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Country Music Great Country Songs About Falling in Love. Country songs about falling in love celebrate the best of romance, with earnest, heart-felt lyrics and soaring, moving vocals. There are several country songs about new love on this list, including some fairly recent hits.
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Urban can't be bothered with mundane household chores. He obviously has other things on his weekend "to do" list -- and making the bed isn't one of them. Memories can be a powerful thing. But no one needs a third person in the room when you're trying to be intimate, as Whitley points out in this sexy song. That dizzy feeling you're experiencing could be all that spinning on the dance floor.

Bad Day Of Fishin'- Billy Currington

Or it could be having a guy actually tell you what he's really thinking and feeling. A little fire can be a dangerous thing. But it's not the unattended candles that are the fire hazard in this chemical-altering come-on. Twain does a number on all the senses in this tender if now somewhat ironic, in light of her divorce from Robert John "Mutt" Lange bit of romantic rumination.

32 Perfect “Love Songs for Him” (Classic, Rock, Country & More)

And the dreamy music video conjures up all kinds of possibilities. Who says caring about the environment can't be sexy? Save electricity by listening to the radio in the dark. Lady came out in and it reached the top of seemingly every chart in the world. Kenny Rogers knows how to sing a love song and he can set the mood for any night of passion and love. Lady is one of those songs that sets the mood in a slow, relaxing, groovy kind of way and it will put anybody in the mood for some romance.

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Listen to and Download Lady. Once again, nobody can take his voice and turn it into a deep, passionate love song better than Conway Twitty. It seems though, however, that he gave a little extra on the love songs. The title of the song says it all and Conway held nothing back when he sang the song. Women went crazy when he would play it live and guys are still using the tune to set the mood today for a night of passion.

Boy did Deana Carter hit it big with her first single release.

The song is crazy good. To think that a slow waltz could take off and spend months at the top of the charts is crazy until you hear the song. The song remains a passionate love song that is great for setting the mood of feeling like the first time. Listen to and Download Strawberry Wine. Andy Griggs is kind of a funky country music artist.

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The song is about thinking you know what you want in a perfect woman and then finding someone that is so much more than anything you could have ever wanted as a man. Alan Jackson can sing a song about anything and connect with so many different fans. People love to hear AJ tell stories. Romance is pretty amazing. Is dating your best friend? Popular country songs about dating played an instrumental part in front of t.

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