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I checked Tank Inspector, and it still says the A, T and other tier Is this right? or does the A get scout matchmaking (+3) or normal.
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I let the tanks come, flank em and destroy them unless you don't like playing that way, then just act like a second line attacker. TankHead76 3 Posted 09 February - I hated the A with a passion, but it's an okay tank now that I've learned to play uber-fast tanks like the Cromwell. I actually really liked it Too long ago to remember what gun I used, though. Go Big or Go Home. SkiFletch 6 Posted 09 February - Straight up useless against 6's. I re-bought it a while ago for a little more fun and enjoyed it again.

It's a riot now that it only sees 5 as the top. Don't use the auto loader unless you want to spam gold.


Pz38nA matchmaking possibly bugged - Gameplay - World of Tanks official forum

KamikazeeDolphin 7 Posted 09 February - For me this is the worst tank in Russian meds line. Maybe thats something wrong with me, I don't know. Androyce 9 Posted 11 February - Played one match and I love it. Super fast and mobile. Androyce 11 Posted 11 February - When Is it due to come out anything like the a20 or t34 I want. Androyce 13 Posted 11 February - I loved the A Flank and scout and destroy. A lot of people hate it, but you have to remember it is a light tank.

Got Ace tanker in it several times. My only complaint is that it is so fast you will frequently damage it hitting a bump and getting too much air. Don't know exactly, but the A and T have both been out of the shop longer than any other tank that isn't in the tech tree. I wouldn't be surprised if one of them appears this Friday.

The Wannabe Unicum Guide to Preferential Match Making

We should know tonight some time. KamikazeeDolphin 17 Posted 11 February - I spun circles around a KV This is my new favorite tank. It's considered one of the most agile tanks in the game in terms of speed.

T 50 vs A 20

However, when high agility comes, with paper armor. It is sloped and there will be a chance to block some small arms shots, but it's useless when facing more armed opponents. On paper, the A seems to be a perfectly fine Tier 4 light tank. It has a decent gun selection for Tier 4 although the T receives the same weapons one tier earlier , and it seems to have a very high top speed and good hull traverse. Unfortunately, the A has issues which are not immediately obvious from just looking at the ingame statistics. At one point of its history the A received so-called "scout matchmaking".

This meant that the A saw up to Tier 8 battles, which was be incredibly frustrating to new players who have no experience scouting, to say the least. Thankfully, with patch 9.

The general direction of companies and Crew Commander bonus.

This isn't to say that the A doesn't have its share of issues. The A's mobility statistics are a lie, for one. It has a tendency to bleed an incredible amount of speed on turns, and its acceleration and maneuverability are nowhere near as good as other lights. Active scouting running about and dashing from cover to cover, spotting enemy tanks for your team is very dangerous, and requires a lot of skill and forethought.

However, the turning radius and speed are surprisingly tight, much like the BT The A's view range is disappointingly bad for passive scouting as well. Despite the A's camouflage bonuses as a light tank, significant investment in the Camouflage skill and Recon skill is required in order to negate this weakness.

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Mounting equipment like Coated Optics will also help in passive scouting. Firepower-wise, the A doesn't really have much to complain about. The stock gun, the 45 mm 20K , and the 37 mm ZiS , which were previously used on the Tier 2 BT-2 and Tier 3 BT-7 , are excellent and mediocre on those tanks, respectively. At Tier 4, they are completely useless, and should be gotten rid of as quickly as possible. There are three viable weapons.

The 37 mm Automatic SH is, as the name suggests, a magazine-fed autocannon. It is good enough to kill lightly armoured artillery and tank destroyers and light tanks, but little else. The 45 mm VT offers good accuracy, rate-of-fire, and aim time, as well as fairly good penetration for Tier 4 in exchange for low alpha damage, making it an ideal sniper weapon. The 76 mm L is the complete opposite, with terrible accuracy and aim time, low rate-of-fire, but good alpha damage.

A-20 or T-80 or T-50?

It works better at close ranges. Against Tier 4, 5, and even 6 tanks, the A can still do some damage.

Unsurprisingly, since it is a light tank, the A has no armor to speak of, and despite the good sloping, it should never rely on its armor to save it from enemy fire Although the armor is enough to bounce a few small arms fire. Once it was realized that the BT tanks didn't have sufficient armor or armament, a new design was developed for a fast medium tank. In , the Kharkov factory was ordered to design a new tank, and the design work started in November The chief designer was Mikhail Koshkin and his deputy, Alexsandr Morozov.

Design features The A had sloping sides and a small angular turret with 25mm of armor. The tracks could be removed and could be run on just the wheels. The chassis itself was based on the BT-7M. In , a This was the same gun that was installed in the BT