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Meet partners interested in multilingual creativity from schools, universities, museums, libraries, publishers and arts, cultural and community organisations as .
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This has allowed us to tap into the collective strength, diversity and creativity in these communities - giving us the chance to bring amazing speakers and great ideas to our society!

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Our events are diverse and varied - we welcome controversy, debate and above all, collaboration. In the recent years, we have taken the initiative to build bridges and collaborate across student societies, highlighting the importance of mental health across all areas of medicine.

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For instance, we have worked with the GastroSoc on eating disorders , Oncology Soc on the biological psychiatry of cancer , NeuroSoc on psychosis and the Health Humanities Soc on art and mental health , just to name a few. In the past, we have often featured eminent speakers - including Professor Simon Wessely, across various topics ranging from forensic psychiatry and ethics to eating disorders.

Thanks to the generous support we receive from the IoPPN, all events are completely free, we charge no membership, and raise money for relevant charities at many of our events. There were two people at the Super Sonic Speed Dating table when I arrived to sign up, a man in streets clothes and a woman cosplaying D.


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They informed me that there would be several different sessions available throughout the weekend with half of them designated straight and half of them LGBTQ. It turns out their company is based out of Utah and they travel to conventions all over North America to offer speed dating tailored towards nerds. As a rule, men pay 20 dollars and women get in for free. He later pulled me aside and told me that everyone who signed up for LGBTQ speed dating paid 15 dollars.

As the straight speed dating was the one scheduled to happen that night I put my name down and waited to see who else was going to show up. Before long, men and women began to trickle in.

Japan's nuns go speed-dating for Mr Right

When everyone who had signed up in advance arrived, they brought us into a room full of lines of chairs set up to face each other. We were then each given a number, a piece of paper, and a pen, and they told us the rules: This was honestly really comforting. One of the things I had wondered going in was how they would take measures to protect women from particularly creepy guys.

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  • I Tried Speed-Dating, and It Was Interesting.

This included three men who looked like they had just left volleyball practice before heading over, several more in cosplay who seemed unable to make eye contact, one of whom was much too excited for what was about to happen and another who was all too eager to tell me all about his original Dungeons and Dragons character, whom he was dressed as. There were noticeably fewer women present, and a glance told me that they all had a more discerning eye than the men. Probably chalk it up to the same reasons as why men and women use tinder differently.

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Interestingly, the woman in cosplay who had been at the table when I signed up was among them. I later learned that they usually have up to three times as many men sign up as women, which is why they let women sign up for free. Some of the most interesting people I met were: We exchanged a look and she quietly told me she was from Victoria.

I told her I was too. Once everyone rotated through, the two sides were brought to opposite ends of the rooms where tables were set up with sheets of paper on them.

The papers had numbers matching everyone we had just speed dated.