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If you are dating another officer it is usually much easier to arrange As for cheating etc, well i accept that alot of male police officers do get.
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Corruption in the police is very rare. When it is found out, the officers get charges etc and it makes the news. The police in Australia feel they have an obligation to not hide anything. Which is a great thing!! So the biggest sign he is not an undercover cop by the way there is no such term in Australia is that he is dating you, and you openly use drugs in front of him. You say he smokes too.

Anyone dating a police man/woman? trust issues?

Absolutely not a police officer. I don't know but even if he's doing drugs he could still be a cop.

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There is a lot of dirty cops out their. Does he talk real loud, or wear new closthes that are made to look old, and raggity.

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If he has seen you do drugs than maybe he isn't, but sometimes under cover cops wait for a bigger drug bust. They like to see where you get it from. I don't think he is, but you better clean yourself up if he is. Pull a gun on him. IF he had genuine concerns that you were involved in criminality and could back that up with observations then he could speak to a superior officer and depending on the circumstances they may do the check on his behalf to see if he had reason to be concerned.

I'm guessing you've not given any reason for him to be suspicious so I think you'll have to look for a different reason as to why he's disappeared on you.

Anyone dating a police man/woman? trust issues? | Yahoo Answers

I'm a police officer. If you want to learn how to break up such as a man in order to come back in the area you will need that manual https: That manual demonstrates to you a detail by detail of do's and don'ts. Tao of Badass is a dating, approaching, attracting, and getting girls guide designed for guys who would like to be successful with women. The device offers you all you should try to learn and build your abilities and confidence when it comes to concerning the lighter gender.

He might have checked your history and it may have turned him off. Depends what the history is and his personal opinion against whatever it was.

Or could be a different reason, who knows. Its not illegal for someone to check someone else's background check. As an officer he can run one for free and a basic one and no one would care.


For the most part it would show the same stuff that a hundred online background checks can do but for free for him. He could only get in trouble for snooping on what isn't public for the viewing which is also very slim chance. I don't know about the UK, but here in the US, in my husband's department at least, every single time someone is looked up in a database, it gets audited. People have been fired for looking up friends or whatnot outside of official business. Much more likely is that his senior officers have pulled him away due to your record.

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I don't want you to get upset or anything, but the police are very fussy when it comes to relationships with people outside the force. Hope it turns out okay. Here in UK there are records about you going right back to your very first day at school and beyond that the day you were born how much you weighed and etc.

The British keep records of absolutely everything - very highly organised - you'll be amazed what they can find out about us if needs be. If you want to discover ways to break up such as a man to be able to come in the field you will be needing this guide https: With Tao of Badass you're going to get therefore good at getting girls that you will wish to break up with some to obtain with better ones. This guide demonstrates to you a detail by detail of do's and don'ts.

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Do what it takes and I promise things will work out in your favor. The funny thing is I came to the realization that I had to change a little too late. Worried over whether he was indeed sick, Ma turned to the brand new technology of the time — the internet — hoping to find someone just like him to talk to. That was the moment I felt extremely depressed and lonely. Since then investors have been urging Ma to raise more money for the start-up, which is likely to result in another funding round within the year.

However, Ma says financial success has never been his top priority or the motivation to further expand his gay social network. In China, where same-sex relationships are still in a grey area legally speaking, a service like Blued helps improve the lives of gay people because social interaction is the fundamental need of this group, according to Ma. It offers a space for people like me.

The social networking giant later reversed the ban after a public outcry online. While the Weibo incident highlighted intolerance towards the gay community in China, Ma — who has seen much worse in his youth — sees the bright side of the incident: