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Paktor is a quite popular dating site/app. The app Petter Brenna Rian, been living in Taiwan for 2 years. Answered What is the best Dating site in Taiwan?.
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I tried using Match. So you simply wait for new people to move to town, hope they are single and act really, really fast. Back in Taiwan and not knowing many people besides my childhood friends, I finally caved in to the Tinder craze after a break up. Expected were the trying-too-hard-to-look-cute girls making duck faces and ridiculous poses, the obviously fake accounts with the sexy poses and revealing clothing, and the ones with no photos of themselves — only clouds, rabbits and in one case, a ruler.

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There was a lack of female expats or locals with good English skills — as opposed to what I was hearing from my female colleague regarding the male counterparts. My Chinese typing was rusty back then, so things started slowly. Needless to say, I found little success.

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Nothing wrong with that, I thought — this is not America. Male and female both welcome.

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But not even romance? That caused me to become overly aware of saying something inappropriate, and the conversations continued to go nowhere. No, you simply do not go to a site where you connect with people based on how hot they are to practice a foreign language. Peekawoo is available on iOS and Android.

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Like Noonswoon, it suggests a possible match for you daily at noon. The app is currently just three months old and seems prone to crashing and bugging out at times, but the team is working to iron out the kinks pun unintended.

LunchClick is available on iOS and Android. Woo is a dating app hailing from India, aiming to enable lasting relationships. Common acquaintances via Facebook can even play matchmaker for you and your potential love interest by bringing you together in the app. Woo turns the concept of Tinder on its head — literally: It sounds a little counter-intuitive I would have thought up would be more likely to signify approval , but I guess love is blind.

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Woo is available for iOS and Android. A Greek in Asia, Michael is interested in startups in Singapore and beyond. Contact him on LinkedIn or on Twitter using the buttons above. I have been trying to find a dating site where you can find a Southeast Asian hu…. Categories Markets Free newsletter Free newsletter Subscribe.

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Looking for love in Southeast Asia? These 6 dating apps can help you.

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