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I'm talking today with Paul Oyer, Professor of Economics at Stanford's So online dating has actually provided a boon to the market, or at least from my.
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If you're a bad "shopper" in a so-called matching market, you might end up with a spouse you can't stand or who can't stand you and a job you hate. In short, the stakes in matching markets are high. To make matters worse, these markets are notoriously complicated: You have to make decisions on the basis of very incomplete information. Fortunately, with this book, you have Stanford Professor and economist Paul Oyer as your guide. He's an expert on matching markets, but rather than write about them abstractly, he uses his own experiences re-joining the dating market after a long absence as extended, instructive example.

He illustrates key economic concepts simply and clearly. The book is an easy read but it is filled with ideas. It's also funny and personalthe author's warmth and self-deprecating sense of humor come through. I discovered this book because my fiancee listens to Freakonomics radio and heard a hilarious fascinating interview with the writer. It has a lot of the same kind of information as Naked Economics and Freakonomics so it was the authors comic writing style that made it impossible for me to stop reading.

How the economy shapes our love lives

I give this book 4 stars instead of five because while I think that it is a creative way to approach the subject matter there are things that a more statistical approach to relationships does not cover. For example, I always find a person's attitude about money and work reveals more about them than how much they do or do not have. I continuously find that the economic dilemmas of educated people in underpaid work is not considered in the correlations between earnings and educational achievements as I find myself in a network of teachers and artists.

And I also thought the book disregarded women who do not expect their mates to earn more money. Or that different people find different things to be attractive. Or that at the end of the day fields like economics can help us understand the patterns that contribute to who we are but there is something about romantic love and sexual attraction that is a mystery. One person found this helpful. This is a pretty good economics book, explaining the concepts using online dating as case studies, as well as other things.

I'd say by the end of the book I knew a couple more of these concepts that I didn't know before, signaling is one example. However one problem I had with this book is one that I have with economics as a whole is that the models are too simplistic. She probably didn't reject you because you didn't signal hard enough, but I'm afraid one could take that away as one of the things taught in this book.

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Also, the book was rather dull, I found. I was online dating and taking an I was online dating and taking an economics class and this was perfect. Paul Oyer - I read a good deal of non-fiction, and Paul Oyer is equally as rare and enjoyable as one of my favorite authors, Bill Bryson.

Formatting - This book is written to be read.

The dating market anarchy in action

The clear thinking combined with tight structure was very much appreciated. Originality - Online dating meets economics - This is the first time in history this topic has been available to write about, and it's certainly worth reading. I especially liked the beginning, when the reader gets to know the author a bit and he describes his online dating experiences. I liked learning some basics of economics, too, but I thought his explanations and examples were more extensive than necessary; this could have been edited into a more concise and engaging shorter book.

A well written book applying basic economic principles to dating, rationalizing the supporting data and speculating on future impacts. It's a rational economic view and does not incorporate the impact of behavioral economics - people are not always rational. A great book for those who have an interest in traditional economics and who would enjoy a fun application to dating.

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This is a great book. As a professional in the field i found the book highly informative and i could not put it down.

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From moral hazard to adverse selection from Spence to Arkelof the book gives a wonderful, enjoyable and readable survey of economics. My wife also loved the book and i would venture to say that this is the only well maybe there is another one out there dating book and definitely only economics book a couple can read!

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Love or Money? The economics of online dating

Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. The chapters are easy-to-read, with simple to-the-point language. He brings in economic theorists and makes pop culture references with equal ease. Just in case someone misses something or skims a section , Oyer closes all the chapters with four takeaways: Also in a teacherly fashion, Oyer wants people to learn something from his book: By comparing online dating to less mysterious and confusing and yes, less romantic things, he may just have succeeded.

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