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Smite is a third-person multiplayer online battle arena video game They hire people with phd's to do matchmaking, that's why level 's get.
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I agree with many of your points. I actually really enjoyed Siege as a mode when it was first added, but the decrease in players over time making for horrible matchmaking has soured the experience. Someone had the idea of removing the lesser-played modes and adding them to the MOTD rotation like Domination.

It will definitely be interesting to see what Hi-Rez will do, particularly because they are trying to make so many changes this Season.

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  • Is matchmaking Smite's biggest flaw?.
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Openly talking about considering removing game modes, keeping players updated on the matchmaking issues, making multiple changes to the Divine Uprising event since its announcement, etc. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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Opinion: Removing a few of SMITE’s game modes is healthy

But you need to go. Clash is probably safe. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Then or course, you have to determine who is good at what. Do a group of people decide then have a vote? Do the players decide? What if some people vastly disagree on the values of initiator, or damage dealer? What if a premade wants to try something different?

What if they want to have all tanks, or all damage dealers? There are more problems caused with this than solutions imo. Last edited by RecalledDread ; 15 Aug, 3: Originally posted by RecalledDread:.

Matchmaking: A Matter Of Perception? - Re: Raynday's "Matchmaking&Balance Complaints In SMITE"

Choosing roles before lobby also doesn't work. I keep saying this as an example in these threads; - I choose support role due to shorter queue times - I actually want to play mid, so in lobby I pick Janus. We now have 2 mid laners, and no support since everyone else picked their roles. Assign roles to each character and lock them from others. Problem with this is; - Removes choice again, not a good idea at all - Stops people from experimenting and potentially finding something that works great.

Again, it creates or shifts problems, it doesn't actually solve them. This removes good choices and compositions though. Picking gods before lobby makes things even worse as I gave an example of just now. It again restricts the players ability to be a team, reduces potential of certain characters, and basically makes certain characters become useless to play again, team dependant characters will suffer from this system. I understand what you are saying, but I don't think you are thinking it through properly, which is what I wanted you to do with my comment. It doesn't stop people doing these things, people will still do them, and the report system doesn't change this.

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  • Opinion: Removing a few of SMITE’s game modes is healthy – SMITE Scrub.
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  • Is matchmaking Smite's biggest flaw?.
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People who do these things now, will find ways to continue doing them with your suggested system. It's been brought up several times on these forums, but I don't see any new arguments to support it. I forgot to mention, you don't think about Ranked modes either. If you are suggesting HiRez would also implement this system you suggested into Ranked, you really haven't thought it through fully.

But how would HiRez fix matchmaking in Ranked? And why wouldn't they do it the same way for Normals? Why have this flawed way of "fixing" matchmaking, but not use it across all modes? You don't need to rely on friends to play as a team. That is what's wrong with the community. I get plenty of people who pick gods that work well, together. Aphro isn't that team dependant, she doesn't need a particular type of character to work well. I mean characters like Awilix, who need other people with knockups to make full use of her kit more easily he 3 isn't always going to cut it.

IMO, it's far worse than ideal as I've already explained. It just shifts problems, rather than solves it.

Hi-Rez, if EVERYONE is complaining about matchmaking, why not make it more strict?

Whilst it might solve matchmaking in some ways, it makes it worse in others. You will still get people trolling with picks, you will still get people who DC, feed etc. Honestly, if this was implemented I and I'm sure many others would likely leave the game. The reason I mentioned ranked, is because it is also terrible matchmaking. At least when I play it, I get lots of terrible players including some who haven't even played NORMAL Conquest in Ranked conquest matches , to the point that I haven't actually bothered solo queueing it this season.

If you are implementing a system that is meant to fix matchmaking, you should be implementing the same system for all modes, not just normals. You can't even do it in Duel, as you need to know what the other person is banning, and what they are likely to pick as a result. You would then have to implement yet another system to fix Ranked matchmaking, which is a waste of time and resources seeing as how you now need to monitor 2 systems for it. Better to just do 1 system, that works for all modes. I just can't agree on any of the point, as from abotu 2 minutes of thinking about it, I can see several problems, which overall make the game worse off.

Amigo View Profile View Posts. Players have been playing mobas for years. So many mobas, so many hours played.

Why smite has so bad matchmaking for casual players and what to do :: SMITE General Discussions

Don't you think devs would have come up with a proper matchmaking solution? Does it even exist? Take Lawbreakers for example. The latest mobaesque FPS. It's struggling now with around ppl playing it. I heard people claiming they find matches in seconds. So basically there's no skill based matchmaking. In SMite I can find a match in minutes.

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  5. The result will be a stomping game for one of the sides. And then I can get the same guy in my next game. How do you put it? Is it good or bad? Originally posted by Amigo:. Start a New Discussion.