.