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LA-ICP-MS titanite U-Pb dating of the shallow and deep orebodies yielded ages of ± Ma and ± Ma to ± Ma, consistent with the age.
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Access Status Fulltext not available. Metadata Show full item record. Abstract Titanite coexists with zircon in a felsic tuff in the Paleoproterozoic Timeball Hill Formation, southern Africa. Source Title Chemical Geology. Collection Curtin Research Publications. Related items Showing items related by title, author, creator and subject.


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Rasmussen, Birger ; Fletcher, Ian Absolute ages for sedimentary rocks are required to construct a temporal framework in which to decipher Earth's history. Titanite CaTiSiO5 is a common accessory magmatic mineral in intermediate and felsic igneous rocks.

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It also occurs in metamorphic rocks. Occasionally detrital titanite can be found in unmetamorphosed sedimentary rocks. Titanite is most commonly used to date the cooling of metamorphic events using U-Pb isotopes. Additionally, several workers have documented metamorphic titanite that preserves multiple generations of mineral growth thus highlighting the importance for detail chemical imaging and multiple analyses per grain to fully characterize the history of mineral growth.

Like titanite, monazite also incorporates variable amounts of Pb. Monazite is commonly zoned which is generally visualized by trace element variations e. These zonations can preserve growth events separated by billions of years of Earth history.

Common lead-corrected laser ablation ICP-MS U-Pb systematics and geochronology of titanite

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Nu LA-ICPMS - detrital zircon age reduction from raw U-Pb data

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