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Some would describe Liz as confident and outgoing, while others would deem her nothing short of rambunctious. It takes a lot of work, but a relationship is also the most rewarding part of life when both people have the same goals and understanding of the work it takes. After a few hours at local real estate agencies before working from home in the afternoon, she usually enjoys happy hour or a nice dinner with friends.

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Weekends for her involve yard work, visiting her parents whom she considers two of her best friends , spending time outdoors with her camera or on local hiking trails, and one of her favorites: As far as physical traits, Liz finds women of all shapes, sizes and colors beautiful in different ways. Dating history has proved to Liz that you will meet someone when you least expect it, so she tries to keep an open mind and an open heart. Still, his nature as an optimist and sociable single allows for exciting experiences in the Valley.

Every other part has worked out, and in time a healthy relationship will come along. Leaving his romance up to fate, Evan enjoys his time off of work by being active outdoors—hiking, outdoor concerts, mini golf, amusement parks, bike riding or road tripping to a new area.

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Until about a year ago, Tony was in love and deeply involved with his high school sweetheart. Yet, when long-term decisions needed to be made, life simply took the young lovers into separate directions. He revealed his ideal first date: Put down the cell phone. For him, no two days are the same. The toughest part about dating for Trevor is figuring out what the person is thinking and how they feel. While most people get married in their twenties and start families, Trevor considers himself a part of a growing demographic that is waiting to get married.

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